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Monday, November 18, 2019

November 18, 2019 Tidbits

Get ready for the ride of your lifetime - 1 hour and 5 minutes long on this vlog - mostly focusing on DCC vs NDT.



Saturday, November 16, 2019

An Update on My 30-Day Fundraising Project

Update XVI: On 15th of November, I received 4 donations for the total of $175. As of now, the amount I have raised is $2,005!
Your donations in the last 15 days for this month, I was able to generate the total of $1,665.
With your help, the fundraising project already passed the $1,500 goal with 14 days left to go. Because of the donations, the balance has surpassed $2,000!! Wow!!
* Hotel stay is secured!
* Meals, gas and transportation are secured!
* Little back up emergency will be secured for sure!
From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for doing this. It means a lot to me. It is humbling, amazing and thrilled for me to have the full support from many friends and fans!! 
$1,500 was the estimated conservative amount that I felt I needed to cover the expenses on my trip from Pocatello to Salt Lake City to Dallas on January 14-19, 2020. So now the amount continues to grow past $2,000 - it is just fantastic thing to see.
Like I said before, my fundraising project will continue for the whole month until November 30, 2019. Anyone can continue to make donations if they wanted to.
Can this fundraising project reach $2,500 by November 30? Who knows. But I'm extremely grateful for what's going on.
Once again, here is the list of options to make donations are:
Facebook $: Ricky Taylor or Krona Duncan
Venmo: @ridor9th
Cash App: $ridor9th
See you this evening for another update on this. As always, my fundraising project is going to be transparent for everyone else to see. So hence, you will see the daily updates for the next 14 days.
* Someone asked me if I plan to make vlogs and posts for others to read and watch while I am at Creating Change. Like I said, I remain committed to make my fundraising project transparent for everyone who donated. Because the donations came from you all, the answer is yes!! I have every intention to make vlogs and posts when I'm at Creating Change in Dallas for you all to watch and read!
Once again, thank you very much for the donations. Because of you who donated so much in the last 15 days, we already surpassed the goal and continue to grow with 14 days left to go, let's see how much we can push as far as can be, all for a great cause.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Verne E. Taylor Jr and Linda Mahmood Embezzles $160,000 from OAD

Verne Taylor Jr of Cleveland, Ohio
COLUMBUS, OH - Ohio Association of the Deaf has removed President Verne Taylor, Jr and Treasurer Linda Mahmoud who had been holding the positions for 10 years. Needless to say, the main reason on why they held the position for 10 years is to hide the fact that Verne and Linda has embezzled about $160,000.
It was said that for 10 years, the Board members were not able to look through any financial transactions or reports because Linda and Verne conspired and refused to share and distribute the reports. 
As expected, $160,000 were unaccounted for. Not only that, the confidence in OAD by Deaf Community has eroded in the last 10 years, going from hundreds of members to less than 50ish. 
The certain board members and members of OAD became concerned after noticing the pattern of refusal in sharing the finances and prompted them to create the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) last September 14 and in the process, had called upon for the OAD special emergency meeting last October 6, 2019 which Verne Taylor and Linda Mahmoud refused to acknowledge and show up to confront the issues. 
Because they did not cooperate in communicating with the members of OAD and the Deaf Community in Ohio, Verne and Linda were forcibly removed from the positions by the SPC of OAD with the full support of Deaf Communities. It seems that it did not faze Verne that much as Verne had demonstrated the aura of defiance for the SPC, OAD and the Board's decisions as he continues to taunt from his vlogs. 
In addition, the SPC/OAD has sent the formal letters to Verne and Linda to turn over the finances, cash, assets, accounts by October 3. If they refused, the SPC will implement in getting the authorities to prosecute for theft and other criminal activities.
Right now, Elisha Jo Northup is the acting Secretary along with the Board trying to repair the wrongs that Verne and Linda has left upon OAD for the last 10 years. SPC is currently working on getting the investigator to get to the bottom of how much Verne and Linda had embezzled for 10 years. It is likely that they embezzled somewhere around $150,000 to $160,000. 
It is tragic considering the historical background of Ohio Deaf Community, it was one of the nation's most robust Deaf communities falling to the rock bottom struggling to climb out of its scandals. 
Ohio is considered to be the birthplace of "Deaf Leadership" as OAD was the first one to host the NAD National Convention in 1880 and OAD was the first one to create the permanently senior citizens home for Deaf people at Columbus Colony. Not only that, many former NAD officers came from Ohio. Ohio is also the birthplace of American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD), now known as United States Deaf Sports Federation (IUSDSF). 
And remember this: You found out about this from me, not The Daily Moth, DeafNewspaper, Sign1News or DPAN-TV. 
And if you look at the dates. September 14, September 26, October 6 and today is November 5. None of these so-called Deaf news services mentioned about it ... until I did. Just remember this, since I mentioned it - someone out there will rush in to announce about this scandal but please let's be fair and give credit where it belongs.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Help Me To Attend Creating Change Conference

