Sunday, May 05, 2013

Two RRs Down, Who's Next?

Well, well, well. A friend of mine told me that she noticed Deaf people whose has their initials as R.R., they passed away this year.

First one was Richard Roehm, the notorious so-called deaf leader in Orange County who basically terrorized wherever Deaf people convened, especially on the internet.  He died of a massive heart attack last February at the age of 50.

Few months later, Reginald Redding died of a terminal illness related to his brain. There was a tumor that was removed from his brain but he was never the same afterwards.

Who's next?

If you noticed that both RRs are not generally well-liked individuals in our community.

I jokingly told a friend that up next could be Rob Rice, the owner of BayFirst Solutions, LLC. I do not have a death wish. But I'm just playing the rules - the initials has to be RRs. So the first thing that comes on my mind was this dude. It is true that I can't stand him, I'm sure he can't stand me as well. He thinks he's all that - he made me cringe whenever he attempts to "outsmart" people when he just made a fool of himself.

Who is your guess?

What about Ron Rood?



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