Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Weekend Tidbits and the Recap of Delaware

CSD In Spotlight by its State Newspaper: Last August, I mentioned about the salary of Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)'s CEO Benjamin Soukup in this entry. Then I heard about CSD laying off its staff last December. Now, the statewide newspaper of South Dakota, Argus Leader, has took on to question the need of CSD's CEO Benjamin Soukup's salary of $857,380. Trying to point out that Soukup deserved the salary for all the hard work he did out of closet-sized charity into the national powerhouse is not going to help at all. Look at Kenneth Lay, Ben Soukup! What goes up will go down, eventually.

This Woman Needs To Be Poisoned: Ann Coulter is pitiful as always.

Return of Deaf-Peddling? Check this link. Some people enjoyed reading bout the deaf peddlers. Hat tip to Krajnak.

Remember The Iraqi Marlboro Man? Turns out that James Blake Miller was from Pike County, Kentucky where my good friend grew up. It was rather sad to read this article. What a sempfer fi! Not.

The Week In Delaware: Simply magnificent. It was such a pleasure to get away from everything and spend time with Paul and Bob, a dear friend of mine. Paul and Bob has a fabulous home. I totally felt relaxed the whole time I stayed there!

They owned 4 dachsund dogs and they knew that these little cute dogs could not take the stairs to their masters' master bedroom on 2nd floor.

Guess what Paul and Bob did next? They personally built the doggie ramp from the master bedroom on 2nd floor into the first floor's den. These dogs are living luxury, really! You can view the pictures up close if you wanted to.

I was fortunate to be invited to a magnificent dinner last night by Alan, Paul's friend for many years. God! It was so impossible to describe the delicious food. In fact, it was amazing. I had a blast time being dined and wined by this particular gifted chef! I'm not a fan of zucchini but seeing onions, cheese and mushrooms on zucchini, who really cannot resist?!

The whole week was particularly wonderful for me, mentally and spiritually as I get to relax and recuperate to the fullest. Yeah, I get to work out with Paul on daily basis which is cool as well.

Then the weekend came when Brad, Imran and Masa arrived as well as my first meeting with Marc. In fact, everything ended on a high note that I really left with a good feeling. A part of me wanted to stay behind for another week or two. *sigh*

Laughter is the best medicine, especially when you spend the time with your friends, really..

Ridor Is Here, Act Busy! Yes, I'm in Washington, DC. Start the red carpet, folks. Make an appointments if you want to worship before your god.



Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Message to Dishonorable Senator Frederick Quayle!

I got this junk letter from Senator Frederick Quayle after I wrote him not to support the anti-gay marriage amendment. It is so pitiful. Frederick Quayle voted YEA for this anti-gay marriage amendement and wrote me this bullshit letter. I think I'll leave you to enjoy this.

Frederick Quayle, I do not consider you as my senator any longer. From now on, I shall dig up the dirts on you -- and perhaps in time, I shall find some interesting tidbits to derail your political career. The media surely will love this someday. Your tactics are transparent, Frederick. Your lies wouldn't fool a child!



* * *

For the original letter without words on it, check this.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Delaware III's Tidbits

It Is Nice To Relax In Jacuzzi: For the last few days, I had the opportunity to bask myself in my friend's jacuzzi. Of course, no clothing is needed. It was nice just to be myself. This place is absolutely stunning. A hearing friend invited me to spend few days at his palace and my gosh, I had a relaxin' time, doing nuthin' but doing errands and workouts. I also visited his sailboat which I am looking forward to experience for the first time ever in the summertime.

Your 15-Minute Fame Is Finished, Heather: I got a tip from a friend to check the latest issue of GLAMOUR (February 2006) on page 206. I went to the store and checked it, it reads:
"The KISS I'll never forget"
"I was born mostly deaf, but a few years ago my hearing was restored with a cochlear implant. I remember my first kisses as a hearing person. My husband, John, kissed my forehead, cheeks and ears. I could hear his breathing and the sound of itmade my head spin. It was a brand-new world, even though we'd been married for six years. His breath in my ear can still melt my heart sometimes -- it reminds me of a very calm ocean." -Heather Whitestone McCallum, 32, Miss America, 1995
Are you sure, Heather, it was the ocean itself? I thought the sounds of flushing toilet is fitting thing to compare! Hat tip to Perlis.

Bad Luck for This Fan! This fan once had a ticket that he sold to someone else -- thus he missed the once in a lifetime feat by Wilt Chamberlain who scored 100 points in one game. Then 44 years later, he sold his ticket to a friend while he had a plan of his own. He missed Kobe Bryant's 81-point outburst. What a bad luck for this man.

This Is Amusing:
Behold the production of Manny and Merritt ... in this video! Hat tip to Manny. Made me smile.

Something To Whine About Brokeback Mountain: I wrote a letter to Style Weekly in Richmond last week about its review of the film. They printed my letter this week. OH, by the way, it is now 52 days (Nearly two months) since they debuted the film and no film has been captioned on a big screen (never mind the announcements by -- they are lying!).

Gee, Thanks A Lot! These pesky Xian nuts who whined a huge river about Book of Daniel, a NBC's drama-comedy series. The NBC took the series down after only two showings. Not only that, putting them on Friday night slot is not the best way to go.

A Nice Surprise E-Mail: Last night, I was surprised to get an email from someone else that we loved for years -- the late Chanda Smith's brother. It was simply wonderful to hear from him regarding Chanda's mother.

As for the pictures regarding the ramp for the owners' dachsund dogs, I shall issue the pictures tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, hon. It is so relaxin' here in Delaware. Gee, thanks, Paul & Bob.



Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Delaware II's Tidbits

This Blog Mentioned In Gallaudet's Buff and Blue: I was told by few friends that I was mentioned in The Buff and Blue newspaper. Anyone get a copy and scan it for me? You know where to reach me via email. Thanks!

This Blog Made Cam Franklin Think: I found this link via the site meter and was delighted that's Cam Franklin reading my entry about the Oklahoma couple that lost everything because of one accursed cousin that stole the lands. I kinda wished they could mention that the current film is not captioned as of today. Yes, check the websites, you won't find it anywhere. How nice is that?

For Your Information: Remember the blogsite where I posted Jason's pictures of cop surfing on the hood? Well, has inserted the video that showed a little action of me via the videophone. You can see here at this link.

Oh, By The Way, Colin Farrell's Sex Tape Is Still Up:
Ssh! It's still there. Resume the email attacks! I already got about 20 readers asking for the link. Of course, we love Colin!

New Links: I added some cool links to the list on my right. Among them is one of my favorite blogs -- I Probably Hate You by Rocco. He's great fella.

Few New Things To Pop In Store For Ridor's Blog: I'm currently planning to purchase a website where I can make it the top-notch quality blog for the long run. Not only that, I want to indicate that my first video will be make its debut on this blog in few days.

Now In Negotiations: I'm currently working with a group where I am preparing to legitimize the Deaf Blog Awards and that I will not be part of. In other words, I'm turning it over to a certain group. I shall make a formal announcement in few weeks.

Chris Penn Dead At 43: I think I'm more of a fan with Chris Penn than Sean Penn. No question that Sean Penn is the talented of all, but Chris Penn has a side that is pretty amusing to deal with. I can empathize with his frustrations on the ancient film titled, Footloose, I cannot dance worth a shit. And it was touching that Kevin Bacon's character took his time to teach Chris Penn's character how to dance. Stuff like that, I'm sucker for that. Later, I was alarmed to see him as fatter guy in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Chris Penn was found dead at his residence. Probably a drug overdose or suicide or anything -- that is so Hollywood.

Who The Heck Does Pope Benedict XVI Thinks He Is? He talked about loveless sex -- this coming from a guy who does not know how to love nor fuck. That old geezer needs to shut up, serious case.

Yes! Male Can Wear Skirts In Schools! It was not many years ago that I first saw Alan Wilding walking down the Kendall Green in his classy skirt. Naturally, it caught many eyes of others. Few sneered, many complimented. I thought it was cool -- I'd like to wear a skirt someday -- probably scottish kilt. But not right now -- I want to lose some weight in my legs and raise my ass a little more -- then I'll wear one at some function. Perhaps at MICA Runway 2006, eh? Would that raise eyebrows?

However, this article indicated that the school district permitted the male student to wear a skirt to his high school. Good.

