Thursday, July 04, 2019

To Barry Sewell With Love

Barry Sewell,

I feel it is necessary for me to step in and say something since you had been receiving some toxic messages from your friends who were trying to stir something between you and your ex wife, Crystal Blalock when there was nothing going on between you two.

Yes, it is true that I met Crystal last January or February.  It was awkward encounter but we got over with it and ended up being appreciative of each other's viewpoints.  Saw her repeatedly in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.  I can assure you that there is no vlog nor post that I bragged about her away from you.  Why would I do that?  What would I benefit from this?  Absolutely nothing.

I once did ask Crystal about your marriage.  She said she rather not to talk about that matter. That was the end of it. In fact, each time we got together, we really don't talk about you that much. There was one time, she said she needs to cut the conversation short because there was an auto accident with you in Montana. She was genuinely concerned for you and abruptly left Utah for Montana. I did not press anything much on that. I even did not mention it on my Facebook, Twitter or YouTube because it was such a personal crisis for Crystal and you at that time.

You knew why the marriage did not work.  I'm not sure on the exact details on why the marriage did not work but that is not my call to say such things like that. You should consider yourself fortunate that Crystal never did air the reasons on why the marriage did not work. Don't push your luck on that one. You wanted that avenue, she did not want that avenue. So the marriage simply did not work, there is no need for you to bash on her repeatedly. Every time you blow up at Crystal, it always happened when you got the words from your toxic friends trying to stir things between you and Crystal.

Truth be told, Crystal was genuinely happy that you got someone significant in your life. She told me in Utah that she was happy for you to find someone else.

I got to meet one of your boys and thought he was such a great and funny person.  Are you going to punish him for betraying you?  Just stop this nonsense and let Crystal go. She's free, you're free, there is no need for you to pull your children and friends in on this debacle.

If you're happy with that woman, then great.  Stop going after your ex wife, Crystal. She does not deserve this treatment from you or anyone else like that.



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