Thursday, May 26, 2005

'Black Girl'

In Waxahachie, Texas -- 219 miles north of Houston (where this nutty conservative blogger, Rhymes With Right resided), there was an incident that the high school tried to downplay this as a "mistake".

What happened is that there was a picture for a group who were selected by the National Honor Society. The pictures indicated that everyone in the group is white trash, except for one black girl. But don't worry, each white trash was identified with a name, the black girl was named ... 'Black Girl'.

The school said that it was meant to put as "a placeholder" in order to identify the student's name before printing the yearbook. They did not identify at all and got the yearbook printed THEN distributed to the student body. The school board immediately issued an apology to the family.

But either way, why did they use that term "Black Girl"? It is a tone of racism, "That black girl".

The apology is questionable, since the media is involved. "If it was a placeholder, why would you put that?" Shadoyia Jones asked. "Anything else would have worked for me but that."

But again it is in Texas! What do you expect out of this state that always challenged and resisted the nation of its rapid changes. It wanted to retain the sense of balance, the sense of oppression, the sense of superiority. That is Texas!

And Greg, the Texan conservative blogger, did not blog about it. Greg always blogged lots of things related to liberalism and/or democrats when it comes to bad stuff but when his conservatives and party controlled this, he went silent. Or he thought it was not important subject to deal with it. After all, he liked the idea of being above than the other races, eh?

If you look at many things in the last 20 years, Texas seemed to produce many horrible events. Enron. GW Bush. Racism. Environment. Education. Gay rights. Many more.


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