You Go, Lady Bunny! A famous drag queen in New York named Lady Bunny whom I had the opportunity to meet and chat with her at The Slide Bar on Bowery. She is classy, fabulous and funny at its best. But she is wickedly smart. Which is why she is a good friend of Pamela Lee Anderson. She blasted the Xians' thoughts on life itself:
One of Larry's gay guests was a christian, who wrestled with the christian idea that homosexuality is a sin until he formulated his own way of talking to god which worked for him--a loving, forgiving god who embraces his sexuality. I think it's interesteing that this gay actor molds god to make him say what he wants to hear, just like the evangelicals, the suicide bombers, and Pat Robertson do. Remember, if you are a christian, you have certain BELIEFS--something you believe, but can't prove. No matter how strongly you FEEL that god is a part of your life, there is no fact that backs up the existence of a higher power. Oh, I know many will say "How could you explain the sunset, the planets, the seasons, the intricacies of a butterfly's wings, if there's no god?" I can't. But just because I'm mystified by the universe doesn't mean I have to invent an old man with a long white beard who lives in the sky to explain everything that's beyond my comprehension. So, I'm definitely not going to base my life or notions of right and wrong on an ancient, contradictory, mis-translated book of fairy tales inspired by "him." NEXT!
Hat tip to Michael Lucas.

I Practically Shriek When I Learned Of Its Location! Bravo to Jade and her team for doing something so cool. The MICA Runway 2006 is going to be held at ... crobar! Don't you realize this? This is big! This is going to elevate the level of sophistication on Deaf group. NO, the club is not captialized at Crobar. In fact, it is crobar. crobar is better than Roxy, better than Avalon and that shitty Webster Hall. You can bet I'll be there all in glory. IN few days, I shall put up the advertisements for MICA Runway 2006 here on my blogsite for the world to check.

On Politics Crap In Iraq: It appears that the Saddam Court is in disarray as new reports are popping in. I suggest to hold a trial against Saddam in ... Tel Aviv. That would ignite such an outrageous response from the Arab nations. Hell, these Israelites are tough and would be willing to go that far to enact such a punishment that is fitted for one's crimes.

American Idol: It is no secret that the first few weeks, I loved to watch how Simon, Randy and Paula Abdul judged the contestants -- rained them wint insults and hilarious comments. But when the contests began, I stopped watching. I heard the persistent rumors that Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest is an item in Los Angeles. Even the Punk'd zeroes in on Simon Cowell coming out of his car with Ryan. Umm. Gaydar alert! Gaydar alert!

Amusing Comment by The Riddler: In one scene in a comic book, The Riddler shouted, "What living thing that stinks but smells deliciously when it is dead?" C'mon, can you guys answer this? No, I'll answer this for The Riddler -- it is pigs. Of course.

Up next: Photos of Paul & Bob's Dachsund's own ramp -- any small dogs would die to have one!



Monday, January 23, 2006

Delaware's Tidbits

Don't You Hate This When ... ? Someone like a train conductor putting a note above your seat without your knowledge until I got up and saw the note, it reads: HEARING IMPURED. Scary to know that our conductors knew how to do things like that.

Main Street Station Is Gorgeous: In Richmond, Virginia -- the Main Street Station is absolutely stunning -- but they need to expand the rail schedules and close that shitty Staples Mill Road train station. According to this website, the city is planning to make the Main Street Station the hub of all transportation: high rail service, buses, taxis, car services, trains to convene in one location -- just like DC's Union Station or New York's Penn Station.

Then I Arrived In Wilmington: It was always nice to pass Gallaudet's Tower Clock -- each time I passed, I always try to look over at least once to remind myself that it is still there. That place has a special place in my heart. Wilmington, that town has done nothing but good to me. Last time, I visited the town, I was with Carl Denney and Mike Boucher visiting this massive museum where we get to check the last Czar family from Russia's stuff and their famous eggs where they painted lots of stuff on it -- I forgot the name for that kind. Then Mike, Carl and I hung out at a park where the sparkling river runs through the rocks ... beautiful. It was nice town, really.

Yay! No. 2 Duke Blue Devils Wallops No. 1 Tennesse Lady Vols, 75-53: Good riddance, Lady Vols. Go back to your corner. Overrated!

How About Georgetown? Despite the 41 points by JJ Reddick, No. 1 Duke lost to Georgetown at MCI (now Verizon) Center, 87-84. But Coach Krzyzewski was right -- the Duke players just watched Reddick play it all. That's why they lost.

Remember Improv Everywhere? Few weeks ago, Neil showed me the link. I laughed, laughed at their creative improvisations in attracting attention. Well, they just picked up the national press today after getting arrested in subway for "forgetting their pants". Absurd! Check this press' article at this link. But if you want the comprehensive information on the incident, go to Improv Everywhere's website.

Speaking of NYC's Fabled Subway ... : Who can not love the quirky moments associated with its subway system? Check this link.

Top Gun 2: Brokeback?
Very funny video to check out.

Remember Anthony Natale? A bird has informed me recently that Anthony Natale is in Philadelphia for its production of a movie called "Universal Signs" directed by Ann Calamia. According to one source, Anthony was pretty rude towards the residents who attended a party that geared to get people to sponsor the production. One local said he was "asshole to us locals here!"

Not only that, another source alerted me that someone saw him cruising in a gay bar in Center City, looking for a guy to hit off. Ahh, at least, it confirmed my suspicions from day one -- since 1997!

Universal Signs Update: Much to my chagrin, it was reported that the film's producer/director, Ann Calamia and Catherine Miller, has already brought 5 deaf actors/actresses to be part of leading roles in the film -- and guess what? More than 40 film crews are hearing persons! There are many Deaf filmmakers who struggled to break in for an opportunity to prove their skills but nah, Ann Calamia chose to ignore 'em in order to get 40 hearing people to work as film crew. I think the film would be successful if they had several Deaf crew -- they provide the best perspective of what it is like to be Deaf -- better them than hearies' fucked-up assumptions!

How nice is this?! Once again, the film is produced, written and directed by whom? Hearing woman. Only one deaf person, Rob DeMayo, gets to work with actors/actresses as the production's "ASL consultant". That's all. How fantastic! Not.

Shameful but surprising? Of course not. Jeers to Universal Signs for not hiring Deaf people to showcase their talents and skills. This movie may be performed by Deaf people but it is designed to entertain hearing people in general. Barf.

One Last Tidbit About Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment: Last night, I shot an email to blast my delegate in the area regarding his interest to pursue the ban on same sex marriage, ignoring other priorities. Here is his response:
Dear Mr. Taylor,

Thank you for your email regarding the Marriage Act. I understand your concerns and frustrations and appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Please be assured that I will think about this very carefully and study it thoroughly. Although we may not always agree, please know that my constituents' opinions are very important to me.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact my legislative office at 698.1074. Updates about the General Assembly and other information can be found on my website at

Thank you again for taking the time to write. Government works best when citizens are interested and involved. Please let me know if I can ever be of any service to you.


A. Donald McEachin
No, Donald, if you voted for that ban, I'll make sure and do everything in my power to make sure that you will lose the next election. Readers, what more do you want me to fire back at this delegate?



Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bode Miller, Tom Kaine & Few Other Things

Virginia Gov. Kaine, like many Virginians, Sucks: It was reported that the gay marriage ban amendment has been approved overwhelmingly by the House of Delegates who seemed to be interested in passing the laws to discriminate than to deal with the transportation and education issues in this state. Now, the anti-gay amendment heads to the Senate for its vote, then Governor Kaine will sign it to make it a referendum for the residents of Virginia to vote. This anti-gay marriage ban amendment is designed to discriminate gays and lesbians from having the contracts with their partners in terms of insurances, wills and benefits.

If Governor Kaine has the balls, he will do the right thing. But do I expect him to do so? No. He does not have the balls. I am encouraged to see that many sensible residents wrote the letters to their editors in Richmond's Times-Dispatch and Staunton's News Leader, blasted their own state legislators for creating a law that continues to hold the progress of Virginia down.

I propose that if this state went ahead with this anti-gay marriage amendment, all pro-gay businesses (deaf and/or hearing alike) across the nation should not come to any conferences or vacations in this state. Virginia does not deserve a cent at all. Boycott this state by any means. Hell, many Xian organizations attempted to cajole many pro-gay businesses, it's time to return the favor. Kick their asses!

Great Article by Bode Miller
: In Newsweek, Bode Miller was interviewed about the general state of Olympics -- which he will ski for 2006 Torino Winter Olympics next month in Italy. Bode Miller is honest person, which made some people uncomfortable. These people that did not like what Bode Miller merely wanted to keep this under the carpet. Bode mentioned that the Olympics ideals are not pure any longer. He is so right, "Look, a lot of the people involved with the U.S. Ski Team—the people that I'm representing—are unbelievable a--holes. Rich, cocky, wicked conceited, super-right-wing Republicans. But because of my morals, my principles, I can't judge them for that. The things they've done for me warrant respect, and I'm trying to pay them back."

