Monday, January 02, 2006

Few Tidbits for 1.3.06

MICA Runway 2006: Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan launched the website of MICA Runway 2006 and she also announced the new scholarship in honor of Sarah Marie Pack. The MICA Runway 2006 will be held in New York on June 17, 2006. Check the link and be sure to read the press release and donate some to support Sarah Marie Pack's scholarship.

'Memoirs of Geisha' Criticized: Some hearing people are amused that Deaf people complained about hearing actors trying to portray as Deaf characters in many films. We try our best to educate or bash them that it is inappropriate to use hearing people to act as Deaf persons in the films and television shows. Some hearing people insisted that there are not enough Deaf actors to portray one. Excuses, excuses and excuses!

Well, this particular film called Memoirs of Geisha, there is an uproar about using Chinese actors to portray Japanese characters. Many people were offended that Chinese Director chose Chinese actors because they claimed that there are not "good" Japanese actors to fill the roles! If you try to google the title of that film and add controversy on the search engine, you'll see many blogs talking about it. But among one critic is Deaf himself, check this link for further information.

Sycamore Street? There was an article featuring about Sycamore Street in Staunton, Virginia. That particular street sits right behind the campus of Mary Baldwin College. It is unique neighborhood. A good friend of mine, Kevin, still lives on that street along with his family. Must be dull day for Staunton News Leader to mention about Sycamore Street!

Vote for Ronda Jo Miller! To some of you who do not know who Ronda Jo Miller is, she was the best basketball player (male of female) in Gallaudet University's history. She averaged 24.4 points per game and 14.4 rebounds per game. I had the pleasure of watching her play for four years at Gallaudet, including the most dominant game I ever had witnessed, Miller's 38 points and 13 rebounds against No. 2 College of New Jersey in the second round of the NCAA Tournament which Gallaudet shocked TCNJ by 10, 81-71 in Ewing, NJ.

Today, Ronda Jo Miller is still No. 1 in NCAA Division III in career rebounding leader and No. 3 in career scoring leader. And the NCAA is now conducting the votes to select the players to be part of NCAA Division III Women's Basketball 25th Anniversary Team. Ronda Jo Miller deserved this spot. She was one incredible player ever to play for Gallaudet's hardwood floor. Please pick Ronda Jo Miller in this link. Hat tip to Christian.

Confidential to Tim Kettering: Still bitter at me just because I offended your prick friends many years ago, pizzaface? Get a spine and move on.



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