Monday, January 09, 2006

About Bitch Sessions

Two major changes regarding the Bitch Sessions.

1. Bitch Session will not be done once a month. It can be done anytime, 24-7. It is going to be unmoderated. And the best of all, I do not have to copy and paste from your emails.

2. From now on, Bitch Sessions will not be done via emails through my entries. It shall be done on ShoutBox on the right side of the blog. Why? It is time for a change, really. It is annoying that I kept on getting angry emails from people accusing me of writing these flaming comments despite the fact that I posted the disclaimer on every emails.

Start Bitchin'!

UPDATE: Much to my chagrin -- this fuckin' ShoutBox does not permit cuss words. You can bet I'm looking for a new one.

UPDATE II: I changed the host and this is much better. You can cuss, you can take pop it up off from my blog. How cool is that?! But I had to abandon some comments that were said on the first host. My apologies for that -- now do it all over again!

Marcus Vick ... AGAIN! Last night, Marcus Vick got arrested once again for brandishing a gun at McDonalds Restaurant in Suffolk, Virginia.

MCI Center No More! Now it is Verizon Center.

Three Books To Purchase ... ! I am going to buy three books. They are Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, The DaVinci Code, and last, Geno: In Pursuit of Perfection-- the last one is about Geno Auriemma -- the Women's Basketball Head Coach of Connecticut Huskies. He used to assist Coach Ryan at Virginia. When I first saw him as a kid, I was enamored with him. And today, I still do think he's sexy. Geno, despite the fact that I do not approve of him coaching at UConn, is a winner that serves a huge thorn in Tennessee's backs. Good for him.

Off to the gym for a heavy workout. I need that.



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