You can read more on Bode Miller via here.

Marion Downs Hearing Center ENCOURAGES ASL: I am writing a response to some information provided by one of your readers. The hat tip is attributed to, "Jules". The information provided indicates that the Marion Downs Hearing Center (MDHC) discourages ASL.

This information is incorrect and false. In fact the opposite is true.

The MDHC embraces the use of ASL and respects Deaf Culture. There are no policies that forbid the use of ASL! In fact the MDHC encourages the use of ASL! Also, the MDHC always welcomes anyone to come and visit and learn more about its programs----it is NOT keeping a low profile----it has nothing to hide. Please contact us at for more information!

It is a shame that some people will resort to such low tactics as lying to discredit an organization that hires signing deaf and strives to provide accessible services! Jules or who ever provided this wrong information, please identify yourself! I would be happy to show you around MDHC and to show you how wrong you are.
--Robert Baldwin

Virginia 77, Miami 65: Wonder if Jeff Carlson went to the game? Virginia Cavaliers is now 13-4, 2-3 for the season. Up next is at Boston College in Boston. Ack!

Why Are We Still Having This Group? Our own favorite company whom the Bush Administration pushed for Pentagon to sign with -- Haliburton which absorbed billions of dollars in profits to "serve" the US Armed Forces across the world -- was cited for delivering the contaminated waters to our soldiers. What's up with that? I bet you few dollars that people like McWeenie and others will say that it was another "lie", "fabrication" or so on. It is quite absurd and amusing to see them trying to refute many things in life.

Confidential to Sherry, the Texas' Dumbfuck Fat BORGized Chick: You had been a "yes-sayer" for many years, that's why you got cochlear implants in your head -- you're nobody. Get this -- I am somebody. You ain't. That's why you sided with this loser over there. Whine all you want, nobody can hear you from here, you denegerate piece of trash.



Weekend Tidbits

Richmond Capitol Tragedy: In 1870, Conservatives and Republicans flocked to the State Capitol's second floor courtroom where the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals was holding a hearing on the dispute related to the city of Richmond's leadership positions. The second floor was packed with hundreds of men watching the proceedings. Meanwhile, on the third floor where the gallery (balcony) was, it was overcrowded as well.

Suddenly, the gallery gave away and tumbled itself onto the second floor courtroom -- and the added pressure from the above caused the second floor courtroom to cave into the first floor where the House of Delegates was located. 62 men were killed, 271 were injured. Of course, all are conservatives and Republicans!

Where did I get the information? I read the history of Richmond at the local library today right after completing the hour-long workout at the gym. Great stuff, is it? When I read it, it made me smile a little.

Do Not Cheat When You're Around Parrots! "I love you, Gary!" But I'm not worried. I'm deaf. Unless my partner is hearing.

Lost Whale Dies in River Thames: I had been keeping tabs on this particular whale that swam up the River Thames past the United Kingdom's Parliament. The bottle-nosed whale died today after being stranded in the river.

Dying Lesbian Struggling But Did It! In New Jersey, a lesbian who has an inoperable brain tumor was dying. She was concerned that her partner would be denied with the benefits when she dies. At first, the Ocean County of New Jersey refused to acknowledge the dying lesbian's wish to help her partner. But now they reversed the decision after lots of support were poured in for the couple regarding the unfair decision.

Another Scandal In London: This time, Mark Oaten, married man and father of two, resigned from his position with the Liberal Democrat party, after it was reported that he had a "lengthy relationship with a rent boy". In London, rent boy is like an escort -- in other words, a male prostitute. See? Married man! Father of two! He still finds a way to have sex with a MAN! Let's face the reality -- it is normal to have sex with both genders. I look forward to the day I get the report that McWeenie engaged in a similar situation with Mr. Oaten someday.

I Saw Colin Farrell's Sex Tape! And it was quite good. Colin Farrell's cock is good as advertised. He probably made me the happiest guy for few seconds then I ended up having to deal with jealousy due to the fact that he was banging this woman, not with me. Anyone else wanted to view Colin's sex tape? You know where to reach me.

UPDATE: Bad news, the site that I showed the link has been taken off. Probably due to the ligitation that Colin Farrell has on her ex girlfriend. But me so lucky. Me enjoy it!

Am heading out to Delaware this week. Should be fun. Of course, my workouts still is on, I probably will do it in Delaware.



Friday, January 20, 2006

1.20.06 Tidbits and Superboy Psycho

Find Someone Familiar? I was approached by the Editor of AOL's Gay and Lesbian few days ago that they were interested in doing a profile on me for its website. Naturally, I was set aback by that. Totally flattered but why not?

So I went ahead with it. And today, you can find me on its AOL Gay & Lesbian website. Don't know how long I'll be there, though. It's nice to be recognized. Thanks, AOL!

Only in Moscow! Many of you heard that it is friggin' cold in Moscow, Russia -- mostly in sub-zero temperature, I got this information via the email regarding the animals in Moscow Zoo. It reads: Moscow Zoo tried to warm up an elephant in the -30 degree weather with a bucket of vodka. It sent him off on a drunken rampage.

Only in Moscow, my dear, would they think something like that!

Xians, Conservatives and Republicans: I would like for you to defend your arguments that the same-sex marriage is not necessary after reading this article. Tell me why it is necessary to protect your "traditional" marriage but forbade gays from protecting their assets with their loved ones? C'mon, tell me what is so noble about banning gay marriages? Tell me why it is important to make it "traditional" marriage? Most of your arguments regarding the issue to protect the traditional marriage are not valid at all. Shame on you, dirty Xians, Conservative pigs and filthy Republicans.

CWU's Article on Deaf Gal:
At Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington -- it was rare that an article pops up about the deaf student at CWU, let alone take the front cover of the college's paper. Congratulations, Regina!

Damn! UVa Women Lost: In overtime to Maryland Twerps, 84-74. Damn. Next time, perhaps.

Tales of the eBay: I enjoyed surfing the at times, they sometimes sell funniest things out there. Thanks to Zachary, I can surf these just to amuse myself. Check this out. Hat tip to Zachary.

Superboy Psycho? I'm still reeling from shock after reading Infinite Crisis #4. Too bad, Pa Kent is not around to administer some kind of parental punishment. Come to think of this, it is very homoerotic if you look at it. Har har!

Someone mentioned that Superboy Prime acted like this because he was frustrated over the years of doing nothing but watching outside of current Earth's timeline. Superboy Prime (Psycho?) snapped.

It was crazy seeing Superboy Prime wanting to talk with the current Superboy but ended up instigating a massive fight that laid waste to Smallville and Keystone City. Then he decapitated Pantha. He said he did not mean to do that. Then he went on to attack several more, killing two, injuring many. It is absurd, really. I feel there is more to the story than this regarding Superboy Prime's insanity. I suspect that it has something to do with Superboy Prime's relationship with the ancient Anti-Matter character. Maybe it has something to do with Alexander Luthor. To see how Superboy Prime butchered few people, you may read this and that. Then I inserted the last page where Superboy Prime was pulled into the Speed Force with some help from the older speedsters. Superboy Prime kept on ranting until then -- someone said he did not die at all. In fact, someone else had a theory that the Speed Force will help Superboy Prime to an extent.

But the whole point is that for generations, Superman (or Superboy) is kinda the American icon that we grew to know and love -- he never killed anyone else. At least, did not do it with malice or intention. I do not think I'll look at Superboy in the same manner ever again. Maybe Geoff Johns and Phil Jimenez ruined it all for me. Good thing I had drastically cut down on reading 'em all.



Thursday, January 19, 2006

1.19.06 Tidbits

Deaf Man With No Arms? Shoot me dead if I am armless. I do not want to use my feet to sign anything! Even with the fact that my left foot can sign fuck you but c'mon. This lacked the dignity .. I cannot imagine a life without my arms -- I'll die before I ever communicate with anyone else with my legs and ass in the air. Hat tip to Travis.

Another NBC News Tidbit: No, the article is not about me or Jason at all. It is about the deaf students in a school bus, involved with a wreck. Hat tip to PJ.

Remember What Conservatives & Republicans Said?
They claimed that few people died during the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina but guess what? 3,200 is still unaccounted for. No comment from conservative fools? Maybe Mayor Ray Nagin was right when he said that thousands would be dead. After all, where are they?

