Saturday, December 27, 2003

Umm. Few months ago, someone told me Dr. Jean Grey died in X2 film. I was bit surprised -- then one explained that she sacrificed her life to save X-Men before drowning. This was too familiar. If you read the DARK PHOENIX SAGA in The Uncanny X-Men's Graphic Novel, you'll know that Jean Grey emerged out of the waters as ... DARK PHOENIX. So I finally got to watch X2 last Wednesday night. Just right before the waters consumed her, you could see the glow out of her eyes and body -- so expect her to come back with a triumphant return in X3 -- as Dark Phoenix. No, she is not good fella. She is going to be a villain. Love a woman who is like that. ;-)

Pyro in X2 who was a student of Charles Xavier ended up joining Magneto and Mystique -- in the comic books, Pyro is gay. I like him. One time, one woman tried to ambush him but was injured. Then Pyro stood above her and said, "Suck this!" He released a fire onto her face, killing her. Oooh. Who would have done such a thing? ;-)

I love Iceman's parents' cat. It licked Wolverine's claws. When Iceman showed his parents how his powers worked by freezing Mom's coffee -- the cat quickly got on the table and licked the frozen coffee. So cute.

It amused me when Mystique and Nightcrawler stood next to each other as if both do not recognize each other. And Nightcrawler (when I was a kid, I always call him "BAMF!") asked her if she can morph into anyone else she wished to be, why dont she stick to that permanently? Mystique snapped, "You should not have to do that at all." I was amused. Know why? In the comic books, Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother.
But in the film, they are not. Bryan Singer is clever lad.

Enough about comics and a film ... I did not go home for X-Mas. My parents ruined it all. What else is new? I am sick of that.

My sister, Hedy, who is now living in Dallas. She told me that she was asked to coach a boys basketball team grade 3 to 5 at Jean Massieu School in Dallas. I used to coach middle school girls basketball team in Kendall few years ago. Gave her tips. I hope she does well. :-)

New Year's Eve is looming closer -- scary. Parties are going wild around the city, I'm sure. I am sure I will go to The Hole for that infamous Triple XXX Event. How can I miss it?

Oh, Mad Cow disease is here in the United States. Ahh. Maybe President Bush will do the preemptive strike on Canada because it is a threat for us?



Monday, December 22, 2003

Emergency!!! I just learned that there will be another Triple X event at The Hole on New Years Eve -- the same party whom I told about me blowing a stripper on the bar counter and someone sucking me off ... I got the advertisements. If you want to see what it looks like, email me at with your address. I'll send it to you. You'll be amazed at the contents of that shit!

Some interesting tidbits that happened since last Monday. The night I went to The Cock Bar to prowl. The Cock Bar was *packed*. There were two registered fights (registered? LOL!). What I meant by "registered" is that a fight required a fist-fight, not catfight, in a gay bar. It was so dramatic. But it was so crowded. Yes, I got drunk. I vaguely made out with a good looking guy but I have no idea who he is.

You hear this first from me -- I will *not* be surprised that President Bush will announce the capture of Osama bin Laden during the election year. That would devastate Howard Dean's chances to dethrone this filthy fool out of White House. The Republicans are capable of doing this -- check this with Ronald Reagan who did it with the Iran hostages and millions of dollars.

Speaking of that stupid prick in White House, he said that Saddam Hussein should be exterminated. I disagreed. We could not catch Adolf Hitler and Josepf Stalin and understand how they could order the millions to their deaths without any remorse. Saddam Hussein is our first-time ever to catch a leader who ordered the killings. It is our chance to study him and understand why there are people like that. I have a solution -- there is The National Zoo in DC, it is seriously underfunded by the government. Set up a glass-encased cage for Saddam Hussein. Charge each person $5 for an admission. I guaranteed you that there will be several miles of long line to see Saddam. Saddam is better off alive FOR US, than DEAD.

My eldest brother, Billy Jr, who is CODA, can be so stupid -- one proof? He is a Republican. He thinks President Bush is a god's gift to the American society. He refused to visit or let his kids visit me in New York. That says a lot. Such a stupid prick.

Speaking of stupidity, I saw Sabrina Lankenau on and it is interesting to note that long time ago, we were pretty good friends. Until she figured that the main reason why she could not get in Phi Kappa Zeta was because of me. To her, I was "bad news". So she just cuts me off. It is ridiculous. She thinks she's better than many. When she claimed that she died for three minutes, I snickered. She got mad. When my friend called her mother a golddigger, I snickered. she got furious. Fuck her. She is at Gallaudet for a decade and counting more. The more she stays at Gallaudet, the more stupid she becomes. What a stupid, stinky chopped liver!

The first Christmas card I received this year goes to ... Larry Gray and Kevin Taylor. Thank you so much! MWAH!!

Last Wednesday night, I went to Nowhere Bar because it has 2-hours of free drinks to celebrate the Holidays. I saw a guy who looks like Ben Vess. I stared at him ... then ignored him when ... whatever. I also saw a guy who looks like Rob at The Cock last Saturday night.

Was reading Beth's blogs. So funny and I agreed about one guy who said that many people are not taking our language seriously. "They" only wanted to learn our language because it is "fun", or "cute". I hate these mentality -- I want to rip them apart. Sometimes when one says that to my face, I stare at them with utter disgust.

This reminds me of Mordru. Many people do not understand why I love Mordru. He is just a comic book character. I know, I understand what you meant. It is because Mordru tends to attack, kill and destroy things and let the world deal with the ramifications afterwards. If he was going to lose the battles, he will take something away from us. For instance, in one book, Mordru refused to be buried alive as one team attacked and struggled to bury him. The explosions were all around the team and shortly after, the members of one group stood around, they tried to console each other and make sure that everyone else is OK. Mon-El was looking for his fiancee who was using her powers to push Mordru into the ground. Mon-El found her lying on the ground, burnt to death. With her death, Mon-El's future is shattered. I love Mordru. *maniacal laughter*

Know what? I moved to NYC last June 2nd. And I already got myself in a popular magazine in New York! The magazine, Time Out New York, page 167 -- it has a picture of me in the center and few comments about what I think of NYC related to deaf gay community. It's nice. No big deal.

At my work's Holiday party, I won "Guess how much it is" bag filled with money. I guessed $67. It was $68. Nice. We had an exchange gift with each other, it was agreed that no Christmas theme be part of the gift -- I absolutely hate to get a gift that I cannot use in July.

