Friday, July 19, 2019

He's Gonna Fool Ya

Tate Tullier is narcissist, racist, elitist and shameless but severe closet-case. And many of you were delusional for not seeing few red flags nor question on why Tate kept on taking the pictures of nude Deaf men in tubs in his so-called "Tub Time with Tate".
It should serve as an obvious hint enough for you to figure out on why he made it an "art" when he has a massive ulterior motive in the first place. 
The answer always has been there from day one. Because he's married to a woman, the nude men in tubs is one of several methods for him to indulge in his pleasures. Because he's with her, these photography lessons are his "window" to look at men out of lust. He is doing what Milton said to his son on The Devil's Advocate, "Look but not touch."
Using his heterosexual marriage as a crutch to protect his reputation, it was open secret at Gallaudet that few guys caught him in bed with ... whatever. I'll leave it at that.
It won't surprise me that one day when his wife is out of his picture (like death or divorce), he will blaze in as a screaming queen.
And I know some of you will copy and paste this post and run to your so-called favorite photographer about what I said. I really don't care. Him being one of us is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN. 
And no, I will never hire nor employ an oppressive photographer like him, thank you very much.

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