Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Delaware II's Tidbits

This Blog Mentioned In Gallaudet's Buff and Blue: I was told by few friends that I was mentioned in The Buff and Blue newspaper. Anyone get a copy and scan it for me? You know where to reach me via email. Thanks!

This Blog Made Cam Franklin Think: I found this link via the site meter and was delighted that's Cam Franklin reading my entry about the Oklahoma couple that lost everything because of one accursed cousin that stole the lands. I kinda wished they could mention that the current film is not captioned as of today. Yes, check the websites, you won't find it anywhere. How nice is that?

For Your Information: Remember the blogsite where I posted Jason's pictures of cop surfing on the hood? Well, has inserted the video that showed a little action of me via the videophone. You can see here at this link.

Oh, By The Way, Colin Farrell's Sex Tape Is Still Up:
Ssh! It's still there. Resume the email attacks! I already got about 20 readers asking for the link. Of course, we love Colin!

New Links: I added some cool links to the list on my right. Among them is one of my favorite blogs -- I Probably Hate You by Rocco. He's great fella.

Few New Things To Pop In Store For Ridor's Blog: I'm currently planning to purchase a website where I can make it the top-notch quality blog for the long run. Not only that, I want to indicate that my first video will be make its debut on this blog in few days.

Now In Negotiations: I'm currently working with a group where I am preparing to legitimize the Deaf Blog Awards and that I will not be part of. In other words, I'm turning it over to a certain group. I shall make a formal announcement in few weeks.

Chris Penn Dead At 43: I think I'm more of a fan with Chris Penn than Sean Penn. No question that Sean Penn is the talented of all, but Chris Penn has a side that is pretty amusing to deal with. I can empathize with his frustrations on the ancient film titled, Footloose, I cannot dance worth a shit. And it was touching that Kevin Bacon's character took his time to teach Chris Penn's character how to dance. Stuff like that, I'm sucker for that. Later, I was alarmed to see him as fatter guy in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Chris Penn was found dead at his residence. Probably a drug overdose or suicide or anything -- that is so Hollywood.

Who The Heck Does Pope Benedict XVI Thinks He Is? He talked about loveless sex -- this coming from a guy who does not know how to love nor fuck. That old geezer needs to shut up, serious case.

Yes! Male Can Wear Skirts In Schools! It was not many years ago that I first saw Alan Wilding walking down the Kendall Green in his classy skirt. Naturally, it caught many eyes of others. Few sneered, many complimented. I thought it was cool -- I'd like to wear a skirt someday -- probably scottish kilt. But not right now -- I want to lose some weight in my legs and raise my ass a little more -- then I'll wear one at some function. Perhaps at MICA Runway 2006, eh? Would that raise eyebrows?

However, this article indicated that the school district permitted the male student to wear a skirt to his high school. Good.

You Go, Lady Bunny! A famous drag queen in New York named Lady Bunny whom I had the opportunity to meet and chat with her at The Slide Bar on Bowery. She is classy, fabulous and funny at its best. But she is wickedly smart. Which is why she is a good friend of Pamela Lee Anderson. She blasted the Xians' thoughts on life itself:
One of Larry's gay guests was a christian, who wrestled with the christian idea that homosexuality is a sin until he formulated his own way of talking to god which worked for him--a loving, forgiving god who embraces his sexuality. I think it's interesteing that this gay actor molds god to make him say what he wants to hear, just like the evangelicals, the suicide bombers, and Pat Robertson do. Remember, if you are a christian, you have certain BELIEFS--something you believe, but can't prove. No matter how strongly you FEEL that god is a part of your life, there is no fact that backs up the existence of a higher power. Oh, I know many will say "How could you explain the sunset, the planets, the seasons, the intricacies of a butterfly's wings, if there's no god?" I can't. But just because I'm mystified by the universe doesn't mean I have to invent an old man with a long white beard who lives in the sky to explain everything that's beyond my comprehension. So, I'm definitely not going to base my life or notions of right and wrong on an ancient, contradictory, mis-translated book of fairy tales inspired by "him." NEXT!
Hat tip to Michael Lucas.

I Practically Shriek When I Learned Of Its Location! Bravo to Jade and her team for doing something so cool. The MICA Runway 2006 is going to be held at ... crobar! Don't you realize this? This is big! This is going to elevate the level of sophistication on Deaf group. NO, the club is not captialized at Crobar. In fact, it is crobar. crobar is better than Roxy, better than Avalon and that shitty Webster Hall. You can bet I'll be there all in glory. IN few days, I shall put up the advertisements for MICA Runway 2006 here on my blogsite for the world to check.

On Politics Crap In Iraq: It appears that the Saddam Court is in disarray as new reports are popping in. I suggest to hold a trial against Saddam in ... Tel Aviv. That would ignite such an outrageous response from the Arab nations. Hell, these Israelites are tough and would be willing to go that far to enact such a punishment that is fitted for one's crimes.

American Idol: It is no secret that the first few weeks, I loved to watch how Simon, Randy and Paula Abdul judged the contestants -- rained them wint insults and hilarious comments. But when the contests began, I stopped watching. I heard the persistent rumors that Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest is an item in Los Angeles. Even the Punk'd zeroes in on Simon Cowell coming out of his car with Ryan. Umm. Gaydar alert! Gaydar alert!

Amusing Comment by The Riddler: In one scene in a comic book, The Riddler shouted, "What living thing that stinks but smells deliciously when it is dead?" C'mon, can you guys answer this? No, I'll answer this for The Riddler -- it is pigs. Of course.

Up next: Photos of Paul & Bob's Dachsund's own ramp -- any small dogs would die to have one!



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