Thursday, May 12, 2005

Deaf News, Vocational Rehabilitatives Services, Jeff Beardsley and Stupid Hearie Cops

A friend of mine IMmed me today and told me to check this. I was amused. I'm sure only Deaf people would be able to read what one said, but hearing people who knew nothing about American Sign Language -- feel free to ask us if you wanted to know what it was being said.

On another hand, it was not surprising that the Bush Administration did this.

And last, I was surprised to see the name, Jeff Beardsley on the lawsuit versus the city of North Las Vegas. Jeff Beardsley was very self-loathing person at Gallaudet, always ready to lash out at anyone else for doing an insignificant thing. Everyone knew he's gay, he's flaming queen -- but he made it sure that nobody has to know the truth. It was bit ridiculous.

We were on good terms -- at least, I like to keep this way, he has a character of his own -- but certainly not the type that I would mingle on a daily basis.

I am sure that Jeff antagonized the Police Officers in North Las Vegas but the Police Officers knew better than to tell people to read the lips -- and refused to provide the necessary steps to communicate in an effective manner.

Fuck you, GHW Bush for starting this concept, "Read my lips-synchin' shit!" By using this concept, the Police Officers often berated Deaf people when it comes to automobile accidents, ran red light or pulled over for anything else.

One time, my friend lost control of a friend's SUV on a wet intersection and slammed into the tree right next to the bank at the shopping center in Greenbelt after leaving Denny's Restaurant. Anderson, Manny, Wittig, Jeff, Toby and I endured such a bizarre incident with the local police officers in Greenbelt, Maryland.

We waited for the cops to arrive. When the cops arrived, they did not come to us to help us out. They berated, screamed and yelled at us -- we kept on saying, "Get the paper pad and pen!" One dumbfuck hearie cop came to my face and screamed at the top of his lungs that I could feel the vibrations, "READ MY LIPS!"

One cop kept on putting the flashlight in Deaf person's face -- excuse me, we need to use our eyes to communicate -- quit fucking pointing that in our faces! I attempted to tell the female hearie cop to tell the male hearie cop not to do that -- the female hearie cop then told the male hearie cop -- he ran up to my face and screamed me to back off.

I grinned and told my friends to remain calm and stay defiant. I do not want anyone of us to miscommunicate to a point where they can use it against us (some of us were drinking!) in the court of Law. I kept on gesturing for a paper pad and a pen. This male hearie cop refused -- I got fed up and walked back to the wrecked SUV to search for the paper pad and pen so that I can write down the name of the cop(s) and the badge numbers. When the male hearing cop saw me trying to look at his badge -- he quickly covered it and pushed me off and tried to block me from checking his car's number.

He ordered me and my friends to stay in one area as one female hearie cop urged the male hearie cop to abandon us. Yeah, you heard it right, the fucking hearie cops abandoned us on the spot at 4 or 5 AM in the morning -- how nice! They are not there to serve or to protect us. They are there to berate, alienate or control us of our actions -- that's why when I heard a cop being killed by anything else, I thought: "One pig down, more to go."

Fuck 'em. Drop dead, you stinking hearie cops!


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