Monday, January 23, 2006

Delaware's Tidbits

Don't You Hate This When ... ? Someone like a train conductor putting a note above your seat without your knowledge until I got up and saw the note, it reads: HEARING IMPURED. Scary to know that our conductors knew how to do things like that.

Main Street Station Is Gorgeous: In Richmond, Virginia -- the Main Street Station is absolutely stunning -- but they need to expand the rail schedules and close that shitty Staples Mill Road train station. According to this website, the city is planning to make the Main Street Station the hub of all transportation: high rail service, buses, taxis, car services, trains to convene in one location -- just like DC's Union Station or New York's Penn Station.

Then I Arrived In Wilmington: It was always nice to pass Gallaudet's Tower Clock -- each time I passed, I always try to look over at least once to remind myself that it is still there. That place has a special place in my heart. Wilmington, that town has done nothing but good to me. Last time, I visited the town, I was with Carl Denney and Mike Boucher visiting this massive museum where we get to check the last Czar family from Russia's stuff and their famous eggs where they painted lots of stuff on it -- I forgot the name for that kind. Then Mike, Carl and I hung out at a park where the sparkling river runs through the rocks ... beautiful. It was nice town, really.

Yay! No. 2 Duke Blue Devils Wallops No. 1 Tennesse Lady Vols, 75-53: Good riddance, Lady Vols. Go back to your corner. Overrated!

How About Georgetown? Despite the 41 points by JJ Reddick, No. 1 Duke lost to Georgetown at MCI (now Verizon) Center, 87-84. But Coach Krzyzewski was right -- the Duke players just watched Reddick play it all. That's why they lost.

Remember Improv Everywhere? Few weeks ago, Neil showed me the link. I laughed, laughed at their creative improvisations in attracting attention. Well, they just picked up the national press today after getting arrested in subway for "forgetting their pants". Absurd! Check this press' article at this link. But if you want the comprehensive information on the incident, go to Improv Everywhere's website.

Speaking of NYC's Fabled Subway ... : Who can not love the quirky moments associated with its subway system? Check this link.

Top Gun 2: Brokeback?
Very funny video to check out.

Remember Anthony Natale? A bird has informed me recently that Anthony Natale is in Philadelphia for its production of a movie called "Universal Signs" directed by Ann Calamia. According to one source, Anthony was pretty rude towards the residents who attended a party that geared to get people to sponsor the production. One local said he was "asshole to us locals here!"

Not only that, another source alerted me that someone saw him cruising in a gay bar in Center City, looking for a guy to hit off. Ahh, at least, it confirmed my suspicions from day one -- since 1997!

Universal Signs Update: Much to my chagrin, it was reported that the film's producer/director, Ann Calamia and Catherine Miller, has already brought 5 deaf actors/actresses to be part of leading roles in the film -- and guess what? More than 40 film crews are hearing persons! There are many Deaf filmmakers who struggled to break in for an opportunity to prove their skills but nah, Ann Calamia chose to ignore 'em in order to get 40 hearing people to work as film crew. I think the film would be successful if they had several Deaf crew -- they provide the best perspective of what it is like to be Deaf -- better them than hearies' fucked-up assumptions!

How nice is this?! Once again, the film is produced, written and directed by whom? Hearing woman. Only one deaf person, Rob DeMayo, gets to work with actors/actresses as the production's "ASL consultant". That's all. How fantastic! Not.

Shameful but surprising? Of course not. Jeers to Universal Signs for not hiring Deaf people to showcase their talents and skills. This movie may be performed by Deaf people but it is designed to entertain hearing people in general. Barf.

One Last Tidbit About Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment: Last night, I shot an email to blast my delegate in the area regarding his interest to pursue the ban on same sex marriage, ignoring other priorities. Here is his response:
Dear Mr. Taylor,

Thank you for your email regarding the Marriage Act. I understand your concerns and frustrations and appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Please be assured that I will think about this very carefully and study it thoroughly. Although we may not always agree, please know that my constituents' opinions are very important to me.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact my legislative office at 698.1074. Updates about the General Assembly and other information can be found on my website at

Thank you again for taking the time to write. Government works best when citizens are interested and involved. Please let me know if I can ever be of any service to you.


A. Donald McEachin
No, Donald, if you voted for that ban, I'll make sure and do everything in my power to make sure that you will lose the next election. Readers, what more do you want me to fire back at this delegate?



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