Sunday, May 15, 2005

Top 10

I got this from USA WEEKEND. Thought it was intriguing. I will comment on each places that I already visited.

Top Places For Fun (2004)
1. Las Vegas -- Of course, the town is 24/7 entertainment city. Each visit I went, drama ensued.
2. Iowa State Fair - Des Moines
3. Times Square, New York City -- What is there to see except the tourists? I can't stand Times Square because of tourists -- they do not know how to walk properly. They suddenly stopped and the commuters crashed into them. I go there only for Broadway plays and avoid the Square as much as can be.
4. Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
5. Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass -- Ahh, gay people made it a tourist destination but never went there. I heard that you could fuck openly in the beach area, though.
6. Guadalupe River tubing, Texas
7. Audubon Zoo, New Orleans
8. Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
9. National Air and Space Museum, Chantilly, VA
10. Telluride, Colorado

Most Beautiful Places (2003)
1. Red Rock Country (Sedona, Arizona)
-- I visited this place once before. It was difficult to explain what it is like.
2. Nighttime view from Mount Washington, Pittsburgh
3. The upper Mississippi River
4. Hawai'i's Na Pali Coast
5. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
-- Agreed with this one.
6. Grafton, Vermont
7. Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
-- I was there -- the Teton MOuntains simply overwhelmed me.
8. Key Largo to Key West in Florida
9. Clingmans Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
10. The squares of Savannah, Georgia
-- It is historical area -- very liberal in that area where gays people can kiss their partners openly. See, that is the whole point -- Liberals make it beautiful and safe. Can the Conservatives? Nah, they can't.

National Treasures (2001)
1. Gettysburg Battlefields, Pennsylvania
-- Barf. I went there. It is so barf. I grew up in Virginia, I'm so sick of Civil War reenactments shit.
2. Acadia National Park, Maine
3. Gateway Arch, St. Louis
-- I saw it. I'm like, "That's all?"
4. Statue of Liberty, New York -- The closest thing I did is riding the Staten Island Ferry during the nighttime -- I swear the lady sported big boobs when the lights illuminated from the ground floor.
5. National Civil Rights Museum -- I passed Memphis 4 times in my lifetime, if I knew there was a museum like this, I would stop by!
6. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City -- This is the bridge where you can view Manhattan in action from Downtown all the way to Midtown -- the skyscrapers and everything ... it always inspired me each time I walked over the bridge.
7. Acoma Indian Pueblo, Acoma, NM
8. USS Arizona Memorial, Honolulu
9. Hollywood sign , Los Angeles
-- Sometimes you cannot see the sign because of smog. Sometimes you can see the sign. Honest to God, I always thought it was massive huge until I visited Los Angeles and realized, "Oh, that is all?"
10. Home, sweet home -- This is true. I once fooled my parents that I'm bringing 2 friends home for the Labor Day Weekend from Gallaudet -- I brought 9 friends instead. And my parents still fed them all. I sincerely hope someone has the picture of us all when the Tropical Storm hits the waterpark which we invaded all day long.



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