Thursday, May 19, 2005

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Gus and I drove to Bensalem, a township north of Philadelphia to catch the Episode III: Revenge of the Sith at 9 PM with rear caption window. Bought the tickets then had a dinner. I hate picking and carrying this equipment to the auditorium where hundreds of people were perplexed that I'm carrying this stick with darkened glass! But what choice do I have, really?

When Gus and I struggled to adjust the viewing for ourselves, I noticed something interesting ... before I could mention it to Gus, Gus snapped, "Did you notice that too many overweight guys here loved Star Wars?"

Great minds think alike.

One cute guy right behind me tapped my shoulder and asked what it is -- I gestured that I can't hear so I watch (pointed at the wall in the back which this cute guy saw) by on this rearview window to follow the dialogues.

Now with the review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith! I won't ruin the surprises. I swear! I love to spoil the surprises but honest, what is there to be shocked in this film -- everyone knew how it panned out in the end but how it is being done is different, really.

Shut up, McWeenie, stop whining about Lucas' poking fun at GW Bush's antics. George is billionaire. Michael Moore is millionaire and you are? Some white trash living in nowheresville in New Mexico that nobody cared to know.

The first 30 minutes of the film was mind-blowing one, since I'm not used to the RW thing -- I was trying to get adjusted but it took me a while to get used to it and be able to follow the massive battles that took place right above Coruscant.

I agreed with the critics that the lousy part about the movie is its dialogue! George Lucas simply sucked at dialogues. The love relationship between Anakin and Padme is simply unbelievable. But I must admit that despite what people said about Hayden Christensen's portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in negative manner -- I find his performance to be powerful, perhaps the best of 3 films.

The concept how the story evolved from Episode I to IV is great, I'll grant it to George Lucas but he shouldn't have scripted the dialogues -- let someone do it as long as he controls the storyboard.

I really felt for Anakin Skywalker when Obi-Wan Kenobi left him helpess to his oblivion in the end and when Obi-Wan said, "I regarded you as my brother, I loved you." Anakin, you could see the fear, hurt and pain in his face, muttered "I hate you."

Was it his fault that he became Darth Vader? Partially. But I'd say that the blame lies with the Jedi Council because they did not really care nor make sure that Anakin is OK. They left him to figure things on his own, always telling him to "search his feelings" to a point where Anakin was misleaded by Darth Sidious.

It was a tragedy in the making.

Gus is not a fan of Star Wars, he apparently thought the prequel films were taken place right AFTER the Episode VI -- for some reasons unknown to me, don't ask me why -- Gus was stunned to see Padme giving birth to Leia and Luke. It was hysterical.

When the film is done, Gus and I played by using the RCW sticks to imitate the lightsaber fight -- people were horrified that we were using the RCW sticks to bang on each other.

Dialogue sucks, no question. Storyboard? GREAT! I finally understood why Emperor Palpatine looked awful. I think this movie will make Darth Vader not "villain" but "tragic character that was caused by others". I enjoyed it immensely.

On the way back home, I thought of Anakin's rage, frustration ... and his desire to control the destiny around him and his loved ones. It appeared that Anakin was trying so hard to protect his loved ones, he was willing to tap in the dark side of the Force in order to protect his loved ones.

I was thinking -- Anakin's pain was attributed by women. See? Women caused galactic problems for Anakin, resulted in untold numbers of deaths across the galaxy. His mother died, he was hurt and enraged. He wanted to protect his wife, Padme from anything else (find out why he did it in the film, ok?) and it resulted by plummeting him in the dark side of the Force. So you see, women caused it all.

I told Gus on the way back home, "If Anakin is gay, none of this would have to happen -- so it was women's fault." He'd make be good for a gay man, very loyal. He could have fucked Obi-Wan to relieve his stress and frustrations.

Honest, women are the source of Anakin's problems a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... !


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