Since I'm Still on Katrina: Check this out. This is how our magnificent insurance works at its best.

Few Thoughts About Golden Globes Awards: I got an email from Michael Lucas asking me to think a little -- he was right. Ever notice that this year's Golden Globe's big winners are about, by or for gay or transgendered people? Best Director, BestSeries, Musical or Comedy, Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Original Song -- no one took the time to demonstrate how they felt about gay issues. No one. Not even one.

Mel Gibson, Shut Up: Mel Gibson sicced the lawyers on this fella who set up the blog to do the parody of Mel Gibson -- hilarious blogsite.

Only Time Will Tell: Osama Bin Laden is at it again. He said that the national security has not really prevented his group from planning to strike on our land. Oy vey. Read what he said in this link.

Superboy Psycho? I got to read Infinite Crisis #4 today and I was shocked to see Superboy Prime going insane as he attacked another Superboy (Conner Kent) and laid waste to Smallville. Who is Superboy Prime? He is a fella whose his "world" ceased to exist after the famous Crisis On Infinite Earths and was forced to live in a paradise, watching the current Earthlings from afar, before the elder Superman broke the barrier and was attempting to craft a new world separate from the current Earth -- Conner refused to acknowledge Superboy Prime as "Superboy", so he went on to attack Conner Kent then he was forced to get the assistance of JSA and Titans to stop the insane Superboy Prime from attacking Conner Kent.

Then in one whim, Superboy Prime killed Pantha by socking his fist into her head so hard that her head was totally decapitated. Just like that. Then Superboy Prime started to sob and said, "Oh, no! I did not mean to do this!"

Then he went on to attack others and ripped two heroes' bodies in half -- it was so chaotic -- so evil -- before two speedsters took Superboy Prime (Psycho?) on a run into the Speed Force as a surprising guests from the Speed Force grabbed the Superboy Prime from behind as Superboy Prime wailed, "You can't get rid of me! When I grow up, I'm going to be Superman!"

The surprising guests pulled Superboy Prime into the Speed Force to prevent his rage from going unchecked -- as much of Smallville was destroyed and many heroes were savagely butchered by Superboy Prime.

It left a lot of questions to wonder -- why is Superboy Prime so angry, so angry enough to rip people into pieces? Anyone want me to scan the pics of Superboy Prime decapitating someone else as well? Lemme know. It is very gruesome art by Phil Jimenez, a fellow I knew for many years -- some of readers knew that I once invited Phil to my floor program as RA at Gallaudet many years ago.

I'm going to email Phil to rant about this shocking issue.



Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An UPdate About MPD's Finest CarSurfing!

I reported last Monday that Jason Lamberton took few pictures of Metropolitan Police Department officer carsurfing down the street. Little did I know that it'd generate lots of hits from several sources.

Jason Lamberton and I got phone calls from several media outlets and it was certainly interesting experience to handle them. I also got an email from AOL's GLBT Editor asking me to submit a picture of myself so that they can do a profile on my blog sooner or later.

The original entry that started it all is here.

DCist, a premier blog for DC residents, mentioned my blog in this entry.

Jason Lamberton added his comments as well but he is not done with his entry -- you can find it here. Jason is bit overwhelmed and amused by the attention that he received from the media outlets.

NBC 4 came to Jason Lamberton's home and interviewed him about this as well. I got emails from friends who said they saw me on the videophone with Jason Lamberton during the interview. The problem is that I never saw the camcorder at all. You can find this article on's website.

Finally, the MPD First District said that this guy would probably be reprimanded or suspended. Good for him. I mean, if he can ticket us for doing that, why can't we do the same thing? Like Jason said, "Can we make the citizen's arrest on the cops?"

Good question. However, being overwhelmed with these calls and emails from different people related to this fiasco, I was relieved to escape to the gym to work out today. I need an outlet to let it go. And I was relieved that I did it today or I'd go insane!

I guess, it was one interesting day.



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

1.17.06 Tidbits

Film Review of Madagascar: At one point, I noticed that the penguins asked a monkey about what a poster was saying. The monkey said, "I can't read but he can, he is deaf." He pointed to another monkey, who went on to sign as the hearing monkey interpreted for the penguins. I quickly went back and do the slow motion -- much to my astonishment, the DreamWorks got it right! They signed Africa right. They spelled voyage right. They totally nailed on this! Great job. The penguins totally stole the film from the rest of characters. Who cannot love these psychotic penguins, really?

Al Amel Institute for the Deaf and Mute Is Now Open: Ahh, a new deaf school in Mosul, Iraq is now opening -- but c'mon, get with the program -- don't use that word, mute. It is inappropriate. But one day, they will figure it out and remove the word.
Al Amel Institute for the Deaf and Mute Grand Opening
By Captain Marcus Grimes

MOSUL, IRAQ, 12 DEC 05 -- There was an anticipatory buzz in the atmosphere at the Al Amel Institute for the Deaf and Mute as the soldiers of the 172d Stryker Brigade arrived to help celebrate the grand re-opening of this unique school. As the soldiers came in, the teachers could not contain their pupils excitement. Every child in this small school, which is situated high above the Tigris River in Downtown Mosul, cringed their necks and pasted their faces against the windows in their classrooms to see what the soldiers brought.

The atmosphere became absolutely electric as the soldiers unloaded their vehicles. The children saw new backpacks each stuffed with rulers, pencils, crayons, books, paper, and other school supplies. Their eyes popped when a soldier, doing his best to emulate Santa carrying his pack, came in carrying a bag of soccer balls.

Soldiers milled about in a central foyer area, trying to look comfortable while wearing body armor, helmets, eye protection, gloves, and carrying rifles. All the while, they tried to communicate with the children, wave to the kids and smile at the teachers. Each time a soldier took a picture, the children would gather around to get to see the image on the digital camera.

Mr. Ahmer Jihad, the Mayor of Mosul, the principal of the school Vice Headmaster Alkrem Abdul Kareem, had the honor of cutting the ceremonial ribbon. After the ribbon cutting each had a few comments for the local press, each child in the school lined up very orderly to receive their new backpack followed by cake. Just like any other kid, they tore into their cake and frosting with vigor. Immediately they went into exploring their new backpacks and showcasing each feature to whatever Soldier was near.

The kids were very well behaved and loved to try to communicate with all the soldiers. In the four months in Iraq, I never regretted not being able to speak Arabic, but today, I regretted not knowing at least some sign language to communicate with the kids. Even without words or signs, everyone in attendance knew the children had one thing to say: Thank you.
Hat tip to PJ for this information. The article can be found on this website.

Marion Downs Hearing Center Plans To Discourage ASL: A certain reader warned me that in Aurora, Colorado, The University of Colorado's Marion Downs Hearing Center has received some million dollars to build a new center, they intend to set up an infant program for deaf infants with the intention to study them related to speech and hearing abilities; they already instituted a policy that it forbade American Sign Language to be used for these children. It was said that the Deaf Community in Denver does not know much about this because the Center is keeping it low profile. If the center received money from any government, it may violate some kind of laws. Any opinions on this subject? Hat tip to Jules.

It is SO true: The changes in suburbia is not pretty. In fact, it is American's greatest tragedy, really! Hat tip to Philip.

Happy Birthday, Ben! Benjamin Franklin turns 300 today on January 17, 1706. He was not the perfect man in any sense but he was great American. He has many flaws in his character but he is man of many things. It is no secret that Philadelphia still is infatuated wtih Benjamin Franklin and William Penn after these years. But I should mention what Benjamin Franklin once said: They Who Would Give Up An Essential Liberty For Temporary Security Deserve Neither Liberty Or Security

Weighlifting Result? At the gym, I officially lost 19 pounds. And I'm not quitting. I'll stick to the plan and yeah, I'm heading out of town next week. I am looking forward to that.



Monday, January 16, 2006

1.16.06 Tidbits

Mayor Ray Nagin Loses His Marbles: Mayor Ray Nagin said that he felt that God wanted New Orleans to be "chocolate" New Orleans. Then he said that God punished America with natural disasters. And he said he had an imaginary conversation with Dr. Martin Luther King about the African Americans' place in this country. Perhaps, he is burn out and is starting to spew things that does not make any sense. After all, the city of New Orleans needed a sane leader, perhaps it is time to change the guards?

Brokeback Mountain Wins 4 Golden Globe Awards: Brokeback Mountain won 4 Golden Globe Awards in Best Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Original Song. And Brokeback Mountain, is not still captioned after 41 days (and still counting!). Shameful. And we are stuck with's domination of OC movies across the nation -- how great is that?!

