Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ridor9th On KitchenTalk

Your one and only Ridor9th made an appearance on Kitchen Talk, an acclaimed TV series produced by Rosa Lee Timm, check this out:

The Ugly Truth

And do share your thoughts of the interview Bridget Bonheyo had with me on that show.



VLOG: May 20, 2013 Tidbits

May 20, 2013 Tidbits



Friday, May 17, 2013

VLOG: May 17, 2013 Tidbits

This vlog covers:

*  Batman is worthless without his wealth
*  Comic Bubble Thoughts
*  FacundoElement shot its own foot
*  ASDB/PDSD protests
*  I have credibility and you do not have one!




I learned an important lesson tonight. Instead of slinging mud at each other, we should actually try listening to each other. I was on the verge of a Twitter war with a Republican over the Affordable Care Act, but instead of snapping on him, I stopped myself and asked if we could try to have a legitimate discussion about it. He agreed, and for the next hour, we proceeded to talk through our concerns and actually listen to each other. 

It turns out that his anger came from a place of fear and uncertainty about how the Affordable Care Act will affect him and his family. Once we got to the root of it, I actually began to feel compassion for him, and I understood why he was angry. I was able to provide him with some research to ease some of his concerns, and he was able to challenge my ideas by pointing out things I hadn't considered before. In the end, we both learned something and we came to realize that our differences in perspective were mostly based on our different life experiences. We may not agree on how to handle policy, but we were able to acknowledge and respect each other's reasons for feeling the way we do.

The bottom line? We need to listen to each other and acknowledge one another's humanity. Next time you are about to lash out at a political opponent for what you believe to be an irrational idea, try stopping and asking them why they feel the way they do. You might just be surprised by what you learn.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

VLOG: I Hate Batman!

This vlog is perhaps the longest one I ever had made. I tried my best to edit and shorten it - I could not successfully make it short without losing the important information that is crucial to the understanding of my favorite character since I was 10.

Her name is Amethyst, the rightful ruler of Gemworld and Magic.



Friday, May 10, 2013

VLOG: Entertainment Tidbits

Folks, I made this vlog that shall focus on movies, books & comic books. Enjoy! You may fastforward to the topics that might interest you. Here is the list of what I was talking about:

* My fleece blanket is fucking awesome!
* Don't judge a book by its cover
* All About Green Lantern
* All About The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
* Did you see "The Descent"?
* Did you know?
* I need your help!



Good Going Air Force!

However, instead of retrieving the missiles with the dummy weights attached to them, the Air Force crew at Minot accidentally loaded on to the plane six cruise missiles that has live nuclear warheads on them. They loaded actual nuclear weapons on to a B-52 bomber and sent it to its way to Louisiana.

The pilots had no idea. Six nukes each with roughly the capacity to cause Hiroshima times 10 were taken on a cross-country flight. That bomber, I`m not kidding you was named Doom 99 and Doom 99 departed Minot on schedule and for the first time in 40 years, a nuclear armed bomber crossed U.S. air space without clearance.

Luckily, the warheads made their way to Louisiana without incident. And upon landing, they sat unguarded on the runway at Barksdale for nine hours. Until the ground crew there finally realized with a resounding OMG that they had accidentally acquired six live nuclear weapons they weren`t expecting and they had left them sitting around unguarded for nine hours. 

For Marci

Dearest Marci-

You and your friends who which one you are!

Monday, May 06, 2013

VLOG: Boston & West Explosions

This vlog covers the current events in Boston Marathon Bombings, West (Tx) Fertilizer Explosion as well as UConn's 8th National Championship in 20 years.



Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fuck You

Worse thing I hear all day: Pray for his son and family.


Come again!? Pray for the son and his family? And not Marci? Y'all need to toke a pill, have a come to Jesus moment and realize who needs the prayers just as equally: Marci.

Stop absorbing stupid. Stupid is enough.

No Van? No Car? No DL? No Problem!

Johnny Adamson, who was arrested in Frederick for some fraud warrants from Pennsylvania has finally bonded himself out of jail. 

