Sunday, May 05, 2013

No Van? No Car? No DL? No Problem!

Johnny Adamson, who was arrested in Frederick for some fraud warrants from Pennsylvania has finally bonded himself out of jail. 

He also lost his van as it was towed on the day he was arrested. FYI, he does not have driver's license because he is suspended. This dude managed to annoy me and others repeatedly in this town. I have no desire to deal with him whatsoever but he went after me because I'm friends with Dawn Schriver. He also fabricated on Twitter claiming that I delivered the pizzas to his home which made him lose his appetite. None of this is true at all. In fact, I never delivered anything to his home. 

But as soon as he got arrested, his address was available for the world to see online so I knew where he lives as of now. Why do I do that? So that I can remind myself not to deliver anything to the specific address should they decide to order something. I mean, I don't like to deliver food or things to people who lied about me in 1st place, right?

However, many people in Frederick told me about how dysfunctional the Adamsons are because of this dude. 

Did you know that in Frederick, there are a neighborhood that contains many Deaf families living there? I heard it is 56 families or so. That neighborhood is called Spring Ridge. The Adamsons are one of 56 or more families that lived in Spring Ridge subdivision. From what I observed, you need to have cars to get yourself moving around in that neighborhood. 

But since Johnny lost his van, car, driver's license and so on - guess what he is trying to do in Spring Ridge?

Yep, that.



Unknown said...

Wow, he could afford a nice set of shoes. That's a very interesting man right there.

Ridor said...

Unknown, that's my first reaction as well!