Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bitch Session XVI

Disclaimer: The comments were written by many readers. I simply copied and pasted the comments on the entry. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else. Confidentiality is assured 100%.

I'm a frequent visitor to your blogsite- I have attached a picture of Alex- he think he's all that just because he looks good. My ass, wait until you see this picture!!!

Alexander Naro Abenchucan is KG wannabe. ;)

The Radfords are well-known for talking cheap. Thank God they aren't part of Gallaudet's Administration!

Where is the fucking etiquette manual for fucking leeches who throw themselves at someone else s boyfriend, especially when they know full well they just broke up less than a month ago? Where is the goddamn RESPECT???

Duva Boy. We all know that you beat Matt. We may be deaf but we aren't blind.

I hope your holidays went very well. Mine did not.

Awww, Marby. You always hurt and make fun of other people, but that's okay if you need to boost your own ego and self-esteem. After all, you're Poz!

Wait! You English not understand?

Fine, fine! Me explain simple:

Pity Marby. You insult hurt put-down people. You make self feel good.
Permitted, allowed. Why? You Poz! Now, you fucking understand?

Jason Gervase is the hottest man alive. One of those days I'm going to get into your pants.

What happened to the picture on the website where Tamara Suiter showed off her fake boobs at December’s DPHH event? It was there but now it is gone!

I *hate* it when someone flirts with you and you think everything is coming along smoothly and BAM! They stop all communication and won t even tell you what went wrong. I actually feel kind of used like that. Ugh! Be fucking sincere, people! I am just so glad nothing happened...

Rob Voreck, you still alive these days? Amazing.

Angela Trahan is a cunt!

May 2006 brings the best out of y'all!

Steven Gagnon! You have lost a lot of weight and you look so SEXY. I want to fuck you so bad!! where are you, Steve???!!!

Of course! What did we all learn and expect after Katrina?! Land development IS hazardous to our livelihoods, health and homes!

Laurie Miskovosky: You should know that Jane Jonas has been telling the world that you guys are an item. If that is true, congratulations. If not ... oops!

It s so pathetic when deaf weirdos IM me and try to squeeze information about Rickums without identifying themselves. Get. A. Fucking. Life.

No, Paul Glaser, pranks are reserved for April 1st! Make sure you try
to do it the right time, not 3 months early!

It amused me that Tim Rarus would not mind if his kid is being implanted with CI. Whatever happened to his so-called Deaf identity that he boasted during his college years?

I wish people would acknowledge everything that is genuine within our community, instead of flabbergasting over the scandalous. By the way, buy your 'Know Thy Enemy' shirt today!

Whatever happened to CMRA? You guys should listen to Ridor in the first place.

Do NOT tell me shit like, "Let's get together for coffee!" if you re not gonna bother to show up or follow through on plans. Hate flakes like that.

Larry bitchin' about his feet hurting after walking all over NYC. If he lose those weight, he wouldn't be bitchin' about it. Get a grip!

ebecca: SHAME ON YOU for fucking Joey. Jasmine was only your best friend?

hy is it that we always find out who our true friends are when we hit rock bottom? At least they pull us up back on our feet...

Buck, Buck, your attitude is what got you out in the first place. Now, next time, try to be nicer than normal. After all, you are not pretty one as you used to be.

The foreign language dept. at gallaudet has a huge loss of letting go Buck Rogers! One big mistake. Almost all foreign professors are hearing! What's up with that? What happened to 50/50 percent of hearing and Deaf fac and staff? Unspeakable language going on!!!

I dislike drunk guys who do not have any manners towards women! Valeriy from California, you are disgusting!

Sarah Pack, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You'll be missed by many.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You, My Mona
Happy Birthday to You!
Now you're 27 years old!!!!!!!!
For ever your marsboer!:)

Katie Roberts: You really suck. Don't think what you say about one person and then act like there's nothing wrong when you talk to that person. Word gets around. You can't do this with new and old friends. And don't practice what you preach. None of it is true.

Also, since we all know how you're supposedly smarter than the entire lot of us. Fine, with your witty intelligence and how no one can be really better than you. We get it. You're smart, you've got brains. You exceed most of the people in the entire deaf community. No one can do a better job than you. Then, how come your blog is at the 7th grade level?

It bothers me to learn that Gallaudet's Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures only has 1 Deaf out of 11 members after the dismissal of Buck Rogers. Wake up, Gallaudet students! Hearing people still dominated Gallaudet faculty -- do something about it!

Congratulations, Jade on recognition of your Amos Kendall Award! You deserved it!
Well, that is it for the day. Seems to me that the Holidays brought the worst out of each other. Hope the dull month of January will bring more positive comments for the next Bitch Session on February 3, 2006.



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