My boss, Big Joe, got me a stupid Santa Claus jar. Some people ...



Monday, December 15, 2003

Ahh. They caught Saddam Hussein!! I told my Dad that they originally found him not in that rat hole near Tikrit, Iraq. It was a conspiracy by the Bush Administration who snatched a bum off from one of NYC's subway stations and brought him to Tikrit. LOL. Actually, it is a good joke. Because Saddam's haggardly looks fit with the bums who prowled on the subway platforms begging people for money (only money, they wanted money so they can buy alcohol!!).

My clients told me that I lost lots of pounds since last June. I guess I have two things to thank for -- one for walking, one for ... never mind, I will never mention it on the Internet. ;-) But either way, she made me think twice and I stared at the mirror -- yeah, I lost a lot of weight. I can even see the shape of my neck. My apple is beginning to emerge.

Not only that, I got laid more often than usual. That says something else. It is nice to know that I am losing while everyone is gaining. Look at Kaftan, Chlms and yeah, Delanne. LOL.

Speaking of Delanne, I cant wait for her to shit the baby out soon. And see how she functions as Mommy. I'm sure she will do well.

Keith Clark just turned 23. My god. He is getting older as faster as can be.

Last Thursday night at The Hole, there were some interesting twists. The Hole is going to be closed in February because the owners (who are straight but insane) sold the building. These insane owners also owned The Cock. Go figure.

Jeff asked me to prepare myself for the photoshoot on December 20th. He and I am working to shock the world -- actually, shatter is the right word. Can't wait.

One deaf guy was fucked up and he was drunk and out of control. I was concerned about his welfare and my status among the folks who trusted me. Eddie disappeared with a guy. What a slut.

Last night, Mikey was the VEE at me in Excelsior Bar because I was making out with a cute guy, who is 30 yrs old Italian. He's sweet, cute and all that. We're going out on a date this coming Saturday. I noticed one thing, he loves to stick his tongue in my mouth. He has to relax a little. If he's mine, then I will train him the arts of kissing.

I'm that good, perhaps better than Aaron and Ben combined. ;-)



P.S. I'm going to The Cock for 5th Anniversary tonight -- of course, I will be fucked up.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

RT Survives NYC Blizzard

Something like that, you would pick up from NY POST and read it immediately, right? It is interesting to be in New York where snowstorms/blizzards occur. The skyscrapers along with the Nor'easter (Sp?) made it lethal for the snowflakes to fall on humans. Why? When it fell towards the ground, the winds sliced through the skyscrapers, pushed the snowflakes into your eyes -- very difficult to maintain the walking if you lack a car. But thank God for subways!

You know how they say ... Only in New York, kids, ONLY IN NEW YORK!! It was reported in the papers that a guy sold snowballs for $1 each in Times Square. Ridiculous? Yeah, it is but you cannot deny the fact that this guy was creative.

One thing I liked the most about New York is that ... men (and women) are incredibly creative in making money, grabbing attention and ways to live. That is why people in New York clamored for it, they thrived off on it. Throw in sex and alcohol in the mix, and you have the wild weekend.

I really, really like the East Village men. They are so hot. And I'm exciting about the 'affair' next week on 19th. No details, honey.

Last Monday night, I observed a normal white man sitting on a park bench in Tompkins Square Park. He was inhailing crack. He is not a bum, punk or anything. He is like 1,000 times better than I am but he was smoking crack. Apparently, he assumed I wasn't watching him. But I was. Interesting.

I just finished The Serbs by Tim Judah. Am going to read the next book called "Saint of Circumstance", one of four books that I stole from a guy who sells the books by the street (he was sleeping), and I took 4 and walked away. To coin a phrase from Roger Desmarais, he would say: "Well, they leave it for us to take it. Who am I to ignore this opportunity?"

Tonight, I'm going to The Hole and see what's up with my friends, Corey, Kev and Keith. Should be fun. :-)

NY Drama Queen is going to make an appearance tomorrow afternoon and wreck Manhattan, anyone who is not prepared for this is going to be burned.

Oh, yeah, I found out that David Spillers is coming to NYC -- but he's bringing friends which I am not sure where to shelter them from the cold.

Yeah, the snowstorm is slated to return on Sunday night.

Time for me to get off and cook some dinner. Wish me luck or I'll burn the house down.


Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Just for fun. Here it is.

1. What time is it: 1:36 PM (11/26/03)
2. Name: Ricky
3. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Ricky D. T. This is public blogger. I ain't verify that!
4. Nickname: RT & Ridor
5. Number of candles on your last birthday cake: I didnt have a birthday party but my office threw one for me, Joe and Sandra. I'm 30.
6. Number of pets: None.
7. Hair color: Dark brown
8. Number of body piercing: 0
9. Eye color: Hazel
10. Favorite alcoholic drink: Cape Cod, of course.
11. Hometown: Richmond, Va.
12. Current Residence: Park Slope, Brooklyn.
13. Favorite food: Chipotle's famous Burrito.
14. Been to Africa? No.
15. Love someone so much it made you cry? Yes.
16. Been in a car crash? Yes, but I did not cause it. Rayni Plaster did. ;-)
17. Croutons or bacon bits: Decisions! Decisions must be made. Croutons!
18. Favorite day of the week: Thursday -- The Hole has $10 all you can drink from 10 PM to 4 AM! CHAMP!
19. Favorite word or phrase: "I do not know how you managed to get back, but from where I send you next, you'll never return!" -Mordru
20. Favorite Restaurant: Chipotle!
21. Favorite flower: Actually, I dont care much for it.
22. Favorite sport to watch: Women's Basketball!
23. Favorite drink: Quik's Chocolate Milk
24. Favorite ice cream: Haggen & Dazs' Vanilla Chocolate Chip
25. Disney or Warner Bros: Warner Brothers
26. Favorite fast food restaurant: Crif Dogs in NYC!
27. What color is your bedroom carpet? Dark blue, some kind of cheap one, I think.
28. How many times did you fail your drivers test: Never failed. I barely passed.
29. Before this one, whom did you get your last e-mail from? Jason Speenburgh
30. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Umm, not sure.
31. What do you do most often when you are bored? Surfin' the Internet
32. Favorite Magazine: What? You are asking me THAT when I am in New York, are you insane???
33. Bedtime: I try to get in bed by midnight but often 2 or 3 AM ... NYC is impossible to ignore or focus on yourself.
34. Who will respond to this email the quickest: Mikey Murvin
35. Who is the person you sent this to is least to respond: Travis Imel, probably.
36. Favorite TV show: Will & Grace, Malcolm In The Middle and the stuff on PBS.
37. Last person/people you went out to dinner with: Sarah Pack to Chipotle and we got free food!!! Ain't life grand?
38. Car or SUV: New York Subway
39. Favorite smell: Ben Vess' armpits
40. Name one thing you hope to learn before your time on earth is up: Who will be my boyfriend?
41. Future wedding, where? I'm fag ... maybe Vermont, lol
42. Favorite Gemstone: All my friends knew ... Amethyst!
43. Children? No
44. Type of home: It is hard to describe, I live on 2nd floor in 3-units.
45. Can you remember your old dreams? Yes, vaguely.
46. Where's your favorite spot to be touched on? When one kisses my neck, yeah ... man.
47. Time you finished this e-mail: 1:50PM (11-26-03)