Jesus Christ The Musical! This is hilarious! If you laugh at this movie, you may go to Hell! Hearing readers, I'd appreciate if you can say what it was being said. I thought this was great!

Bush Supporter's Son Dead But Could Not Get Answers: But at least, Bush told her that he will look in this matter -- later, Bush had his campaign to contact the mother of dead soldier to be participate in a commercial to support him. Disgrace.

Virginia Basketball: 2-0 Versus Virginia Tech! Good riddance! Today, Lyndra Littles led the Cavaliers WB team to a 78-59 triumph over No. 18 Virginia Tech Hokies in Blacksburg. Up next is ... No. 6 Maryland Terrapins! Darlene and Sandy, I'll videophone you when Virginia savagely trashed your Twerps.

CSD's SIGNews: I was informed by Grant that the issue of SIGNews has been out and I was mentioned in that article as well. You may read the scanned articles on Grant's blog. If you want to read the complete article which I did mention last night, you may check this link.

And Last, As for Bitch Session's ShoutBox: It is taken out because many readers complained that they had a difficult time reading my blog via the sidekick and others. Plus, I kept on getting lots of emails asking me to resume once-a-month bitchin' n' brawlin' sessions. Mainly, my concern, first and foremost of all, is the access for readers to read without any struggles. The readership has steadily grow from less than hundred a day into near 500 per day. The expectations! The expectations!



MPD's Finest Surfing Down The 'Hood

Last night, I got an email from Jason Lamberton regarding the pictures. Jason wrote on the email that reads: "omg! Luckily I had my camera in my pocket when I saw the darned cop cars whiz by with sirens blazin, delinquent cop sittin' on the hood laughin'."

In fact, this is not the first time I saw this happen in the District. It was about 5 or 6 years ago near Gallaudet when I saw a similar situation where a cop rode on the hood of a patrol car whooshing me and my friends.

But this time, Jason has the pictures to prove it. Last night at 4:58 PM, he snapped four pictures that showed two patrol cars racing down the I Street NE at about 30 MPH. Jason was surprised to see the police officer riding on the hood of patrol car #162, laughing as it ran past the stop sign on I Street and 8th Street NE along with 3 cars following them by. All of the cars had the sirens on.

"It was VERY inappropriate of them to do that. My good friend, Darrell Ritter, did this once and nearly died. He was not the same person after that incident," Jason said. Darrell had cracked his skull -- he developed amnesia and seizures from that incident.

Upon calling the First District Station of DC's Metropolitan Police Department via the videophone, I got in touch with Sargeant Kevin Graham who asked me to send him the pictures of the cops surfing on the hood of the city-owned cars. I asked him what the official policy of MPD when it comes to things like that. Sgt. Graham said, "The officers are not permitted to ride on the hood of police cars. Mainly because of safety reasons. Other than that, I needed to get in touch with the person who took the pictures to find out who it was."

Not only that, Jason Lamberton measured the speed limit in these pictures and came to conclusion that the cops also violated the speed limit as well, going over the residential speed limit in that neighborhood.

Lamberton said in exasperation, "What if this cop got injured, guess who got billed with thousands of dollars in medical bills? The taxpayers of DC!! Not only that, and what if he [the cop] died? Darrell ALMOST died. Now we are talking about millions in life insurance, compensatory costs, bevearement, funeral, court costs! what about the cop's family? he got wife and kids?! Smashing ur skull against the hard asphalt and granite curb (DC has granite and marble curbsides) will require massive amounts of MRI and CAT scans to track the brain's injuries and healing -- it costs thousands PER scan! Now, if the skull cracks and the brain hemorrhages, it will require emergency brain surgery and some follow-ups -- brain surgery, that's another like 100 - 500,000 dollars!"

"I ain't paying for some cop car-surfing thru taxes. DC has like 600,000 people so that tangibly impacts the people, especially poor people if they have to pay like $5 in taxes for some stupid cop's actions! Ahhhh how that really reflects the true character and color of DC -- lousy, corrupt cops -- lousy, corrupt citizens! If a catastrophe hit DC, we'll witness New Orleans all over again. I'm frustrated, I tell you!"

Click on All Images To Enlarge

Note: All images are owned by Jason Lamberton.

Stay tuned for further information on First District Station whether if they will do something about it. Or bury it as usual?



P.S. This entry is my 1,500th in less than 3 years. Thank you, readers!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

MLK Weekend Tidbits

War of the Worlds: I finally got to see it today. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the film! It was different viewpoint, really. Steven Spielberg spent $132 million to produce this film and it made a modest profit but many reviews jeered at the film. I think it was Tom Cruise's fault. His repeated comments about the Church of Scientology prior to the release of the film really harmed the film. What makes this film enjoyable and appealling to me is that many films would take us to know what our government leaders do in this crisis, there is none of this in this particular film. In fact, the society simply disintegrated. Nobody had the time to find out if DC existed or not. They relied on rumors, innuendos and all that speculations. As of now, Mom is watching it as I type ...

Few Comments About Jack Abramoff Scandal: Check this entry done by Deaf blogger whom I agreed. Too bad many Conservative pigs and Republican fools are trying to make it "bipartisan". Well said, Magatsu!

Bar Scene In Richmond: I really hated the bar scene in Richmond. It is saturated with smokers. I barely can breathe. My shirts stink! Few days ago, one guy attempted to talk to me in a bar that does not have good lightning system. I could not barely understand what he said. He snapped and wrote on the napkin, "You need to go back to school to work on lipreading and speech." I told him to get lost. He backed off and said, "I was joking." I said to him that it does not matter, just get lost. Can't wait to get out of town in few days. On a bright side, the American Lung Association is proposing a bill to the City Council to ban smoking in bars, restaurants and in public places. Expect this to lose the votes since Richmond is the Capital of Tobacco World. But at least, it is only the start ... maybe persistence by submitting the proposal at every council meetings for years and do the right thing.

Oh, yeah, last night, observed 10 different men in tuxedos mingling at Barcode. Apparently, they were part of Inaugural Ball which is held few blocks from the bar. Umm.

Two Florida Teenagers Arrested: Few days ago, I was startled to see a segment of brutal beatings on homeless guy by two teenagers who seemed to think it was fun. One homeless person died in three attacks. Two teenagers were arrested and I bet you that people will say that they were teenagers and go easy on them. Please. They should be punished as accord to the law. It was premeditated murder. Why? They planned to whack people with baseball bats, that object is very dangerous. They knew it but did it anyway.

Drandma Would Be 86 By Now: Last Wednesday, after doing some errands, I realized that I was in the vicinity where Drandparents were laid to rest. So I hastened to a nearby floral shop and went to Westhampton Cemetary. More than 100 Canadian geese roamed around the cemetary which is quite a sight to behold. In fact, ducks and geese are beautiful animals. When I approached the burial site, it rained lightly. I hadn't been to the site in many years. Let's say that I was glad I visited. Ahh, it was also fitting to check in because Drandma's birthday was two weeks ago.

A Suicidal Teenager Dies Again: What again? It is sort of a pattern among many police departments throughout the United States. In Florida, this troubled teenager 15 years old boy was bullied at school decided to paint the toy gun black and brandished at himself, other students, teachers and last, the cops. The cops shot him in the head, then he was brain dead -- the cops said the gun looked real enough. Now this article came out that several people told the cops repeatedly that the gun is fake, including the father and the victim who felt the gun. No police officer listened.

I have two lingering questions: 1. Why shoot him in the head? Why not legs? Why not pelvis? Why not something else other than the head? 2. Why did not they listen to the others that the gun was fake?

Don't tell me that this situation was unique. In fact, it happened in Detroit, where a low functional deaf man argued with his mother and he signed wildly (like many Deaf people do when they are pissed off), the neighbors and family members shouted at the cops that he was deaf. They did not listen and shot him dead. In Denver, similar situation happened to a deaf man after people shouted that he's deaf, cops did not listen.

See the pattern? Even in automobile accidents that involved Deaf drivers, passengers or witnesses, the police officers always told Deaf people to wait while they interviewed everyone else who can hear and speak then turned to Deaf people and dismissed them or even in some situations, gave the tickets to Deaf people based on what others said without taking Deaf persons' comments as well!

This is why I am always cautious, irritated and wary of these pigs in action.



Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friday the 13th Was Yesterday?

