Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 Starts With A Bang!

It appears that 2006 is off to a good start, at least for me.

A long-lost friend of mine -- since 2000 -- has resurfaced and got in touch with me last night. You do not know how excited I am to get an email from Will Sharpe. Suffice to say, we have to catch up with everything else in our lives.

Last night, I went to the NYE party. It was alright as can be. Except that Richmonders tend to smoke. They think it is cool to smoke. It is not. They pulled their pack of cigarettes and pulled the cigarette as if it was the coolest thing to do. Fuck it. It sucks. We need to change that attitude. I rather for you to snort cocaine than to inhale these shit because snorting cocaine does not affect my air that I breathe! Leaving the party en route to Hopewell was surreal. I never saw a cop -- normally, the NYE parties tend to have roadblocks where the cops employ the sobriety tests around the country.

Speaking of that, few weeks ago, I freaked out when I left the bar -- I was not drunk but I drank enough. The road that I drove on was one-way and it led us into the sobriety test roadblock. I quickly took the mint candy and inserted in my mouth. And waited for the cops to come to my car window. I told them that I'm Deaf. They told me to go ahead and leave -- apparently, they did not want to handle Deaf drivers or that they might think Deaf people do not drink at all? So ... either way, whew!

Another good news is that ... the Insight Cinema has announced that they will show the open captioned film of ... Brokeback Mountain. But when and where? It will be determined at a later date. I'm still waiting for it. They better do it soon, I do not want to wait for months. Hat tip to Deaf258.

I got this funny email from McFly regarding this link (be sure to scroll down to find "Just Criminal"). It makes you wonder about Carl Wayne Denney, really. They did not include that infamous John Wayne Bobbitt who got his dick chopped off by Lorena Bobbitt in Manassas, Virginia some years ago as well. By the way, Carl, Happy New Year! Hat tip to McFly.

I checked few days ago when someone told me about it -- guess who the author is? Matthew S. Moore. I was irritated that this person included the religion on its website but chose not to mention about Deaf GLBT community at all ... despite the fact that everyone knew that the author himself is gay. Is he ashamed? Or what?

I'm hoping that my conservative Libertarian friend, DowntownLad, will not quit blogging. I'm quite addicted to his blogsite. Even though he is conservative in many areas, I have enormous respect for this guy. I really enjoyed his snappy comments from time to time. He feels that being occupied with blogging has consumed his time with dating life. I could not blame him, really. DowntownLad, I would suggest you to limit your time with your blog instead of quitting. I think I'll miss DL's presence if he just stop it all together.

Any comments, positive or negative, for Bitch Session XVI is due on Friday, January 6, 2006. E-mail me at -- of course, confidentiality is assured at all times.

I want Sonny Wasilowski to read this: Virginia Cavaliers 34, Minnesota Golden Gophers 31. I emailed him of this score, so far, no response from this Minnesota guy. Maybe he is a loser? ;-)

As for 2005 Deaf Blog Awards, it was no secret that my blogsite won three categories in Best Eavesdropping Entertainment, Best Politics and Best Deaf Blog. I kinda knew that my blog would dominate two of three categories. And I have come to this decision -- that the next 2006 Deaf Blog Awards, I will continue to moderate the contests but will not participate in that as well. I firmly wanted the Deaf Blog Awards to be neutral as well as pick up some sponsorships to legitimize the contests once and for all. I plan to include several people to be part of the contest team who can contribute to the development of this concept for the Deaf Communities across the world.

I appreciate the last-minute support to set up the 2005 Deaf Blog Awards. It is successful, pretty much. Thanks so much.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I dearly hope that Southern Cal loses to Texas in Rose Bowl, I'm tired of Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Nick Lachey and Pete Carroll's attitudes -- they think they own everything else. I want the Longhorns to shatter their spirits. It would be so delicious to see Matt Leinart fucked his last collegiate game ever. And I'd smirk at that BoiFromTroy for talking incessantly about USC's successes. When you are at the top all the time, there is nothing to go but down. And that is where I wanted to see USC -- go down.



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