Monday, November 24, 2003


That is all I can say about the last 11 days.

But first, in NYC, there are lots of posters on the lampposts, often advertising for rentals, classes, et al. And posters that requested people's attention that their owners lost dogs or cats. Sometimes I feel like getting black marker and write on these posters, "ALREADY ATE, HAVE SOME LEFTOVERS CAN GIVE IT BACK!"

I have three roommates. Socorro, Ron and Dan. Soon, it'll be only me and Socorro! Dan and Ron seemed to give up on New York and is moving to Las Vegas on December 29.

I went to Philadelphia two weekends ago, saw friends including Jason Nichols, Gus and Darlene. Had a blast time.

Arlene Weinstock continues to rule Philadelphia. What else is new?

I got laid in Philadelphia. I was hit on by a guy named Mike from Delaware. His good friend who is a twink, later joined with us but he has a tiny dick. Very tiny dick. Good God, I'm almost thrice the size of that twink with 6 abs. When I lay on my back, Mike rode me out. That twink tried to insert his thang into my mouth but it kept on popping out when Mike rode me out. It was difficult scenario but he got the hint and gave up.

There is one more story to this but it is so so so private. Hee hee.

Then I returned to New York. Work has been somewhat demanding in the last few days.

Last Wednesday night at XL, I was drinking martinis with my friend. Then went to the bathroom -- XL Lounge has New York's strangest bathroom, trust me. It is much worse than Web's. In the stalls, they have tinted windows that acted as the stalls. So if you sat down and shit, people in the next room could vaguely see what you are doing. But they can't see your face. I was pissing, suddenly I saw a guy grinding his cock on the window. Then I came out of the stall, he came to me and smooched me. He was drunk. Whatever! Then I got Hepatitis A and B shots upstairs, actually ... they offered to do the counseling. I said, "Excuse me, I work for the treatment center and I spent more than 4 hours in the clinic with my client today and I am not in mood for the counseling, just give me the shots and be done with it!" They did.

Anyway, I went to The Hole last Thursday night, under the assumption that I'd meet Cyn there. But she wasn't there. But lucky, I had friends there. Jeff is cool dude. We chatted, one of his friends who were drunk followed me to the bathroom, while I was waiting for my turn to get in the bathroom, he leaned on me and hugged me. Then bit me on my shoulder. He didn't bite lightly. HE FUCKING BITE ME!
Of course, I pushed and shoved him off. He apologized profusely. I cleaned my wounds. sure enough, it looked like I got a hickey, but it is a bite mark. Oh, man.

Last Friday night, I went to Townhouse to see a friend for few hours then rushed back to East Village to meet Web, Joe the Slutty One and Kate Breen. They told me that they are expecting some folks to come in. Sure enough, Charm King brought a lot of her peers, including a cute guy from RIT named Jarrod. I drooled heavily over him all night long.

Later, Web and I had a good buzz and we chatted on the way home. I got off at 7 Avenue station where I bumped into an acquaitenance of mine whom we once played few months ago. He asked me to come over and play. Being horny, I obliged.

We played, he has a NICE ass -- he is 100% bottom but he DEMANDED to be in control of the whole she-bang thing. So I just lay down and let him do whatever he wanted. He rode me out. Someone came in. Turned out it was his boyfriend. Suffice to say, I was kicked out without ejaculating. Oh, well. Finally, went to bed at 9 AM. Sheesh.

Saturday night, met Charm King in Upper East Side for some small birthday gathering which is nice -- I get to meet some interesting persons. I also nabbed one guy later that night out of that group. When I accomplished doing that, I quickly paged Maria and told her, "Task accomplished." She knew what I was talking about. Hahaha. Maria is a cool ASL interpreter. Very strong, funny and wild woman. When I first met her, I instanteously liked her right away.

Then last night, I went to The Hole because it hosted a special event called "Triple X". It is 2nd anniversary of a party where people say, "Fuck you, Rudy". They were talking about NYC Mayor Rudy Gulianni who nearly removed NYC's infamous places that might offer sleazy activities. I heard a lot about it. What I saw in the bar is surreal. It is hard to describe. Lots of sex. Even you can suck the strippers on the stage or on the bar. And I did. I was drunk. I think I sucked 5 or 6 men, including the stripper on the bar counter. I think 6 or 7 men sucked me off. Everyone was doing it anywhere in the bar. It was fuckin' surreal. Then I rode back home, thinking ... "My god, I did it. I sucked in front of others. Oh, my god."


Thursday, November 13, 2003

Found this on a website -- thought each of us should read this. It is tragic that it is popular in Gay Community. One person asked me why I never gave out a cent to the HIV/AIDS organizations -- it's because I'm always broke and what is the point of giving $ to them while so many gay men do this???

Read and absorb the gay sins.



1)People wearing jockstraps tend to make it with other people
wearing jockstraps. Nobody makes it with people wearing pink

2)You can have a heart attack fucking in the whirlpool.

3)It is extremely hazardous to your health to attempt to inhale
poppers while under water.

4)Saying "I'm resting" to everyone who seeks entry into your room
defeats the purpose of going to the baths.

5)If everyone who said "I don't come here often" was telling the
truth, there would be no one there.

