Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Abramoff and Republicans

Jack Abramoff, a Republican lobbyist, made a plea bargain with the Department of Justice about his contributions to the political corruption in White House and the Capitol Hill. It is interesting to note that Jack Abramoff donated $261,918 to Republicans and special interests. And no dime was spared for Democrats.

In time, with the agreements of plea bargain, Jack Abramoff will identify the list of who's who that he contributed -- that will make Republicans squirm in their seats. Good.

It goes on to prove that Republicans are greedy and liars and will do anything to win the elections and votes -- if it takes money to do that, they will do it. For years, the Republicans accused the Democrats of many things and denied that they were equally bad. It is interesting to note that the majority of Republicans that were involved are Conservative pigs. When Abramoff's willingness to identify the participants -- we shall know whether if the Republicans were really patriotic or just greed who is in to enrich themselves with profits.

Did they vote for American's interests or just for themselves? My bet is that the majority of Republicans are doing it for themselves.

In that case if you want to read who's who that Jack Abramoff contributed, check this link.

UPDATE: Washington Post has the graphic that mentioned the list of Democrats being involved with the Jack Abramoff Scandal. But the majority of corrupted Congressmen are Republicans, though. They all have to go, but the problem is that the average American (in one poll, 71%) believed that it is typcal cultural of political corruption in Washington. Which indicated one thing: Will the Congressmen leave? Or will they fight to stay?

Stay tuned.



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