He also lost his van as it was towed on the day he was arrested. FYI, he does not have driver's license because he is suspended. This dude managed to annoy me and others repeatedly in this town. I have no desire to deal with him whatsoever but he went after me because I'm friends with Dawn Schriver. He also fabricated on Twitter claiming that I delivered the pizzas to his home which made him lose his appetite. None of this is true at all. In fact, I never delivered anything to his home. 

But as soon as he got arrested, his address was available for the world to see online so I knew where he lives as of now. Why do I do that? So that I can remind myself not to deliver anything to the specific address should they decide to order something. I mean, I don't like to deliver food or things to people who lied about me in 1st place, right?

However, many people in Frederick told me about how dysfunctional the Adamsons are because of this dude. 

Did you know that in Frederick, there are a neighborhood that contains many Deaf families living there? I heard it is 56 families or so. That neighborhood is called Spring Ridge. The Adamsons are one of 56 or more families that lived in Spring Ridge subdivision. From what I observed, you need to have cars to get yourself moving around in that neighborhood. 

But since Johnny lost his van, car, driver's license and so on - guess what he is trying to do in Spring Ridge?

Yep, that.


Two RRs Down, Who's Next?

Well, well, well. A friend of mine told me that she noticed Deaf people whose has their initials as R.R., they passed away this year.

First one was Richard Roehm, the notorious so-called deaf leader in Orange County who basically terrorized wherever Deaf people convened, especially on the internet.  He died of a massive heart attack last February at the age of 50.

Few months later, Reginald Redding died of a terminal illness related to his brain. There was a tumor that was removed from his brain but he was never the same afterwards.

Who's next?

If you noticed that both RRs are not generally well-liked individuals in our community.

I jokingly told a friend that up next could be Rob Rice, the owner of BayFirst Solutions, LLC. I do not have a death wish. But I'm just playing the rules - the initials has to be RRs. So the first thing that comes on my mind was this dude. It is true that I can't stand him, I'm sure he can't stand me as well. He thinks he's all that - he made me cringe whenever he attempts to "outsmart" people when he just made a fool of himself.

Who is your guess?

What about Ron Rood?



BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Redding Dead

Today, I was bombarded with rumors that Dr. Reginald Redding has died yesterday of a terminal illness. It was reportedly that after suffering a fall at the jail, he was hospitalized and the doctors found out that he had a terminal illness, something to do with his brain.  
Dr. Redding was supposed to be a role model for Deaf African-Americans across the nation but he had a dark secret that plagued his career. He tends to be violent towards women. 

Dr. Redding was frequently replaced, forced to resign and/or fired from his jobs as top administrator at Gallaudet, NTID and few Deaf schools including Rhode Island & Eastern North Carolina.

He was one of 3 finalists for California School for the Deaf before I made a vlog raising the ruckus in Bay Area to a point where the California Department of Education discretely removed him from the list. Eventually, Sean Virnig became the Superintendent of California School for the Deaf in Fremont.

He was arrested after flying in from North Carolina and attacked his ex-girlfriend in Bay Area few months ago. It is not the first time that he was reportedly arrested for domestic violence. This happened in North Carolina as well as others.


Double Jeers to DC Comics

Yesterday was May 4, 2013. It means what? It falls on the first Saturday of the month. The first Saturday of May is "Free Comic Book Day" or aka #FCBD on Twitter. Hundreds of comic shops across the United States, Canada, England, Indonesia, Germany, Ireland, Turkey and Australia hosted this event. It is designed to encourage children to read, read and read. Smart strategy if you ask me.

However, in my area (Frederick, Maryland), there is a comic shop, Beyond Comics, who has invested a lot in this event. The shop always invited artists, writers & editors to mingle with its shoppers at its two stores (Frederick and Gaithersburg) which is nice but most of them are not well known nor affiliated with big-time companies like DC Comics or Marvel Comics. This year, they brought DC Comics' Gene Ha. He pencilled & wrote several series such as Action Comics, Green Lantern's Christmas Special, Phantom Stranger, Batman to name few.

I seized this opportunity to meet Gene Ha in person to express my disappointment and frustration with DC Comics' treatment of my favorite character since I was 8 - Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. In the last 30 years, DC Comics has neglected or messed this character up one too many times.