6)Those who lay naked on their stomachs with their asses in the
air remind one of electric pencil sharpeners.

7)Conversations in the orgy room should be kept to a minimum.
Grunts, groans, notices that "I'm coming," and invitations to do
it in a room instead are acceptable; discussions of the weather,
ex-lovers, favorite lubricants, the quality of the darkness, and
the pros and cons of cockrings are not.

8)If you are looking for a wonderfully spiritual union with a
kindred spirit, you are in the wrong place.

9)Do not assume that the guys walking into walls are on some weird
new drug; most likely, they have just left their glasses in
their lockers. It is better to look good than to see good.

10)Once in a while, do your good deed for the gay: let an old troll
suck your cock. Such magnanimous gestures are duly recorded by
the Great Faggot in the Sky, and when you are an old troll, the
favors will be returned in kind. Yes, Virginia, that's the way
it works.

11)Please realize that bathrooms, even those at the tubs, do have
legitimate purposes. Giving someone a blowjob in a cubicle while
outside the locked door seven guys are turning various shades of
green will not make you popular.

12)If you are tempted to wear a Lacoste shirt with your towel,
understand that many people would find it a capital offense.

13)Finish what you start.

14)If you see a man in a room with a can of Crisco, a thick belt,
and a bottle of poppers neatly arrayed on the little table,
before entering, be certain you know the purpose of all three

15)When it's past the wrist is not the time to say "no".

16)It's okay to bring your own rope; it's not okay to tie yourself

17)Spending seventy-two consecutive hours at the tubs will neither
destroy your reputation nor greatly enhance it.

18)If you are at the baths busily cheating on your lover, don't
make a scene should you discover him there.

19)People who say, "I've never done that before," should be
informed that the ability to deep throat is not genetic.

20)Those who lose the keys to their rooms or lockers are never
heard from again.

21)The law of increasing good looks: People tend to become more
attractive the longer you are there.

22)In the dark all cats are gray, but ten inches is still better
than six inches.

23)Men with small cocks can be sexually tremendous if they are
technically proficient, but men with big dicks don't have to
know a damn thing.

24)Doing it for England is as valid a reason for doing it as any.

25)A primitive tribe in Borneo does not have a word for "no" in its
language. Natives deny sexual favors by looking mournful and
saying, "I'd like to, but I just came."

26)After you've been fucked by twelve guys in the orgy room, you
will never again convince anyone with your coy routine.

27)Asking to borrow someone's cockring is even more tasteless than
asking to borrow someone's comb.

28)Law of maximum discomfort: When they call your room number or
locker number to the front desk you will inevitably be in a
position impossible to get out of quickly without seriously
injuring yourself.

29)You can cause a panic by yelling, "There's a man in room 379!"

30)For a real hoot, go to the baths without having used alcohol or
drugs. It is truly amazing how fabulously you will be able to
make out when you are the only one there in a solid state.

31)Giggling is not a correct response to, "Wanna fuck?"

32)If you can remember the title of the porno movie that was
showing in the "rest section", you did not have a good time.

33)It is pointless to consider why guys who won't even talk to you
at the bars are so eager to suck your cock at the baths.

34)Spending more than two hours with one number at the baths makes
you two "an item." More than four hours makes you engaged. On a
good night, it is possible to commit bigamy.

35)For some unknown reason, it is considered embarrassing to make
it with someone you already know.

36)No one ever believes the line, "We're really not lovers."

37)At all times, remember that tubbing is a participation, not a
spectator sport.

38)Spending hours deciding what to wear to the tubs is a
particularly inane waste of time.

39)Never try to explain the baths to heterosexuals.

40)Possession of more than three bath cards makes you a serious

41)Georgina's law of the weight room: People working out are doing
it for your benefit, not theirs.

42)Formal attire means a black jockstrap.

43)Contrary to popular belief, one can indeed be too clean.

44)You can never be too rich, too muscular, or have too big of a


45)Believe it or not, it is possible to have good sex without using
poppers. A man in New Jersey claims to do it all the time.

And those are the Rules Of The Baths. Use them wisely and pass the
knowledge along to those newcomers who may need it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Ahh. I just turned 30 last Sunday. It was a somber day for me.

Last Friday, I went to Sweet & Vicious Bar in Lower East Side to mingle with some deaf people ... it is the monthly Deaf Professional Happy Hour. I was VEE VEE at people there. Especially Dina Raevsky. That lady has no class or shame.

Then on Saturday night, my friends and I got together to celebrate my birthday and it was very cold. We went to The Cock, they went because they heard a lot about it from me. And I enjoyed it very much. Joe the Slutty One, as usual, ruined the night for me as he vanished with someone he met. The more I observed Joe, the more I agreed with Ben Vess.

Speaking of Ben, I need to email him and Aaron to find out when will they sneak in back to Manhattan?

Maria is champ. She is wild gal. Yet, she is an interpreter!

Speaking of an interpreter, there is a guy in NYC who is hearing but posed himself as deaf. His name is none other than Wes. Pitiful character.

Mikey got a BMW? From his mother? I question that. I should call the IRS and see what happens next. Hee hee.

This weekend, I'm going to flee to Philadelphia to see Jason and Gus. Hopefully, I'll be at peace for a weekend. I even will see Darlene Ewan! That is going to be great -- we'll spend the whole time backstabbing Ritchie Bryant!!

Bitch, am I? Deal with it. After all, I'm 30 as of now. 1/3 (or 1/2) of my life is gone, gotta do something about it!


Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Sorry for not writing on daily basis (yeah, right), but just wanted to throw some interesting stuff about what I did last weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

Last Thursday, Ben V. came to visit *me* in New York!!

We went to The Hole where he was certainly impressed with the liberal attitudes of that shaggy bar. Then I freaked out -- the FTM trannie is BACK! Ben saw him (her?) and I told him that it was that guy! He was in state of disbelief. Suffice to say, I avoided that trannie all night long.

On Friday, Ben and I spent the day at work and around Manhattan -- we went to the 30th Anniversary Greenwich Village Parade but it was so packed that we could not get in 6 Avenue from 5 Avenue! :-( But we saw many bizarre stuff -- I also saw a guy dressing up as Roy Horn with a stuffed white tiger biting his neck! LOL.

Saw Superman wearing a neck brace. Hee hee. Saw one GORGEOUS costume -- Neo of The Matrix series! He dressed so *perfect*.