Any suggestion would be appreciated.  Any donation would be also appreciated.

Let me know.

Check YouTube's description for different ways to donate.  Thanks.



Tuesday, September 24, 2019

MSD-CSDR Fiasco: Get A Life!

The whole thing surrounding the MSD-CSDR Fiasco is absurd, to say the least.



Sunday, September 08, 2019

All About Virginia

It is time for you to show some respect for Virginia and its Native Virginians, you little ungrateful piece of shit.



Sunday, September 01, 2019

St. Augustine Is the most dysfunctional Deaf Community in the Nation

Why do I think St Augustine is the most dysfunctional Deaf Community in the nation?
  • Chrissy Stein, 'nuff said. Lots of cringeworthy vlogs to check upon.
  • Matt Silvay, 'nuff said. If I talk about him, I give you a long list of his atrocities
  • Marija Todorovic, she stole the husband from her own sorority sister. Not only that, Marija was ex of Matt, too.
  • Joseph Kolb, that should say enough, right?
  • Eric LeFors, the so-called Head Coach of several sports was infamous for committing adultery behind his wife and proclaimed that he had been "faithful" after attending their Church's so-called marriage counseling. Yeah right. And at FSDB and in St Augustine, Eric is adored as fuck.
  • Many Deaf folks heavily professed themselves as Christians but when nobody is watching, dozens of them committed adultery with each other.
  • In their bizarre attempts to save their marriages, they frequently seek the church for marriage counseling - most, if not all, churches' so-called marriage counseling is unlicensed and very bad idea. They basically claimed that putting your energy and love into Jesus Christ will make their marriage strong and blissful. Yay, menage a trois!
  • Many are anti-gay homophobes while claimed to be all good Christians. In fact, many are frenzied born-again Christians like the Abenchuchans and shit. They would be very loud and critical of gays.
  • Joner brothers participated in gay porn activities, has girlfriends and one of them did ejaculate on the other brother's leg.  
  • How do I know about the Joner brothers? A heavy fucking Christian dude out of that town alerted me about them - ask yourself, how the fuck did he know if he's so-called Christian?
  • FSDB has a large enrollment of Deaf students in the nation roughly 1K students and PIPers and yet, not many Deaf students go to postsecondary institutions
  • More and more Deaf Snowbirds are coming into the town. A friend of a well known Deaf family from Maryland, the Lewises, was caught on hidden camera for stealing properties from the owner's house as well as talking shit about the owner.
  • Instead of going after the thief, the Lewises went after the owner for having a hidden camera which was set up to monitor the water hose due to the fact that the neighbor has been stealing water from their property.

Needless to say, there are plenty of more to come. And that is only out of St Augustine, Florida. 
Folks, I will add more whenever people contact me to add if needed. So come back and understand why I said St Augustine is the most dysfunctional Deaf Community in the nation!

Monday, August 26, 2019

You Did It All

We are responsible for what happened to the great devastation and shambles of our community closely associated with Mavrick Martin and Grant Whitaker.  The truth is that we failed to do our responsibility.  This is what happened to us all.  We must be accountable for our sins.  The blame must be ours to bear and know this:  We must hold people such as Kirk Winkler, Scotty Jackson, Chad Nystorm and Barry Sewell accountable for their wanton destruction of others' lives.

