Friday, January 06, 2006

Book of Daniel

The new comedy-drama series on NBC-TV called The Book of Daniel ignited a silly controversy by the American Family Association which piqued my curiosity to check the series out. Matt Drudge picked up the article about two NBC affilitates boycotting the series in Little Rock, Arkansas and Fort Wayne, Indiana. The American Family Association claimed that the TV series were making fun of Christianity.

Thanks to the brutal cold weather outside, I came home from the gymnasium and was in time for its brand-new series at 9 PM for its two-hour special show. I thought I'd watch the first 20 minutes to see what it is all about. The first 20 minutes hooked me up. In fact, the debut of that series probably made the AFA look like fools.

I came off being very impressed with The Book of Daniel. Once again, this show was created by a gay man, Jack Kenny. The popular show, Desperate Housewives, also was created by a gay man, Marc Cherry.

The series started off with a great cast of characters that has their worst tendencies: The Episcopalian Priest, Rev. Daniel Webster has an imaginary friend, and it is none other than Jesus Christ himself! Not only that, he has an addiction to vicodine, he kept on popping it all day long. The dialogues between Jesus Christ and Rev. Daniel Webster was great. I grinned when Rev. Daniel Webster joked with Jesus Christ, "I'm OK, but you're divine!" Jesus chuckled and slapped on Daniel's back and said, "Oh, I liked that!"

Reverend Daniel Webster's wife, Judith, is addicted to Martinis when problems arose, she always ran to get her fix of Martinis. Together, they have three children -- all are teenagers: Adam, Peter and Grace.

Again, this is interesting. Adam is Chinese who was adopted by the family -- that boy loves to chase after women and is now infatuated with a 15-years old girl. Peter is gay conservative (a future Log Cabin Republican, really!) whom the family seemed to enjoy teasing him about it. Grace inhaled weed and sells it as well. She was recently arrested for possession of marijuana.

Confusing? Actually, there is more to this, Judith's sister is lesbian. Daniel's mother has Alzheimers disease, Daniel's father, out of frustration that his wife do not recognize who he is, is having an affair with Daniel's boss at the Episcopalian Church! Daniel, as of now, is not aware that his father is humping his boss.

Oh, yeah, their housekeeper smokes weed outside of the house.

Actually, this show already spinned more subplots in less than 2 hours that can be addressed for a long time. Suddenly, two hours of shows are done. I wanted one more hour of that show.

You can bet that The Book of Daniel is going to be on my list each week along with Desperate Housewives and The Family Guy.

The Book of Daniel being on Friday night is not good idea -- but heck, you never know. It may surprise many. Or not.



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