Then we went to The Cock where he came in without a problem. He was surprised to see the "activities" in the backroom. The antics that they do ... I smiled. One guy who is the CEO of Evian bottles or something -- he hits on Ben so Ben told him that I'm his boyfriend. Hahahaha! He invited us for a dinner the next day but it was spoiled because one little pesky guy stole him for the night ... we had no desire to follow up on that crap -- yes, one little pesky guy is deaf slut.

On Saturday, we travelled across the Brooklyn Bridge, WTC site, Chelsea Piers, Battery Park and drove in the cab around ... took him to XL Lounge. Blah, blah, blah. Didnt sleep until Ben hopped on the bus towards Washington.


I miss him already. Aaron needs to come and share him with me. 3? Perhaps ... ;-)

Then on Sunday, I spent the whole day sleeping in my lair (for Brooke, it is liar) to recuperate my energies.

On Monday, I met a cute guy at SBNY (I went to see Walter and chit-chatted) and his name is Steve. Shortly, I saw that FTM trannie again! He (She?) came to me and asked me why I did not talk to him. I thought of a way -- I said, "Did you see that guy wearing orange coat last Thursday? That deaf guy? Yeah, that is Ben! He asked me to be his boyfriend so I accepted."

He resigned to this idea and said "Congratulations," and walked away ... perhaps for ever.

Thank you, Ben.


P.S. Thank you, Aaron, for letting Ben be my boyfriend for a weekend. ;-)

Monday, October 27, 2003

Few days ago, I went to the grocery store on 14th Street in Manhattan. Stood in a line at the counter. Paid for my food. Saw the polaroid pictures of many persons holding things such as candies, milk, meat, pasta, turkey, et al by the window just right off the counters.

It looked like it is some kind of winner for some prizes. I asked a lady about it. She said, "Shoplifters". I gasped and looked at it all over again.

I noticed something interesting. Most shoplifters are women. Most of these women stole the stuff that is considered to be very basic to the human's needs like milk, bread, meat et al. Most men stole junk foods.

That is interesting, eh.

Only in New York, my dear, only in NEW YORK!!


Sunday, October 26, 2003

Today is sunday. My roommate's computer really sucked over the weekend. It keeps timed out every 10 to 15 minutes. It drives me nuts.

Last Thursday night, went to XL, guess who I bumped into ... again?! The creators of Chelsea Boys! Turns out that they were promoting their book in a bar. So I decided to take 6 CB postcards and have them sign for my special friends -- expect to see them in your mailboxes. Only six of you, sorry.

Then on Friday, I got to wear jeans at work! My boss announced the day before that it is allowed for that particular day. Yay! Then one of my consumers told me nonchalantly that she has the Speech Class with Robert DeNiro's son. I was surprised and it turned out that his son is deaf.

After work, JD took me to the storage facility to collect all of my stuff OUT for good. Yay. He's great guy. Then I spent all night unpacking and decorating my bedroom in Park Slope. It looks cramped, cozy and nice.

After that, I fled to The Cock to meet Little Joe. I was fucked up. One guy tried to make fun of me by imitating my language and I shoved him down and cussed him out. He was stunned. LOL. After that, I talked with the bouncer about letting my friends from DC entering even they are underage. She smiled and said, "As long as they pay $5 for admission." Radical.

The next day, I was stunned that I bought 6 used books. Apparently, I was drunk that I bought these books on Avenue A (they always sell these books on the streets in the middle of the night) for the total of $13. Not bad.

Saturday and Sunday was very quiet -- as I spent the time in my bedroom -- oozing in my own room with my own stuff. Now what I need is a permanent boyfriend. Any volunteer? ;-)



Thursday, October 23, 2003

Cincinnati State University is stupid.

Anyone who pushed my friend out is utterly stupid.

Beth & CWO, get the fuck out of Cincinnati. Let's rule NYC by my side. ;-)

Where is Keith? I miss him silly.

Aaron & Benis, you guys have to come to New York as soon as possible.

Halloween is next week -- and the best thing is ... it is on FRIDAY NIGHT!!

I just finished Under The Banner of Heaven and Chelsea Boys, 16th book is now ... The Serbs by Tim Judah.

Tonight, I'm heading out to McKenna's Pub, XL Lounge and ... maybe, The Cock.

Wait and see. It is cold but yet so great to be in New York.

David Gest is so dramatic. A tiger should bite him.

Nanc needs to be here so that we can wreck Manhattan.

I just found out that the ferry boats to Staten Island is *free*. No wonder about the accident.

Until then,


Monday, October 20, 2003

One time I read my sister's favorite graphic novel (series) called AKIRA -- it is about a telepahtic struggle between some weird people caused by the secret scientists in Tokyo before one of the subjects annihilated the large portions of the city. Then years later, someone tried to revive or incorporate the powers of Akira, there are groups that were created to protect the secrets of Akira, some sponsored by the government -- some aren't. However, what I'm trying to say is that in one group not sanctioned by the government, run by Lady Miyako. She is also telepathic and trained her loyal followers how to manipulate the metaphysical energies. At one point, she and her two loyal bodyguards were trapped by one powerful telepathic being who wanted to absorb Lady Myiako -- they fought by focused on pushing and the other kept on pushing -- it became a stalemate, caused the rocks, grounds, walls to break -- one of debris tapped on Lady Miyako's bodyguard's cheek, distracted his focus as he was hurled to the wall so fast that his body and blood splatted all over. Lady Miyako shouted, "FOCUS! Don't LOOK!"

Well, I was that bodyguard last weekend.

Last Saturday, went to see friends at a bar. Chatted with them. So I say SYL and head off to The Cock Bar. One guy approached me and chatted with me. He's cute, has a goatee. Very cute. We talked. Then he kissed me. Since he kissed me, why not continue this drama, right? So I did. Then he told me that he had something to share and hoped that I am cool. He used to be a woman.

That totally shattered my Saturday night.

On Sunday, I went to the storage and got my stuff out (some, but not all of them) -- then went to The Dugout -- heard that it is very popular on Sundays for bears. Saw Ryan Reins for the first time in 11 years. He gained. 'Nuff said. His first response was: "Ricky? You looked so different -- you lost a lot!" How nice. Then I saw a cute guy named Carlos. Gave him my email address. Well, I have to try.

