Monday, January 16, 2006

1.16.06 Tidbits

Mayor Ray Nagin Loses His Marbles: Mayor Ray Nagin said that he felt that God wanted New Orleans to be "chocolate" New Orleans. Then he said that God punished America with natural disasters. And he said he had an imaginary conversation with Dr. Martin Luther King about the African Americans' place in this country. Perhaps, he is burn out and is starting to spew things that does not make any sense. After all, the city of New Orleans needed a sane leader, perhaps it is time to change the guards?

Brokeback Mountain Wins 4 Golden Globe Awards: Brokeback Mountain won 4 Golden Globe Awards in Best Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Original Song. And Brokeback Mountain, is not still captioned after 41 days (and still counting!). Shameful. And we are stuck with's domination of OC movies across the nation -- how great is that?!

Jesus Christ The Musical! This is hilarious! If you laugh at this movie, you may go to Hell! Hearing readers, I'd appreciate if you can say what it was being said. I thought this was great!

Bush Supporter's Son Dead But Could Not Get Answers: But at least, Bush told her that he will look in this matter -- later, Bush had his campaign to contact the mother of dead soldier to be participate in a commercial to support him. Disgrace.

Virginia Basketball: 2-0 Versus Virginia Tech! Good riddance! Today, Lyndra Littles led the Cavaliers WB team to a 78-59 triumph over No. 18 Virginia Tech Hokies in Blacksburg. Up next is ... No. 6 Maryland Terrapins! Darlene and Sandy, I'll videophone you when Virginia savagely trashed your Twerps.

CSD's SIGNews: I was informed by Grant that the issue of SIGNews has been out and I was mentioned in that article as well. You may read the scanned articles on Grant's blog. If you want to read the complete article which I did mention last night, you may check this link.

And Last, As for Bitch Session's ShoutBox: It is taken out because many readers complained that they had a difficult time reading my blog via the sidekick and others. Plus, I kept on getting lots of emails asking me to resume once-a-month bitchin' n' brawlin' sessions. Mainly, my concern, first and foremost of all, is the access for readers to read without any struggles. The readership has steadily grow from less than hundred a day into near 500 per day. The expectations! The expectations!



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