Sunday, January 15, 2006

MLK Weekend Tidbits

War of the Worlds: I finally got to see it today. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the film! It was different viewpoint, really. Steven Spielberg spent $132 million to produce this film and it made a modest profit but many reviews jeered at the film. I think it was Tom Cruise's fault. His repeated comments about the Church of Scientology prior to the release of the film really harmed the film. What makes this film enjoyable and appealling to me is that many films would take us to know what our government leaders do in this crisis, there is none of this in this particular film. In fact, the society simply disintegrated. Nobody had the time to find out if DC existed or not. They relied on rumors, innuendos and all that speculations. As of now, Mom is watching it as I type ...

Few Comments About Jack Abramoff Scandal: Check this entry done by Deaf blogger whom I agreed. Too bad many Conservative pigs and Republican fools are trying to make it "bipartisan". Well said, Magatsu!

Bar Scene In Richmond: I really hated the bar scene in Richmond. It is saturated with smokers. I barely can breathe. My shirts stink! Few days ago, one guy attempted to talk to me in a bar that does not have good lightning system. I could not barely understand what he said. He snapped and wrote on the napkin, "You need to go back to school to work on lipreading and speech." I told him to get lost. He backed off and said, "I was joking." I said to him that it does not matter, just get lost. Can't wait to get out of town in few days. On a bright side, the American Lung Association is proposing a bill to the City Council to ban smoking in bars, restaurants and in public places. Expect this to lose the votes since Richmond is the Capital of Tobacco World. But at least, it is only the start ... maybe persistence by submitting the proposal at every council meetings for years and do the right thing.

Oh, yeah, last night, observed 10 different men in tuxedos mingling at Barcode. Apparently, they were part of Inaugural Ball which is held few blocks from the bar. Umm.

Two Florida Teenagers Arrested: Few days ago, I was startled to see a segment of brutal beatings on homeless guy by two teenagers who seemed to think it was fun. One homeless person died in three attacks. Two teenagers were arrested and I bet you that people will say that they were teenagers and go easy on them. Please. They should be punished as accord to the law. It was premeditated murder. Why? They planned to whack people with baseball bats, that object is very dangerous. They knew it but did it anyway.

Drandma Would Be 86 By Now: Last Wednesday, after doing some errands, I realized that I was in the vicinity where Drandparents were laid to rest. So I hastened to a nearby floral shop and went to Westhampton Cemetary. More than 100 Canadian geese roamed around the cemetary which is quite a sight to behold. In fact, ducks and geese are beautiful animals. When I approached the burial site, it rained lightly. I hadn't been to the site in many years. Let's say that I was glad I visited. Ahh, it was also fitting to check in because Drandma's birthday was two weeks ago.

A Suicidal Teenager Dies Again: What again? It is sort of a pattern among many police departments throughout the United States. In Florida, this troubled teenager 15 years old boy was bullied at school decided to paint the toy gun black and brandished at himself, other students, teachers and last, the cops. The cops shot him in the head, then he was brain dead -- the cops said the gun looked real enough. Now this article came out that several people told the cops repeatedly that the gun is fake, including the father and the victim who felt the gun. No police officer listened.

I have two lingering questions: 1. Why shoot him in the head? Why not legs? Why not pelvis? Why not something else other than the head? 2. Why did not they listen to the others that the gun was fake?

Don't tell me that this situation was unique. In fact, it happened in Detroit, where a low functional deaf man argued with his mother and he signed wildly (like many Deaf people do when they are pissed off), the neighbors and family members shouted at the cops that he was deaf. They did not listen and shot him dead. In Denver, similar situation happened to a deaf man after people shouted that he's deaf, cops did not listen.

See the pattern? Even in automobile accidents that involved Deaf drivers, passengers or witnesses, the police officers always told Deaf people to wait while they interviewed everyone else who can hear and speak then turned to Deaf people and dismissed them or even in some situations, gave the tickets to Deaf people based on what others said without taking Deaf persons' comments as well!

This is why I am always cautious, irritated and wary of these pigs in action.



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