Shame on us all.



Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Comprehensive History of The 18 Years War

You can use this blog's search engine to research and read the posts that I had about Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf on this blog.  Plenty of evidence is right there.  Plenty.  This vlog is 1.5 hour long.  Make yourself comfortable and watch.  What RAD has done to me and others are something that must not be swept aside.



Sunday, July 21, 2019

July 21, 2019 Tidbits

Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf held its conference in Austin, Texas and my sources has indicated that only 65 individuals registered for the conference.  One of the worst outputs in the history of RAD.  The RAD has a long, terrible history of failing to satisfy the Deaf LGBTIQA+ on many things.  Hopefully with a new President Paul Kiel, they may go in the different direction.  Or not.  Only time will tell.

As far as I am concerned, RAD is on its death rattle.



Friday, July 19, 2019

He's Gonna Fool Ya

Tate Tullier is narcissist, racist, elitist and shameless but severe closet-case. And many of you were delusional for not seeing few red flags nor question on why Tate kept on taking the pictures of nude Deaf men in tubs in his so-called "Tub Time with Tate".
It should serve as an obvious hint enough for you to figure out on why he made it an "art" when he has a massive ulterior motive in the first place. 
The answer always has been there from day one. Because he's married to a woman, the nude men in tubs is one of several methods for him to indulge in his pleasures. Because he's with her, these photography lessons are his "window" to look at men out of lust. He is doing what Milton said to his son on The Devil's Advocate, "Look but not touch."
Using his heterosexual marriage as a crutch to protect his reputation, it was open secret at Gallaudet that few guys caught him in bed with ... whatever. I'll leave it at that.
It won't surprise me that one day when his wife is out of his picture (like death or divorce), he will blaze in as a screaming queen.
And I know some of you will copy and paste this post and run to your so-called favorite photographer about what I said. I really don't care. Him being one of us is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN. 
And no, I will never hire nor employ an oppressive photographer like him, thank you very much.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Friday, July 05, 2019

July 5, 2019 Tidbits

Finally, after a month of hiatus, my Tidbits are back.  This time, this vlog is the first of 3 vlogs in the next 48 hours.  Stay tuned.



Thursday, July 04, 2019

To Barry Sewell With Love

Barry Sewell,

I feel it is necessary for me to step in and say something since you had been receiving some toxic messages from your friends who were trying to stir something between you and your ex wife, Crystal Blalock when there was nothing going on between you two.

Yes, it is true that I met Crystal last January or February.  It was awkward encounter but we got over with it and ended up being appreciative of each other's viewpoints.  Saw her repeatedly in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.  I can assure you that there is no vlog nor post that I bragged about her away from you.  Why would I do that?  What would I benefit from this?  Absolutely nothing.

I once did ask Crystal about your marriage.  She said she rather not to talk about that matter. That was the end of it. In fact, each time we got together, we really don't talk about you that much. There was one time, she said she needs to cut the conversation short because there was an auto accident with you in Montana. She was genuinely concerned for you and abruptly left Utah for Montana. I did not press anything much on that. I even did not mention it on my Facebook, Twitter or YouTube because it was such a personal crisis for Crystal and you at that time.

You knew why the marriage did not work.  I'm not sure on the exact details on why the marriage did not work but that is not my call to say such things like that. You should consider yourself fortunate that Crystal never did air the reasons on why the marriage did not work. Don't push your luck on that one. You wanted that avenue, she did not want that avenue. So the marriage simply did not work, there is no need for you to bash on her repeatedly. Every time you blow up at Crystal, it always happened when you got the words from your toxic friends trying to stir things between you and Crystal.

Truth be told, Crystal was genuinely happy that you got someone significant in your life. She told me in Utah that she was happy for you to find someone else.

