Saturday, May 07, 2005

Who Would Believe This?

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Washington Wizards Who would have believe this? That the Washington Wizards are better than the Los Angeles Lakers even with Kobe Bryant in it? I once remarked on my blog a long time ago that as long as Abe Pollin runs the organization in Washington, the Wizards will always find a way to lose games more than they can win.

This year, they did very well without any well-known players, finished the season at 45-37, good enough to clinch a spot in the Playoffs.

And they just won the Series against Chicago Bulls for the fiorst time in 23 years. Way to go, Wizs!

The organization, I care less about Abe Pollin -- fuck him and drop dead already, underwent many tribulations and dramas in 20 years. From Juwan Howard to Michael Jordan to Kwane Brown, it is nice to see them back in the contention for the title.

Congratulations, Wizards.

Virginia Cavaliers: They fired Pete Gillen and brought a new coach in Dave Leitao. That guy seemed to be a winner but competing in the ACC is not going to be much easier -- why did I say "seem", that guy went 58-34 in three seasons at DePaul, went 156-51 as ASSISTANT COACH under Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun BUT he did not fare well at Northeastern as Head Coach, lost more games than winning, though. So only time will tell.

Speaking of Virginia Cavaliers, let's hop on UVA's Women's Basketball -- Kathy McConnell-Miller! When I was a kid, I was introduced to UVA women's basketball game versus North Carolina State. As I was sitting with Avery along with more than 2,500 fans. When the game started with a tip-off, Virginia simply overwhelmed, trashed and massacred North Carolina State in the first 6 minutes of the game as Virginia was up by 24, 27-3. I was impressed and I saw Kathy McConnell coming off the bench and she fared very well for the Cavaliers.

Little did I know that she also has a sister whose is Suzie McConnell-Serio who used to play for Penn State Lady Lions and still holds the nation's All-Time Leader in Assists, averaging 14 points and 10 assists per game.

Suzie may be famous amongst the Women's Basketball circles for her accomplishments as an Olympian, picking two medals in the process. Kathy quietly built a reputation of her own as a coach. She was hired to coach the Colorado Buffs, that may be very tough situation for Kathy to accomplish, considering the fact that the school just fired the guy whom I care less to remember his name and hired a new Athletic Director to clean up the reputation of school where men are pigs and took advantage of women in general. All I cay say for Kathy is good luck. She's the winner and she probably will bring Colorado back to the NCAA Tournament in a short time.

Oh, Summer Is Coming: It means what? NASCAR and horse races -- I despise them. They ain't sports. NASCAR wasted gas, it is not a sport to drive a car! Horses are not a sport, it is gambling! Why they get attention, I don't understand the American psyche with this shit.

C'est la vie.


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