Thanks, defBef! When I was in New York for the memorial service of Sarah Pack, I spent the time with Beth which I detailed not a long time ago. I did not mention that Beth chose me to be the next person to carry the particular book titled, The Pornographer's Poem, by Michael Turner. Beth said that she was trying to figure out who would appreciate the novel -- she knew I'd appreciate and liked it as well. Turns out she was right as usual. IN fact, its opening was bit confusing and it seems to be easy just to put the book down ... but if you continue reading up to 60 pages in a row, that's when you'll start to enjoy the book. I finally read it last night and was done with it in few hours (269 pages in all). All I can say about the book is that life is bitch just like that.

Tornado Warning: In the last 4 days, the weather has been very balmy and warmer. I knew that the cold front would push down eventually but if it does, it often caused thunderstorms. Last night, I was startled by four TV sets at a local bar flashing bright red with white words that warned the viewers that tornado warning is in effect. I went back to the house to tell everyone else in the house to put the shoes on until the effect is over. Common sense, remember that? Sure enough, tornadoes touched down in the Carolinas.

What About Mark Warner? If the Democrats really wanted to get a moderate Democrat to run for the US President instead of Hillary Clinton, they should try Mark Warner of Virginia. Today, in Richmond Times-Dispatch, there was a full-page message for Mark Warner by several corporations, thanked him for his great work in 4 years. Mark Warner departed his position with the 75% approval rate from all Virginians. That is remarkably high. If not Hillary, Mark would be a good candidate.

As for Johnathan Katz! It turns out that this professor at Washington University (Missouri) is well-known for his anti-gay comments, anti-disabled comments and many others. One reader alerted me that she received an email from Johnathan Katz who dismissed her comments about the deaf lifeguard being recognized in Galveston, Texas for saving hundreds of lives. She forwarded me the emails -- it was nasty, folks.

Movies To Watch Tonite: Since the weather is shitty outside, I'm going to watch two DVD flicks: War of the Worlds and Madagascar. Should be fun and entertaining.

About Brokeback Mountain: 39 days (more than 5 weeks) has passed since the release of Brokeback Mountain in the United States. And I just checked InsightCinema as of today, no movie theater in the United States has an open caption for that film. I'm still waiting while the fucking hearing people are enjoying themselves. *sigh*

About Zawhiri: Yes, I am liberal but I believe that the termination of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawhiri is beneficial to the world community. By removing the head of the snake, everything will fall apart. But why do I want him dead since I do not believe in death penalty? Well, I do not approve the death penalty at all. But these two figures will not reason nor compromise -- in fact, they killed and boasted about it and said they will continue to do so.

Yes, I personally think the Bush Administration's handling of terrorism are appalling at its best. It is disgrace. We could not locate a 6'5 saudi on kidney dialysis living in Afghanistan, for God's sake! Where is the one-eye Mullah Omar?! Kidnap and transport the accused terrorists without giving them the due process is inhumane, period. But Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawhiri are unique -- they are guilty of their crimes upon humanity. They boasted about it -- it is better to kill them.

But I just learned today that the CIA bombed a village in Pakistan was based on erroneous information. 18 people were killed. Ahh. The search continues.



Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why I Loved the LSH?

In 1991, when I first entered Gallaudet as a freshman, never did I meet a loyal fan for Legion of Super-Heroes, affectionately known to the fans as LSH. I was aware of its loyal fan base for the futuristic books set in 30th Century -- but I was never a particular fan of futuristic books because the future they often portrayed is clean, beautiful and all that. But these LSH fans (I distinctly remembered them: Clyde, Elliott and DeNisco) insisted that it is not what it is all about. Years later, when I realized my favorite characters were portrayed in LSH more frequently, I had to buy and read these back issues. They were simply great.

The 30th Century (between 2974 to 2995) saw that the countries on Earth has unified as one world government known as EarthGov, also allied to the United Planets scattered throughout the universe. Sounds like a perfect utopia?

But not with LSH's vol. 4 (Issued from 1 to 65, check the timeline if you want to), written by Tom & Mary Bierbaum and Keith Giffen. IN fact, they made this particular series very dark and tragic before the DC Comics decided to wipe the future timeline off with its stupid Zero Hour storyline.

I was impressed with the storyline -- the dialogues were pretty real and funny. For instance, when Ayla Ranzz met a younger clone of herself, Ayla Ranzz, she said, "I can't believe I was so beautiful!" The younger clone smiled and hugged her back, "I can't believe I will be so beautiful!"

There are issues that simply shocked you to no end. IN fact, some of the issues did not prepare you for shocking revelations like Shvaughn Erin. For many years, many LSH fans knew that there was this Science Police Officer Shvaughn Erin had an infatuation with LSH member's Element Lad, known as Jan Arrah.

In one particular issue where the Dominators infilitrated the EarthGov and started to attack its people across the world -- the Dominators triggered the sudden destruction of Luna which killed millions of people on the planet in LSH #18, prompted its citizens to revolt against the Dominators once and for all. Shvaughn Erin needed the medications to conceal her secret but since the world was in chaos, she could not obtain the pills called ProFem.

What is it? It is sex-change pill. C'mon, don't be so shocked. In 30th Century, anything is possible -- you might not need the surgery to do the trick.

Shvaughn Erin was transformed back to Sean Erin, which pissed off many LSH readers. But that did not stop them both at all.

About a month after Earth announced its victory over the Dominators as they fled back to its homeworld, Elia, the city of Tokyo suddenly collapsed into the ground. Thousands of people died. People wondered why. The scientists discovered that the high unstable substance known as proton jelly, a toxic chemical that were used in the 24th Century -- about 500 years before. Earth often dumped the proton jelly in the space before the United Planets passed a decree that banned the space debris. So in 2300s, someone decided to bury the proton jellys beneath our planet.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSlowly, that toxic substance caused a mineralogical virus which overwhelmed everywhere else in the planet. 4 billions of Earthlings were evacuated in the sky. 94 cities were able to save itself and flow up in the space, others failed and crashed. People could not believe that a month after its victorious over the Dominators, Earth is going to go off no matter what. Some people chose to stay. Some people could not bear to leave Earth. It was not 30th Century's fault but someone else in the 2300s that did this to them. But what can they do about it?

As you can see the picture on this entry, these people left on Earth stood and waited, all in unity regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, for their final moments on the planet. Then it was done deal. Earth exploded into nothingness as 94 domed cities floated by. By then, 2 billion of people has perished when Earth ceased to exist.

However, I loved the LSH vol. 4 series because it attempts to be realistic as much as can be. And it was fun riding it out with Keith Giffen and the Bierbaums. However, in that pivotal issue where Earth ceased to exist, a character named Devlin wrote a subtle message for all.

What he wrote applied to us all as of today, like it or not.
It isn't fair. After all we've gone through. After all we've triumphed over. It just isn't fair.

But then, life isn't fair, is it?

Well, no. In fact, life is fair, really. It sets out some clearly defined rules and challenges humankind to fashion its heaven within those rules. And in those rare moments when we realize heaven is all around us and always has been, we've got a chance. But when we decided we've got a better idea -- that we can cajole, threaten, sneer, resent, whine and hate life into being something different from what it is -- that's when the battle is lost.

That's when life stops being fair.
Tom & Mary Bierbaum were right on this account. Treat this Planet with kindness or it will not do you right. Simply as that.



Wednesday, January 11, 2006

1.12.06 Tidbits

IN the last two weeks, I received lots of emails regarding different issues throughout the world and on my blogsite as well. It is time to follow up on this.

Bitch Session? I got lots of emails complaining that they preferred me to resume the Bitch Session once a month to save its flavor and excitement. Any suggestions? 24/7 Bitch Session or Once-A-Month Bitch Session?

Jonathan Katz Is An Idiot! This fella, Jonathan Katz, should stick with Physics. He argued that two Deaf lifeguards who were dismissed at YMCA because they cannot hear the victim screaming for help.
Most of our self-deception occurs in softer fields, where its consequences are less immediate and less obviously catastrophic, and where the ideological pressures to enshrine fantasy as reality are stronger. For example, two deaf people sued YMCAs for enormous sums of money after losing jobs as lifeguards on account of their deafness. We all wish the disabled could do everything other people can do, but they cannot. That is why they are called disabled. The deaf cannot hear a call "HELP!''. Should people drown to maintain the lie that deaf people can do a lifeguard's job?

Nothing is far from the truth. Even I have First Aid and CPR certification and I personally knew many Deaf lifeguards -- it is all about visual image of one being in distress. Oh, by the way, I'd love to meet a guy who drowns without making a scene but resort only to shouts for help. Pathetic figure. Oh, by the way, you can harass him at Hat tip to Shannon.

