Monday, January 02, 2006

Two Deaf Schools Boycott Barry Strassler

California School for the Deaf-Riverside's Athletic Department has joined Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf's Athletic Department in protesting the owner of DeafSportZine by declining to share the reports and game highlights and to "opt out of the national sports rating system", according to DeafWeekly News' January 12 2005 edition. The owner of DeafSportZine is none other than Barry Strassler.

Citing the lack of professionalism, Barry has engaged in threatening and degrading behavior towards CSDR's Athletic Director, Len Gonzales. He mentioned, "What disturbs us the most, is that this is a one-man show and that you are incapable of being unbiased, fair and nonjudgmental."

I have to applaud Len Gonzales and Randy Shank for standing up to Barry Strassler. It is an open secret in the Deaf Community that Barry Strassler tends to behave inappropriately towards people that disagreed or even attempted to discuss over a simple thing.

In fact, one person in California has termed Barry Strassler "Strassholer". That is how bad it was/is for many.

I once had a spat with Barry Strassler when I suggested that he picks ten Athletic Directors of deaf schools to do the polls, you could see his face turning red as he bombarded me with insults instead of thanking me for making a simple suggestion. Later, I learned from different people who underwent similar experiences of dealing with Barry's malice.

This is the reason why CSD-R did not win the National Championship this year after its 10-1 run. So DeafSportZine's pick of Maryland to win it all is not really credible, to say the least.

I'm sure there are many readers who complained of Barry Strassler's tendencies. If you want to share your experiences with Barry Strassler, you may do so in the comment section.



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