Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friday the 13th Was Yesterday?

Thanks, defBef! When I was in New York for the memorial service of Sarah Pack, I spent the time with Beth which I detailed not a long time ago. I did not mention that Beth chose me to be the next person to carry the particular book titled, The Pornographer's Poem, by Michael Turner. Beth said that she was trying to figure out who would appreciate the novel -- she knew I'd appreciate and liked it as well. Turns out she was right as usual. IN fact, its opening was bit confusing and it seems to be easy just to put the book down ... but if you continue reading up to 60 pages in a row, that's when you'll start to enjoy the book. I finally read it last night and was done with it in few hours (269 pages in all). All I can say about the book is that life is bitch just like that.

Tornado Warning: In the last 4 days, the weather has been very balmy and warmer. I knew that the cold front would push down eventually but if it does, it often caused thunderstorms. Last night, I was startled by four TV sets at a local bar flashing bright red with white words that warned the viewers that tornado warning is in effect. I went back to the house to tell everyone else in the house to put the shoes on until the effect is over. Common sense, remember that? Sure enough, tornadoes touched down in the Carolinas.

What About Mark Warner? If the Democrats really wanted to get a moderate Democrat to run for the US President instead of Hillary Clinton, they should try Mark Warner of Virginia. Today, in Richmond Times-Dispatch, there was a full-page message for Mark Warner by several corporations, thanked him for his great work in 4 years. Mark Warner departed his position with the 75% approval rate from all Virginians. That is remarkably high. If not Hillary, Mark would be a good candidate.

As for Johnathan Katz! It turns out that this professor at Washington University (Missouri) is well-known for his anti-gay comments, anti-disabled comments and many others. One reader alerted me that she received an email from Johnathan Katz who dismissed her comments about the deaf lifeguard being recognized in Galveston, Texas for saving hundreds of lives. She forwarded me the emails -- it was nasty, folks.

Movies To Watch Tonite: Since the weather is shitty outside, I'm going to watch two DVD flicks: War of the Worlds and Madagascar. Should be fun and entertaining.

About Brokeback Mountain: 39 days (more than 5 weeks) has passed since the release of Brokeback Mountain in the United States. And I just checked InsightCinema as of today, no movie theater in the United States has an open caption for that film. I'm still waiting while the fucking hearing people are enjoying themselves. *sigh*

About Zawhiri: Yes, I am liberal but I believe that the termination of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawhiri is beneficial to the world community. By removing the head of the snake, everything will fall apart. But why do I want him dead since I do not believe in death penalty? Well, I do not approve the death penalty at all. But these two figures will not reason nor compromise -- in fact, they killed and boasted about it and said they will continue to do so.

Yes, I personally think the Bush Administration's handling of terrorism are appalling at its best. It is disgrace. We could not locate a 6'5 saudi on kidney dialysis living in Afghanistan, for God's sake! Where is the one-eye Mullah Omar?! Kidnap and transport the accused terrorists without giving them the due process is inhumane, period. But Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawhiri are unique -- they are guilty of their crimes upon humanity. They boasted about it -- it is better to kill them.

But I just learned today that the CIA bombed a village in Pakistan was based on erroneous information. 18 people were killed. Ahh. The search continues.



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