Dick Cheney Flip-flopper? I got this from a friend of mine who verified the source. Believe it or not, Dick Cheney spoke of this:
"I think the proposition of going to Baghdad is also fallacious. I think if we were going to remove Saddam Hussein we would have had to go all the way to Baghdad, we would have to commit a lot of force because I do not believe we would wait in the Presidential Palace for us to arrive. I think we'd have had to hunt him down. And once we'd done that and we'd gotten rid of Saddam Hussein and his government, then we'd have had to put another government in its place. What kind of government? Should it be the Sunni government or the Shi'i government or a kuridsh government or Ba'athis regime? Or maybe we want to bring in some of the Islamic fundamentalist? How long would we have had to stay in Baghdad to keep that government in place? What would happen to the government once the U.S. forces withdrew? How many casualties should the United States accept in that effort to try to create clarity and stability in a situation that is inherently unstable? I think it is vitally important for a president to know when to use military force. I think it is also very important for him to know when not to commit U.S. military force. And it's my view that the President got it right both times, that it would have been a mistake for us to get bogged down in the quagmire inside Iraq."
-Dick Cheney. The Washington Institute's Soref Symposium, April 29, 1991.
Wow. A true flip-flopper. Hat tip to McFly.

Another Fabulous UK Deaf Website: Another email urged me to check this website out and I did. I like it. Especially the ones in that category, Stories: The Truth. It reflects the reality of hearing society upon us all. Shameful. Hat tip to Carrie.

NYSD Finished: New York Society for the Deaf, founded in early 1900s has been merged with the FEGS organization in New York primarily because the NYSD Board (mostly hearing people) and Kathleen Cox, herself a hearing person who cannot sign worth a shit -- drove the organization into the grounds to a point where the offer by FEGS to take over was something that they cannot resist. So NYSD was virtually swallowed by the FEGS -- don't believe it? Check Oh, by the way, Kathleen Cox was finally phased out of its NYSD workforce -- now guess who runs the agency? Hearing people, of course.

Sarah Pack Would Love This: For a long time, she asked me to link something that might make her *ahem* horny. Since I'm gay and she was lesbian, I really did not care about posing women. But this one deserved the attention. I wonder if our cheerleaders in this country should start something like this? Will the attendance improve? You decide. Hat tip to Anonymous who feared that he'd be bashed by his girlfriend.

Speaking of Sarah Pack: There will be another memorial service for Sarah Pack, this time it will be facilitated by DIRC (Deaf-Interpreter Relations Committee) in New York. Check this link for further information. Sarah frequently attended this meetings and took me to the meeting when I was really, really antisocial at a particular time. I ended up enjoying the event. However, this event, I wish I could be there but cannot make it. Anyone that plans to go, please let me know about the outcomes of this nice gesture by the DIRC for Sarah Pack. Hat tip to Svetlana.

Who Is Jesse Conrad? I stumbled upon his blogsite. When I first saw him at Gallaudet, he was so effeminate. I mean, any gay person who is blind can identify him, period. He was a freshman from North Carolina. But he hung out with Adrean Clark and his Christian friends. He was quite homophobic and made it clear that he is not gay. Then one day, he vanished for about a couple of years. Then he re-surfaced back in Washington, DC area ... as a gay man.

Few years ago, I saw him at Paramount Kings Dominion one time and attempted to say hi out of a nice gesture, this fool acted like he does not know who I am! And I told him that I distinctly remembered him being Xian homophobe -- he insisted that it was not him, but someone else. I asked if he was Jesse, he nodded. Then it was him all along. And he claimed that he was always gay, even at Gallaudet as a freshman.

C'mon and admit it up, Jesse, repent your sins. You used to hang out with Mark Wood's group or that Campus for Christian Crusade (or something like that!) at Gallaudet. Please do not bother to deny this because the damages you did to gay brethren was duly noted back then!

A Word from Yawar of iCandy Lounge: I was surprised to get an email from the public relations of iCandy Lounge, the new gay bar in West Hollywood, California. Last week, I wrote a tidbit about the TV series that I saw about the development of iCandy Lounge. Among the stars on the show was Yawar. He wrote:
I wanted to address your observations. I CANDY prides itself on including everyone. Our crowd ranges from 21+ over to 65 and over! Our customers are every shape, size and color, so I would encourage you to come in and check it out for yourself! Our staff is fun, professional and friendly, so I hope you will give us a chance.
Perhaps I will check this out eventually. Thanks for the email, Yawar.

Mrs. Alito, Thanks for the Show! Good try but no cigar. You're merely doing an act. Typical.

Is This For Real? According to Marty Nemko, the best jobs in 2006 also included Audiologist and Speech Therapist! I know the baby boomers and the excessive use of iPods may lead to hearing loss and all that. But if you step outside of the box itself, you will see that the hearing people are merely exploiting the system on our expenses. Hat tip to Carrie.

And This Is Good Example: A certain Deaf fellow in Philadelphia recenty took 4-months old Deaf son to her pediatricist for a typical check-up, her Pediatricist was relentless in pressuring the mother to implant the cochlear implant on her son. She felt it was abrasive and rude of her pediatricist to insist and repeat the whole thing again, again and again. In fact, the Pediatricist said that if her Deaf son would be implanted, it'd develop his brain better.

What the fuck? Naturally, the mother felt offended by that comment.

I do recall reading an article that the Pediatricists, in some states, have a certain point at children's development to test their hearing. And if the child is Deaf, it was the doctors' duty to inform them of options -- but many doctors are purely uninformed when it comes to deafness. They would say things like one that was being said to the mother of Deaf 4-months old son.

Alfred Mann, the guy behind the so-called "near-miraculous" device now known as the Cochlear Implant, is No. 203 on Forbes' List, his net worth is at $1.4 billion dollars. How nice is that? At our expense. And he is not going to stop at that. He founded his foundation to lobby, pressure the local, state and federal government to Medicaid, Medicare and other healthcare insurances as well as exploring the means to pass the laws, perhaps someday, to require all Deaf children to have the option of being BORGized? This will prompt Alfred to climb much higher in the future, like it or not.

Alfred Mann has made personal contributions to Senators and Representatives in 2002, 2004 and 2006. See? For an ordinary Deaf person, that is pretty a lot, I guess. Maybe the Deaf Community needs to stop fighting each other and start to do something proactive like contributing or something else. This is more of Sonny Wasilowski's line than I do!

On second thought, I attempted, along with few, to see if Dr. Irving K. Jordan has made any contributions -- so far, I could not find anything. A friend of mine found Dr. I. King Jordan's wife, Linda Jordan, donating a measly fifty dollars to Senator Tom Harkins (D-IA). And Linda is not even Deaf.

Then a colleague looked through the and found this list. Only *one* Gallaudet student has donated $ to Congressmen -- guess who it is? Remember Nick Beck from Illinois? That's him. He is the lone figure that did this! AS much as he may annoy many, he did something that not many of us would have done as Gallaudet student. Only 12 associated with Gallaudet Community donated. 547 associated Georgetown University Community donated. I checked RIT's list -- it appears that Dr. Robert Davila donated $250 to Republican National Committee in 2002 -- what a dickwad.

James Sorenson did not surprise me at all -- the Head Honcho of so-called Sorenson Video Relay Services has donated $5,000 to the Republican State Committee of Massachusetts, probably trying to stop gay marriage in that state. Let's try for Benjamin Soukup! Ahh, Benjamin Soukup smooched more than $750,000 per year and donated nothing.

Anyway, I personally do not care if you want to be BORGized or not. But to provide the inaccurate information to the parents of Deaf children is something that I cannot really ignore. Like, telling the mother of deaf child that having an implant will improve its brain. Nothing is far from the truth.

Check this link -- this website is more of advocate for the use of Cochlear Implants. Be sure to check its Hall of Shame. It may surprise you of its choices. Ahh.

Next Entry: Why I Loved The LSH?


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Optimistic Views

Today at the gym doing a workout, I was approached by the owner of the gym whom I hadn't seen in a week. He said that he noticed that I'm getting smaller and that my arms are getting bigger. I smiled and thanked him. It's been nearly 2 months. It is work in progress, really.

I agreed with him. in fact, my shirts are bigger. And the best part, I can feel my arms being solid. I can see my trapezius muscle getting bigger. I can feel pectoralis major slowly turning solid. My guts has a long way to go but I'm getting there. One at a time. One at a time.

I got in touch with an old friend who asked me whether if I want to get out of the United States for five days in few months? Naturally I expressed an interest. Only time will tell whether if we plan to do that.

