Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brendan Stern, Desperate Housewives & Times Dispatch

What About Brendan Stern? He is talented writer who has the knacks of making readers smile and laugh. I never had a chance to loiter with him in person at all. He's pretty selective or that he heard the horror stories about me to a point where he did not want to say "hey" to me, I guess. But reading his articles in The Buff and Blue, Buck Naked Bison are certainly something that I enjoyed the most. He has the way of saying words that makes me chuckle. I'd love for him to guestblog at least once in a while. Perhaps ... I can try.

Anyway, I stumbled upon the 2005 Fall issue of Gallaudet Today last night. I cringed upon seeing the image of Ben Lewis and his love-affair with foreign countries in that issue. Did anyone notice that Gallaudet President I. King Jordan has 5 pictures in 3 pages (page 4, 6 and 7) -- what a case of infatuation the magazine has for him! Then I read the brief appearance of Ty Giordano as well. Ty is correct when he mentioned that "it was absolutely thrilling to be a part of history (about being part of Broadway play as Deaf actor)" and I'm happy that he mentioned Bruce Hlibok as well.

However, I found the article where Brendan Stern penned about his backpacking adventures in Europe and Africa. It was great stuff to read -- hell, you will learn something new out of that as well. Check his stuff. Thanks for sharing this with us all, Brendan!

Did Anyone Sees Desperate Housewives Tonight? Priceless. Any thoughts?

My Letter in Richmond Times-Dispatch: Last week, the Times Dispatch mentioned about the need to build or renovate the baseball stadium for Richmond Braves, the AAA team. The current stadium, The Diamond, sits far away from Downtown Richmond. In fact, it sits in middle of nothing except for the adult bookstore, Greyhound bus station and Bill's Barbecue restaurant with its vast ground for parking.

It was time for a new stadium -- the trend among many cities are to position one in or near Downtown. The city officials offered a space in Shockoe Bottom, a trendy community like Georgetown or Camden Yards. It was perfect location, really. Within a reach of Interstate 95, the stadium can view the skyline of Richmond and James River. There are tons of restaurants, clubs and things to do after going to the ballpark such as the Canal Walk (patterned after San Antonio's canal, I believe). The newly renovated Main Street station is accessible with the city buses and trains as well.

But some folks complained about the lack of parking and that it is prone to flooding. As usual, the city dropped it and suggested the nearby Fulton GasWorks with spacious parking as well, a bit far away from Downtown. I'm for Shockoe Bottom -- this is the perfect location. Apparently, the city officials do not learn from Charlotte, Baltimore, Atlanta on how to make the city entertaining -- by putting stadiums within Downtown.

The Times-Dispatch popped a question to the readers whether if one likes the proposed Fulton GasWorks. Needless to say, I chimed in my opinion as well. You can find my letter at the bottom of this website.

Oh, by the way, I've decided to change the format of Bitch Sessions. Will cover on this subject tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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