Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An UPdate About MPD's Finest CarSurfing!

I reported last Monday that Jason Lamberton took few pictures of Metropolitan Police Department officer carsurfing down the street. Little did I know that it'd generate lots of hits from several sources.

Jason Lamberton and I got phone calls from several media outlets and it was certainly interesting experience to handle them. I also got an email from AOL's GLBT Editor asking me to submit a picture of myself so that they can do a profile on my blog sooner or later.

The original entry that started it all is here.

DCist, a premier blog for DC residents, mentioned my blog in this entry.

Jason Lamberton added his comments as well but he is not done with his entry -- you can find it here. Jason is bit overwhelmed and amused by the attention that he received from the media outlets.

NBC 4 came to Jason Lamberton's home and interviewed him about this as well. I got emails from friends who said they saw me on the videophone with Jason Lamberton during the interview. The problem is that I never saw the camcorder at all. You can find this article on's website.

Finally, the MPD First District said that this guy would probably be reprimanded or suspended. Good for him. I mean, if he can ticket us for doing that, why can't we do the same thing? Like Jason said, "Can we make the citizen's arrest on the cops?"

Good question. However, being overwhelmed with these calls and emails from different people related to this fiasco, I was relieved to escape to the gym to work out today. I need an outlet to let it go. And I was relieved that I did it today or I'd go insane!

I guess, it was one interesting day.



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