I got to meet one of your boys and thought he was such a great and funny person.  Are you going to punish him for betraying you?  Just stop this nonsense and let Crystal go. She's free, you're free, there is no need for you to pull your children and friends in on this debacle.

If you're happy with that woman, then great.  Stop going after your ex wife, Crystal. She does not deserve this treatment from you or anyone else like that.



Saturday, June 29, 2019

Gay Liberation Monument Was Defaced In 1991 by Deaf Wisconsinites

These statues can be found at Christopher Park by Christopher Street in Greenwich Village between two legendary bars: Stonewall Inn and Monster Bar.
I believe I already mentioned this before but since it is WorldPride Weekend, I feel it is necessary to remind you all about this once again.
The statues called the Gay Liberation Monument was installed at Orton Park in Madison, Wisconsin where it stays for five years until it was defaced by a group led by Deaf person named Darrell Roby. Darrell and his homophobic friends from Wisconsin School for the Deaf threw the paints at the statues. 
Because of that, the statues were moved to Christopher Park in New York where it remains as a fixture on Christopher Street for the last 28 years.
Don't forget this - don't dismiss the fact that a Deaf individual did lead a Deaf group from that deaf school to vandalize this statues sometimes in Madison, Wisconsin back in 1991.
The information about the incident was verified by the court records, newspaper records and Deaf grapevines. 
Today, I hadn't seen any Deaf person, school or organization calling out on Darrell Roby and his WSD minions accountable for what they did do to the statues. 
And you want to speak of Community Accountability? Do this ... first. Why don't Deaf people in Wisconsin come forward to apologize, come forward to condemn these participants? Why didn't WSD say something about this? Even WSD Alumni buried their heads in the sandbox for decades - they KNEW about it but chose not to address this.
My sources from Wisconsin said Darrell Roby was the ringleader. His minions were Chris Rawlings and Jacob Temby among the few others.  Truth be told, a long time ago before Jacob's death, he admitted to me that he was involved.
Until then, this is why I don't believe in Community Accountability in Deaf Community. 
This picture was of me and Travis Imel standing next to the Gay Liberation Monument at Christopher Park when he visited me in New York City back in 2004. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

That Evil Woman

My good friend, Jennifer Van de Leur of Norfolk, Virginia was supposed to send me the front pages of The Virginian-Pilot and asked me to film myself when I opened her letter.



Sunday, April 14, 2019

Virginia Cavaliers ~ National Champions

What a ride.  This vlog focuses on my thoughts and observations on Virginia Cavalier's Redemption Season which culminated into a national championship banner for this 35-3 team.

Kudos to each player, coach and personnel for the magnificent season.



Tuesday, April 02, 2019

April 1, 2019 Tidbits

This vlog is one of the longest vlogs I ever made.  Enjoy.



Friday, March 22, 2019

Facebook Tried To Silence Me And It Won't Work!

Someone associated with Illinois School for the Deaf did not want my post to be out to be aired.  So they tried to remove my post and had Facebook suspended me for 30 days.

All because I exposed the sexual abuses at Illinois School for the Deaf.

Since they removed my post, I'm going to leave this original post on my blog for the world to google and find out.

* * *

Charles Hicks
After checking the sources trying to identify the individual at ISD that the state of Illinois is investigating regarding the sexual trysts/relationships between a staff and a student, I am able to identify the person with 100% accuracy.

Because this school has a long list of staff members having sexual/love relationships with the students in the last 50 years, it was not easy to make sure that that person is the one that the state is investigating.

There are half-dozen staff members who are still at ISD, there are several staff members who are placed on administrative leave with pay, some lasted for years. So the question was:  Which one was the one that the state is investigating?

I am able to pin on the person, his name is Charles Hicks.  Hicks is well known Deaf family generations in several states.  He is currently on administrative leave with pay at ISD and was instructed not to leave the state when he is under the investigation.

Charles Hicks is also the longtime boyfriend of Marybeth Lauderdale, the former and hearing superintendent of ISD.  In fact, Marybeth was the one who set in motion for cued speech program at ISD, throwing the school in turmoil.

Marybeth is now the Director of Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.