Did anyone else notice that the moderator of, Dale Patterson, which I coined as Whale Fatterson seemed to be very bitter and angry man? He has nothing positive to say at all. He seems to use my blog just to attack me from time to time. It is pitiful. He's about 400-lb guy. Probably crushed his wife in a trailer home. Probably had the remote control stuck somewhere in his rolls. At least, I blocked him permanently.

Oh, yeah, after I am done with this entry, it will be the 1,495th entry in two and half years. I did not expect this at all, really. Sometimes it is fun to entertain readers, sometimes it is tiresome to entertain some. I now averaged 440 visitors per day. That is nice. I'm curious to see whether if I'll have 1,000 visitors per day. Of course, I'm still better than that McWeenie who attempted to call himself as "premier blogsite". That boy can do nothing but to make me chuckle at times.

Ahh. For now, I shall retire to relax a bit -- after all, I had a good workout. I love to feel the throbbing of my muscles. Can't wait ... to look good.

Just To Make You Smile: This boy is lucky to drink it. But not at his age!

Want To Read A Theory? I forgot to share this a while ago -- Joseph Rainmound gave the link to me and it made me wonder if he was nuts or ... not. Check The Chappelle Theory!

Who Is James Frey? I did not know who he is until I saw the segment on NBCNEWS recently about this author who wrote "A Million Little Lies" -- apparently, the author fabricated the non-fiction novel that won the acclaims by Oprah Winfrey. Guess she's human after all. Anyway, was trying to find his mugshots after seeing James Frey appearing on Oprah Winfrey's Show -- they had a difficult time in finding the exact information that James Frey wrote. Suffice to say, so far, I'm on page 3 and I'm intrigued. Check the link if you want to.



I Hate This When ...

I had another flare with Mom today. Her incessant of using this particular sign is rephrensive. She knew it'd piss me off when she used her middle finger to stick out while leaving her other fingers back and rubbed the middle finger on her nose repeatedly to identify a particular group in order to degrade them in the process.

God knows how many times I told her to stop uttering that racist sign. Dad attempted to rebuke me that I should "respect" mother. I just cannot respect a person who has so much hate in her blood. Each time she used that sign, my stomach churns to no end. I ended up calling them "white trash" in retaliation.

This started after I read the article about Richmond Mayor Douglas Wilder mapping out the 5-year plan for the city, which I liked his ideas. Bob Daniels once said to me that Richmond is the town that has not changed since the Civil War. He is right. This particular town is pitiful. It was the largest city in the South before the Civil War. In fact, it was bigger than New Orleans, Charlotte, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, Jacksonville, Orlando. Today, these cities soared past Richmond.

Atlanta already hosted the Summer Olympics. Let's be serious, Atlanta and many cities has accomplished so many that Richmond has not done. What did Richmond has to accomplish? Dad said, "History!" I mentioned that history can take us so far, but that is it. We gotta stop rely on history too much and start to focus on the growth of Richmond -- how? To enhance Richmond, one must restrict the history's influences to an extent.

Dad said, "Richmond has White House of Confederacy!"

Oh, I chortled that it is shameful that Richmond has attempted to preserve what should have been done in the first place -- destroy them. Do you preserve Adolf Hitler's homes? Do you preserve Josepf Stalin's homes? Do you attempt to admire the swastika flags and erect them in your neighborhoods? Same idea, honey. You simply do not subscribe to that shit, I said.

The fact remains the same: the North won the Civil War, people in the South has to shut up and move on. Let the Confederacy die. Let it burn. Let it be a tool to find in the historical books. It is bit amusing and sickening to see idiots trying to re-enact the Civil War battlefields for what? Do you see people re-enacting the D-Day?! Why don't we have the US Armed Forces dropping two Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki each year as a way to re-enact and remember our conquest of Japan during the World War II.

The truth hurts -- the truth is that the Southerners are bunch of idiots, especially the ones in Richmond.

All Hell broke loose as Mom kept on using her middle finger to rub on her nose and whined about the NAACP subjugating the whites and all that shit. It was ridiculous. That was not even the whole point. But what do you expect these people with the flawed educational background?

Man, I'm telling you -- it is tough dealing with these folks. How do you deal with these people, my friends? Do share your opinions about this racist sign.



Monday, January 09, 2006

About Bitch Sessions

Two major changes regarding the Bitch Sessions.

1. Bitch Session will not be done once a month. It can be done anytime, 24-7. It is going to be unmoderated. And the best of all, I do not have to copy and paste from your emails.

2. From now on, Bitch Sessions will not be done via emails through my entries. It shall be done on ShoutBox on the right side of the blog. Why? It is time for a change, really. It is annoying that I kept on getting angry emails from people accusing me of writing these flaming comments despite the fact that I posted the disclaimer on every emails.

Start Bitchin'!

UPDATE: Much to my chagrin -- this fuckin' ShoutBox does not permit cuss words. You can bet I'm looking for a new one.

UPDATE II: I changed the host and this is much better. You can cuss, you can take pop it up off from my blog. How cool is that?! But I had to abandon some comments that were said on the first host. My apologies for that -- now do it all over again!

Marcus Vick ... AGAIN! Last night, Marcus Vick got arrested once again for brandishing a gun at McDonalds Restaurant in Suffolk, Virginia.

MCI Center No More! Now it is Verizon Center.

Three Books To Purchase ... ! I am going to buy three books. They are Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, The DaVinci Code, and last, Geno: In Pursuit of Perfection-- the last one is about Geno Auriemma -- the Women's Basketball Head Coach of Connecticut Huskies. He used to assist Coach Ryan at Virginia. When I first saw him as a kid, I was enamored with him. And today, I still do think he's sexy. Geno, despite the fact that I do not approve of him coaching at UConn, is a winner that serves a huge thorn in Tennessee's backs. Good for him.

Off to the gym for a heavy workout. I need that.



Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brendan Stern, Desperate Housewives & Times Dispatch

What About Brendan Stern? He is talented writer who has the knacks of making readers smile and laugh. I never had a chance to loiter with him in person at all. He's pretty selective or that he heard the horror stories about me to a point where he did not want to say "hey" to me, I guess. But reading his articles in The Buff and Blue, Buck Naked Bison are certainly something that I enjoyed the most. He has the way of saying words that makes me chuckle. I'd love for him to guestblog at least once in a while. Perhaps ... I can try.

Anyway, I stumbled upon the 2005 Fall issue of Gallaudet Today last night. I cringed upon seeing the image of Ben Lewis and his love-affair with foreign countries in that issue. Did anyone notice that Gallaudet President I. King Jordan has 5 pictures in 3 pages (page 4, 6 and 7) -- what a case of infatuation the magazine has for him! Then I read the brief appearance of Ty Giordano as well. Ty is correct when he mentioned that "it was absolutely thrilling to be a part of history (about being part of Broadway play as Deaf actor)" and I'm happy that he mentioned Bruce Hlibok as well.

However, I found the article where Brendan Stern penned about his backpacking adventures in Europe and Africa. It was great stuff to read -- hell, you will learn something new out of that as well. Check his stuff. Thanks for sharing this with us all, Brendan!

Did Anyone Sees Desperate Housewives Tonight? Priceless. Any thoughts?

My Letter in Richmond Times-Dispatch: Last week, the Times Dispatch mentioned about the need to build or renovate the baseball stadium for Richmond Braves, the AAA team. The current stadium, The Diamond, sits far away from Downtown Richmond. In fact, it sits in middle of nothing except for the adult bookstore, Greyhound bus station and Bill's Barbecue restaurant with its vast ground for parking.

It was time for a new stadium -- the trend among many cities are to position one in or near Downtown. The city officials offered a space in Shockoe Bottom, a trendy community like Georgetown or Camden Yards. It was perfect location, really. Within a reach of Interstate 95, the stadium can view the skyline of Richmond and James River. There are tons of restaurants, clubs and things to do after going to the ballpark such as the Canal Walk (patterned after San Antonio's canal, I believe). The newly renovated Main Street station is accessible with the city buses and trains as well.

But some folks complained about the lack of parking and that it is prone to flooding. As usual, the city dropped it and suggested the nearby Fulton GasWorks with spacious parking as well, a bit far away from Downtown. I'm for Shockoe Bottom -- this is the perfect location. Apparently, the city officials do not learn from Charlotte, Baltimore, Atlanta on how to make the city entertaining -- by putting stadiums within Downtown.

The Times-Dispatch popped a question to the readers whether if one likes the proposed Fulton GasWorks. Needless to say, I chimed in my opinion as well. You can find my letter at the bottom of this website.

Oh, by the way, I've decided to change the format of Bitch Sessions. Will cover on this subject tomorrow. Stay tuned!