Saturday, January 07, 2006

1.7.06 Tidbits

Religious Extremists, Y'all Deserved To Die! Few days ago, I mentioned about Rev. Pat Robertson and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad talking about Ariel Sharon's massive stroke as an act of God's punishment. Then I got amused after reading an entry by that pea-brained blogger who wondered if God (Allah) willed the building in Mecca to collapse and killed 76 people? Actually, it was sort of a tradition that someone has to die in Mecca annually but I digress. I'd have to say that God willed this building to burn down as well!

Good Riddance, Tom DeLay! Republican Conservative pig Tom DeLay resigned from his position as the House Majority Leader in the wake of Jack Abramoff's scandal. It appears that with the guilty plea by Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay is doomed, for sure.

How Nice Is He? This Republican conservative pig Jack Abramoff got the funds from Louisiana tribe for the purpose to lobbying and help the tribe to protect its casino. But Jack Abramoff pretty much robbed them and distributed the monies to many Republicans and Conservative-related SIGs. Abramoff did not really help the tribe when it comes to lobbying. Is that all? No, it was revealed that the emails from so-called compassion conservative pig Jack Abramoff has portrayed the Louisiana tribe as "monkeys", "morons" and "troglodytes". I rather to be Liberal where I can be honest with my feelings and say it out for the world to read, hear and see rather than to be a conservative where they manipulated and lied their way around to get what they wanted.

The Harveys: This is big news these days in Richmond other than the debacle of Marcus Vick's career. The Harvey family with two daughters were killed in their homes on New Year's Day. What startled the Richmond folks is that the Harveys were supposed to have a cookout at 2 PM with friends. Someone dropped the daughter off and met the mother in the morning. The mother was nervous, very pale and seemed to be jittery and gestured a sign to indicate that it's crazy here. The family friend assumed that the mother was talking about the illness she had few days prior to that. But apparently, the mother was trying to say that someone is holding them in the basement. Then few hours later, they were slaughtered in a brutal fashion that shocked the police officers. I'm curious about this -- My feeling is that it was someone else they knew who. Probably a friend or a relative. Only time will tell.

Who killed George Allen Smith IV? My bet is on this three men. And Royal Carribean Cruise Line should be indicted for negligence. I saw on ABC's PrimeTime which one PR director said it was "common" that each year, 10 people disappeared from the cruise lines without a reason. My first reaction was, "WTF?"

Connecticut versus Tennessee: Today, I watched the women's basketball game between Connecticut and Tennessee. Tennessee Lady Vols won 89-80. After that, I was bit bored and surfed on -- I stumbled upon this interesting piece of information.

It appeared that Tennessee Lady Volunteers once played Tennessee School for the Deaf Lady Vikings on January 16, 1909 in Knoxville. Of course, that means what? 96 years ago. Unless if you want to be technical about it, it will be 96 years ago in two weeks. It baffled me to know that a college basketball team played a high school team, let alone a deaf team. But TSD managed to tie the game at 12 at UT. Yeah, TSD can claim that its lifetime versus Tennessee Lady Vols is 0-0-1. Don't believe me? Check this and look for Tennessee School for the Deaf.

Cool, is it?



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