Then on Monday night, my mind was set on going to Barnes & Noble Booksellers on 6 Avenue and 21st St in order to meet and get the book autographed by the creators of Chelsea Boys.

I wanted to make an impact on the creators, I had an idea. I got in touch with Walter and asked him to meet me at BN in the center of the audience so we can chatted with each other during the reading lecture, primarily because I *knew* they would not provide an interpreter at all. I also wrote a brief note stating that I am Ricky, that I enjoyed reading their works for the last 3 years. That I was not surprised that they lacked an interpreter for me to enjoy their comments on the book. Am I bad? ;-) I also mentioned that in every gay community, there is always a deaf gay person -- the book is notorious for including every group possible but I fail to see a deaf gay person.

I gave it to him at the book-signing. The authors wrote a nice note, saying that seeing me and Walter in the middle of the audience was all they needed -- they gave me the e-mail address. I said, "Why?" They said they wanted to create a deaf gay character and me to help out. Ain't that fuckin' cool? :-)


Saturday, October 18, 2003

October 15. That day should be the national holiday. It is the first day of NCAA Collegiate Basketball practice! LOL. I love College Women's Basketball. It is so personal and vicious.

And I'm happy that Virginia Cavaliers will come to New York on December 5 to play Long Island University. I'll cheer on for the Cavaliers to crush LIU. Bet you a dollar or two that Coach Ryan will come and see me to chat for few minutes before she heads off to Charlottesville where Aaron is studying.

I remembered one comic book where a group of villains were shocked to see X-Men alive, one villain (Riptide) said: "Aint they supposed to be croaked?!" His teammate, Arclight uttered: "Big deal. So are you." Arclight mentioned that Riptide was brought back from his death few months ago. That was good snap.

Last Thursday night was bit odd. Met Walter and Cynthia and went to The Hole. One guy approached me and chatted with me. He repeatedly asked me to smile. He said he can tell that I am wary of hearing men. Which is true. I declined to smile severla times and he was persistent. Shortly, he turned out to be a well-known magician who is good friends with Roy Horn, the guy whom was bitten by a tiger in Las Vegas. He introduced me to folks who made Aretha Franklin famous.

Let's say that Walter, Cynthia and I had a blast time with these folks. :-)

Tonight, I'm off to an irish bar to see some acquaintenances to see if I can click with them? If not, I'm off to The Cock Bar.

It is 3:30 PM EST, I wanna read a book and nap. Seecha,


Thursday, October 16, 2003

Beau is no more. Beau is nice. Beau is confused. Beau is finished. So I say ... SYL!

Ahh. Just wanted to talk about professional baseball games. I felt bad for Steve Bartman. The die-hard fan of Chicago Cubs who was caught up in the excitement and tried to catch a foul ball, did not see Cubs' player trying to catch it ... the result is that the Cubs collapsed and lost the last two games to Florida Marlins.

This is interesting. The Cubs hasn't reached nor won the World Series since 1908. Many said that the team was cursed by a bar owner with a goat or something. Nevertheless, what made me smile is that it was their own FAN who was the first "domino effect" that puts the Cubs away.

I felt bad for Steve Bartman because he is 26, die-hard fan of Chicago Cubs and yet, everyone in Chicago hates him. Even the Governor of Illinois took a crack at him. I think I need to send Steve to Beth's bosoms for some protection. God knows how big her boobs are and capable of hiding him for months. ;-)

Otherwise, I hope Boston Red Sox wins tonight against Yankees mainly because I like to see the strings broken. I like to see Yankees fans being stunned and anguished. Maybe a riot will occur -- either way, I'll be there!



Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I forgot to mention something very important. I love sports.

I'd like to extend my congratulations to my alma mater (high school), Virginia (VSDB) Cardinals for winning the Championship during the Mason-Dixon tournament Girls' Volleyball tournament in Knoxville, Tennessee last weekend.

This marked the first time in 33 years that Virginia Cardinals won any tournament in any sport. Of course, the gals on the team are ecstatic. The local paper in Staunton mentioned, "Some of the girls slept in their uniforms that night. And on the trip home, the girls took turns holding the trophy all the way back. Every truck driver between Knoxville and Staunton saw the trophy. They even took it in Shoney's when they went to eat."

Up next is ... Mason-Dixon Girls Basketball Tournament -- with Mercer, Fuller, Anderson, Doss and Stickley running the show, anything can happen.

Today was very windy. Even my co-workers said it is insignificant -- just wait until November or December. Speaking of high winds, there was a ferry boat accident that left 10 people dead and scores of people with no arms or legs on a ferry boat approaching the Staten Island piers. It would be interesting to see how Cody Sadler *talks* without the use of his arms. It'd be a blessing for us all.

Just read Mikey Murvin's blog -- hilarious!! He crafted a cool blog, kudos to him! I think I'll head to Miami for Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe I should get in touch with Mark Helmuth . . .

I am reading a book by Jon Krakauer, Under The Banner of Heaven. It talks about the extremists of American Religion -- Mormon Fundamentalists who practice polygamy. Very sensational book which the Church of Latter-Day Saints condemned and the local bookstores in Utah refused to sell the books.

Ben already visited NYC with me, but not Aaron -- so it'll be their FIRST TIME to make the journey TOGETHER. More headaches for me.

Will go to The Hole with Walter, Cynthia and Joe tomorrow night. Hadn't been to that place in weeks.

Oh, one more thing, as you already knew I visited Gallaudet last weekend and when I approached upon the campus, I saw the damaged stone 'fence' by the entrance. I rolled my eyes. It always happened every once in 3 to 5 years. In my career at Gallaudet, I already saw *three* -- last weekend would be 4th if I still live in DC.

Florida Avenue NE can be insane while 8th Street is so innocent. Insane and innocence do not mix, at all. Only two blocks away from that intersection is where Chanda Smith was killed five years ago on October 8th.

Oh, if you want to check my webpage, feel free to click on Ridor's Page.

I'm off to bed, it beckons me to sleep in peace. This weekend, I should have Beau here for the night or two. Yay.


Monday, October 13, 2003

What a weekend! I had a good time in the District. As expected, some stuff are good and bad.