In her Maxi-Series, regular series & Mini-Series, it was revealed that Amethyst was the most powerful creature in the universe mainly because she possessed her birthright powers as well as her Witchmother's powers. In addition, it was mentioned that she is the first human being to be the Lord of Order, an omnipotent beings who defended worlds against the Lords of Chaos for millions of years.

Not only that, DC Comics tied Amethyst with Mordru, the mad-arch sorcerer who antagonized the 30th Century's Legion of Super-Heroes. Which eventually indicated that the dormant powers of Amethyst would fall on LSH's White Witch. It sounded so simple, right? You see, Amethyst buried Mordru alive which he was entombed for 1,000 years before being freed in 30th Century.

The timeline seems to be perfect as of far, is it? But it is not. Apparently, Mordru showed up in Justice Society of America (JSA) and waged attacks against Doctor Fate and JSA repeatedly. It was revealed that Mordru possessed Arion's body and imprisoned Arion's soul. It was mentioned that Mordru has no beginning or ending. To throw this off the course, DC Comics had this bizarre crossover called Weirdoverse where it was revealed that the leader of the villainy Conclave is none other than Amethyst!

Then Arion showed up in Day of Vengeance. So did Amethyst next to Arion! It was also mentioned that Mordru and Amethyst are the only Lords of Chaos and Order that survived the wrath of The Spectre which ended the 9th Age of Magic. But Arion is a Lord of Order, too. Or is he?

Then came Flashpoint which disrupted all timelines and rebooted everyone else in particular including Mordru and Amethyst. During the Flashpoint, Amethyst was murdered. After the Flashpoint, Mordru was thrown in the past where he is now an ordinary mage against Merlin in Demon Knights. Mordru's bones were mentioned in Justice League Dark which Amethyst also made an appearance. Amethyst's past background was rebooted. The characters on Gemworld has been changed as well.

After a long hiatus for more than 25 years, Amethyst finally has her own series in Sword of Sorcery: Amethyst. But the price format for the series are too expensive ($3.99!). DC Comics, for many years, has complained that the majority of readership are males. They need to court the female readers. Amethyst is a good opportunity to win female readers but $3.99 drove them away. They brought the talented writer in Christy Marx and talented artist in Aaron Lopresti which basically started the story with a clean slate. This pissed many old readers who loved Amethyst but I was willing to give them a chance. I was intrigued when Amethyst sparred with John Constantine and later, John Constantine kicked Eclipso to his birth world - Gemworld. It turns out that Eclipso was the heir to the Houses of Onyx & Diamond who was banished from Gemworld after trying to enslave its population.

But DC Comics does not care about that. It wanted profits. It wanted to maximize the profits - so after only 8 issues, Sword of Sorcery: Amethyst has been cancelled. They said that it was because of low sales. Of course, it is!  $3.99! Green Lantern and Superman series are $2.99, not $3.99! Idiots!! With only 8 issues, it was not enough to build its own fan base. It was only starting to do that after 30 years of neglect & abuses on her character. Christy Marx did not have a chance to excel after 8 issues. It was a miscarriage of justice, really.

God, I hate Batman. I mean, with the powers of Amethyst, she'd blink and Batman would disappear as if he never existed. That is the beauty of her magical powers. What have you, Batman? Nothing.

Which is why I confronted Gene Ha and expressed my disappointment with DC Comics. It does not matter that he did not work on Amethyst, he worked for DC Comics, he has the power to pass it around from the readers to the publishers of DC Comics. They cancelled the Amethyst series in order to create another new series that will focus on either Batman or Superman. Yes, DC Comics has more than 7 series each for Batman & Superman. And Amethyst only has *one* and yet, it gets cancelled.

What a fucking travesty.


Saturday, May 04, 2013

VLOG: May 4, 2013 Tidbits

This vlog covers:

*  Dylan Alan Quick
*  About the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
*  About Jason Collins, not Joan Collins
*  Practice what you preach!



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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

VLOG: 4-30-2013 Tidbits

This vlog covers two major topics I wanted to discuss.

1:  GINK and the American Society

2.  Time to bury Kat & Tina