Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weekend Tidbits

Richmond Capitol Tragedy: In 1870, Conservatives and Republicans flocked to the State Capitol's second floor courtroom where the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals was holding a hearing on the dispute related to the city of Richmond's leadership positions. The second floor was packed with hundreds of men watching the proceedings. Meanwhile, on the third floor where the gallery (balcony) was, it was overcrowded as well.

Suddenly, the gallery gave away and tumbled itself onto the second floor courtroom -- and the added pressure from the above caused the second floor courtroom to cave into the first floor where the House of Delegates was located. 62 men were killed, 271 were injured. Of course, all are conservatives and Republicans!

Where did I get the information? I read the history of Richmond at the local library today right after completing the hour-long workout at the gym. Great stuff, is it? When I read it, it made me smile a little.

Do Not Cheat When You're Around Parrots! "I love you, Gary!" But I'm not worried. I'm deaf. Unless my partner is hearing.

Lost Whale Dies in River Thames: I had been keeping tabs on this particular whale that swam up the River Thames past the United Kingdom's Parliament. The bottle-nosed whale died today after being stranded in the river.

Dying Lesbian Struggling But Did It! In New Jersey, a lesbian who has an inoperable brain tumor was dying. She was concerned that her partner would be denied with the benefits when she dies. At first, the Ocean County of New Jersey refused to acknowledge the dying lesbian's wish to help her partner. But now they reversed the decision after lots of support were poured in for the couple regarding the unfair decision.

Another Scandal In London: This time, Mark Oaten, married man and father of two, resigned from his position with the Liberal Democrat party, after it was reported that he had a "lengthy relationship with a rent boy". In London, rent boy is like an escort -- in other words, a male prostitute. See? Married man! Father of two! He still finds a way to have sex with a MAN! Let's face the reality -- it is normal to have sex with both genders. I look forward to the day I get the report that McWeenie engaged in a similar situation with Mr. Oaten someday.

I Saw Colin Farrell's Sex Tape! And it was quite good. Colin Farrell's cock is good as advertised. He probably made me the happiest guy for few seconds then I ended up having to deal with jealousy due to the fact that he was banging this woman, not with me. Anyone else wanted to view Colin's sex tape? You know where to reach me.

UPDATE: Bad news, the site that I showed the link has been taken off. Probably due to the ligitation that Colin Farrell has on her ex girlfriend. But me so lucky. Me enjoy it!

Am heading out to Delaware this week. Should be fun. Of course, my workouts still is on, I probably will do it in Delaware.



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