It was good to see Rob and spend some quality time with him. then it was good to be back in a place I really liked -- Green Lantern. then the Apex. Plenty of drama as usual. But I was bored. I noticed something interesting about myself at the Apex. Lots of people were dramatic. I got tired of it so quickly. I think I matured quickly in New York to apoint where I think these petty dramas were simply childish.

On Friday night, it was fun to hang out at Gallaudet. It was good to see some people. Saw Delanne, Mark, Paula, Jason, Ken and so on. Then went to the Pre-HC Bash party, I was thrilled and enamored to see Todd and Dyan! Aaron and I hung out together. Generally, it was very somber party for me, personally. I'm 29. My time at Gallaudet is finished.

Aaron and I chatted a lot. It was so easy to make him laugh. It was so easy to make him *guffaw* uncontrollably. All you have to do is to tell him the true story about my experiences. Such a sweet and beautiful boy. Ben & Aaron are someone I try to cherish behind the screens.

On Saturday, I am not fond of Homecoming Day because of its massive numbers of deaf people. It is hard to greet and talk with everyone you wanted to see. But that is something I am used to.

Later in the evening, I went to the Washington Plaza Hotel for the Eye Party with friends. I get to see some old friends. But one guy offended me with his stupid behavior. Cody Sadler is that name. That guy is always oddball since he first came to Gallaudet. He thinks he's all that. But he is not. At the party, I did nothing but watching the people mingle and holding my wine. Suddenly, Cody came to me and jerked my arm (where I was holding my wine) to get my attention. No, wine did not spill over but it startled me. I turned to look at him and said, "Do not do that again, please." His approach was very condescending, "whatever you say, how is your life in NYC?" that was rude, disgusting and stupid. I do not hate him. Never had to do that. I always pitied him from day one. He is not attractive. His personality is not great. His intelligence is all twisted. In fact, if he tried to look at his mirror, it'd groan and crack in thousand pieces. That is when you will know that it is Cody Sadler.

Otherwise, I had a good time with old friends and I returned to New York on Sunday night. For the time being, New York is my home. I look forward to the day Ben and Aaron makes their first journey to New York!

Oh, oh. I met CWOME! He's charming, cute and all that. Just what I expected all along. Beth is getting outrageous each time I see her. Must be age or experience?

Oh, I gotta tell you something ... I got the pics of two Gallaudet homos students having sex. It is interesting. Disgusting but yet interesting. *evil cackling*

Until then,


Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Beau read JSA #51 last Saturday night. Then he said, "I know why you liked Mordru." I smiled and looked at him for an answer. He then smiled and wrote down, "He says things as it is."

Bingo! Beau gets it right. It is not matter of how powerful he is with his magic or his chronal energies, it is how he talks.

"My mistake, boy. Such a wonderfully grand entrance! But you are still a pretender. A weak mind. Weak soul. Lost in your own self-pity. Hiding under that helmet. I do not know how you managed to return to the mortal plane but where I banish you next -- you'll never return!"

"Coward?! I fear nothing! You are nothing!!"

"If I must die to escape a life of anguish and misery ... then so shall you!"

"Ahh, you cannot know how good this feels, Time Mistress ... if we are truly to accomplish this quickly ... come with me." (Mordru then wiped out 8 mages in a blink, absorbed their powers and souls, these 8 mages never had a time to think or react).

As you can see, I love Mordru. He's badass character who does not give a shit about others but himself.



P.S. Beth, I just realized something ... remember we often chatted about stupid things when we were flying high? That was fun ... sigh ... we gotta do it again someday.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Oh, one more thing. I forgot to mention something.

Another tabloid in NYC, NY POST, it is far trashy and worse than NY Daily News, in my opinion.

It had a great headline that you will never find it in The Washington Post, Wall Street journal or even USA TODAY. It reads: "THAT FILTHY WOMAN!!"

The article was about the court found the mother guilty of not taking care of her son who lived in filthy home. Her son was ten years (or 12? Cannot remember.) old who smelled bad, had a bad breath and was constantly harrassed by his school classmates and in the end, he killed himself.

NY POST really had it out on that stupid bitch for not being responsible mother.

Gotta love these tabloids.

Saw "Yossi & Jagger".

Out of 4 stars, I give it 0.4. For 71 minutes, nothing really materialized. I knew that Yossi loved Jagger. Jagger wanted Yossi to utter the dread three words which Yossi refused. Yossi & Jagger's comrades are waste of time -- why do they belittle each other throughout the film? The dialogue was pretty dead. Then in end, nothing really happened. Nothing changed. Waste of my fuckin' time and $.

Actually, I must admit that this film is the only movie that has a better poster than the film itself.

I is the VEE at peers around me. You know, I really *hated* taller hearing men sitting in front of me (I'm 5'6, for god's sake). And what really made me want to kill them is when they try to go higher so that they can read the subtitles. Totally forced me to STAND so I can read the subtitles. It almost happened today, but thank God, he lowered his fat head.

You know, that film is consistent of what I call: Eurotrash flicks. These films always end on a bad or ambiguous note. Ugh. "Yossi & Jagger" is like that.

When I was waiting for the film to start, I was reading NY Daily News (God bless 'em!), a tabloid in NYC -- I was reading about Jeremy Shockey. He is professional football player for New York Giants. He has a motormouth that often landed him in trouble with the media, mass and folks at Giants. Among the offensive tactics, he cracked at gay people last summer. He said something about refusing to shower with gays. And the most recent article was about him shouting at fans who were leaving earlier during the game with 5 minutes left. He said something to an effect, "YOU LOUSY FANS, GIVE YOUR TICKETS TO SOMEONE ELSE, DONT COME BACK!" Something like that. Of course, NY Daily News made a drama of it.

I was thinking ... why not having a bad guy or good guy in a film or TV show, maybe something happened. They visited someone's home and made a threat on that guy's life for something (be it drugs or whatever, I dont care!) -- then the guy with the guns saw the poster of Jeremy Shockey on the wall. Smiled. Then asked the victim if he liked Jeremy. He nodded. Then the bad (or good) guy then used his guns to strafe the poster and said, "My brother is gay, I love him. Shockey better stay away from me." Something like that. That would be champ! This would send a good message to TV viewers! And to Shockey.

Ahh, it's 1:06 AM. Time for me to go to bed. You know, I am starting to realize that I do like Beau. He lets me do whatever I wanted to, as long as we just communicate with each other. Such a low maintenance guy, he is. It is not something I am used to it but I can learn.

