Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What? Picture of Me?

Never had this experience when I was in New York. Few days ago, I was bored. I decided to check the's Philadelphia section. I posted an ad to have good time with a guy for few hours if possible.

I got few responses, three to be exact. In New York, I probably got 15 to 20, I'd have to screen them out. But here in the city of Brotherly Love, it is kinda odd. So one of them talked about playing together. I listed the requirements, he listed his. We agreed to trade the pictures. He sent me the picture. I saw it and flinched.

It was the picture of me that he sent. I flinched, then smiled and was amused that someone thought I was that da bomb. I shot back with no attachment, "Hey, no offense, but this picture you sent is me. I know it is mine. Why do you use it to post as yourself?"

His response was: "Sorry, it was a coincidence we have the same picture."

Dumbfuck fuckwad.


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