Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Seems To Be Cool So Far

1. I got in touch with a long-lost friend of mine, Will Sharpe.

2. Jack Abramoff's Scandal with Republicans. Democrats may have gotten $$ from Abramoff's associates but not from himself. Republicans did get money directly from Jack Abramoff.

3. My workouts are going well. I look forward to that magical number sooner than you think.

4. The anti-gay pastor from South Tulsa Baptist Church, Lonnie Latham, from Tulsa, Oklahoma was arrested for propositioning to a male undercover officer with oral sex at Habana Inn. You see, Lonnie Latham serves on the Executive Committee of Southern Baptist Convention and he criticized the gay people as "destructive lifestyle". Well, well, he was arrested at Habana Inn. Know what Habana Inn is? Check this link. I love it when I heard people like Lonnie get arrested. Such a hypocrite figure, but that is very common amongst the Xians, trust me.

5. No. 1 Southern Cal Trojans lost to No. 2 Texas Longhorns, 41-38 after they condescendingly led 38-26 with 6 and half minutes left. After that, it was all Vince Young as Texas pulled the red carpet from its floor. I'm so glad that USC Quarterback Matt Leinart was denied of picking up another trophy. And I look forward to read a blogger named BoiFromTroy whine about his so-called great team losing to Texas Longhorns. Congratulations to Texas Longhorns for doing something that not many teams did, beating Southern Cal in Los Angeles.



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