Ahh, I just read Beth's blogs. I agreed with her about someone's mood swings these days. It is getting to me.

Good nite, dudettes.


I hate Andrew Sullivan. I sort of liked Michelangelo Signorile. But NYC men are inane. Last night, I was chatting with someone online. He liked me for a while until he discovered that I'm Deaf. No big deal, right? No, it is big deal to him. He said he can not date a deaf person because he has to learn ASL. He said I need to find a person who likes ASL in order to go out with me.

I was offended. I was like, "Fuck you! I want a person to like me for who I am, not because of my fuckin' language, you dumbfuck!" He is a Musician -- his name is Adam -- you can find him on some website. He is going to be the DJ for Growlorama, an event sponsored by NY Bears and Cubs organization.

Men can be mean. Especially hearing men. I must admit that I never encountered such a condescending attitude like this in DC when I was there. But in NYC, Adam was third person to say that, I believe, in my face. Know what I did next? I disparaged him and bombarded him that he is such a stupid hearie because he loves music so much. He is obsessed with the sounds that elicits out of machines. How pitiful.

Now, about Growlorama, Adam said that I should stay here this weekend instead of going to DC to show some support for Growlorama event which is doing a good "cause" by fundraising $$ for HIV/AIDS organizations. I think it is stupid. Utterly *stupid*. Know why? They hosted a "play party" where a lot of sex took place, most of them are barebacking. Barebacking means "no rubbers". Why fundraising if you have these parties? If they want to get HIV/AIDS, more power to them but don't feed them with my money.

I will stick to the plan -- that is, going to DC and reunite with my old friends this weekend.

Sullivan is conservative but he is hypocrite. Signorile exposed the truth about him and his activities. Signorile is liberal but uses common sense. But lots of people demonized him for attacking Sullivan. I do not. But otherwise, I think I stand out from both of them -- I do not give a cent to the HIV/AIDS organizations at all. Because there are many, many people who do not care about getting it in the first place. So why bother? Let the disease weed them out. Darwinism is great, ain't it?

I'm heading off to see "Yossi & Jagger" film, it should be fun. It is an Israeli film about two men who were in the military and fell in love with ... each other! What an erotic.

Then only one more day before I reach my Domain!



P.S. Rob, you better be ready!

Monday, October 06, 2003

The sun rises slowly over Manhattan and I'm still on antibiotics. It is cold here. I'm heading to Waldenbooks at Rockfeller Center to use up the damned gift certificate. God, I hate Waldenbooks. Why not Barnes&Noble Booksellers or Borders?! Stupid my sister!

Last night, I chatted with Merritt. The tone of his implicated that this weekend is going to be ... insane. So one day at a time.

Roses are red, violets are purple, men are pigs. But sometimes you got to eat bacon because it is delicious. What I am trying to say is that, we have to give someone else a *chance*. Even if he bashed me too much lately, I think I will still give it a shot if it can be done.

Oh, one more thing, CWOME, no, I do not have warts. Thanks for your genuine concern. Having Throat Infection does not mean that you will get warts. That is what your theological seminaries would teach. How pitiful.


Sunday, October 05, 2003

Beau came over last night. He was sweet. And for the first time, he was able to hear what kind of roommates do when they talk. Beau said that the younger one's voice is so high-pitched, whiny and weird. The older guy's voice is more of passive, nicer and conformist to the younger one. Beau also mentioned that the younger guy sounds very anti-social. Makes sense.


Speaking of interesting things, NYC continues to amaze me. Just read the article in Daily News at the coffee house just two blocks from my abode. Had a picture of a full-sized tiger roaring at NYPD Cop who rappells down the 15th story building in a housing project in Harlem! turns out that a tenant kept a tiger and an alligator in the apartment. The NYPD Cop had to shoot the tranquilizer into the tiger to take it to Cleveland, Ohio.

God, it only happens in New York! Too bad it did not go to Cincinnati to entertain some guy named CWO.

Hey, CWO, at least, I kissed beautiful men. I wondered if you do the same ... nah, you do not.

I can't wait to make my grand entrance to DC in few days. Prior to that, I think I'll catch a matinee to see "Yossi & Jasser", an Israeli film about two military guys who fell in love with each other. Such a butch story.

I can't believe I'd say this but I do miss Merritt. It'll be fun to see him being so dramaticover the weekend in my domain.



Saturday, October 04, 2003

RE: Chipotle's. there is ONE in New York! At Grand Central Terminal!! As soon as I am recovering from my illness, I might check it out and celebrate like a little boy. :-)

Speaking of illness, I was sick with Throat Infection and 102.6 temperature. Funny Nothing! I hate being sick. It always made me paranoid. Made me wonder if I got it from a kiss, sex or even, a hug by Beth. To make things worse, when I told CWO about my illness, he was quicker to say, "You kiss too many frogs".

He was referring to the kisses I received from different men in NYC. Yes, I must admit that I kissed many men in NYC than I did in DC in 10 years. If the opportunity is there, why not? It is not case of being a whore. A kiss is always nice. Well, there are some stupid and immature people out there.

I can't wait for the trip to the District on October 9 through 12. It will be my first time to be in Washington, DC since June 2nd, 2003. That is *five* months away from D.C. First thing when I arrive is going out to a dinner with Rob, a special friend of mine (gasp! he is hearing!) then head off to my favorite bar, Green Lantern, for its famous free drinks if you take your shirt off for an hour!! Then I'm going to crash The Apex and someone has to *announce* that I am back!

This weekend is going to be a blast ... blast ... and wild times!

Will let y'all know about it ... yahoo!


Monday, September 29, 2003

Know what? I thought I would never say this but I miss Chipotle's! God damn it - I miss it very much. I hadn't seen any in New York! The burning sensation of that spicy beef on my tongue is ecstatic. I miss it very much! :-( So soon when I invade DC, Chipotle's is going to be the first victim on my list. I'm going to put them out of business.

You know me, I love hot dogs. I have weakness for these dogs. No, not your dicks. The real HOT DOGS which you eat in your mouth and swallow it completely into your stomach! In DC, someone once said that you had not been to DC completely unless you went to Ben's Chili Bowl. Well, it is true. Its hot dogs are out of this world.

But in NYC, I found one that could rival DC's Ben's Chili Bowl. It is called CRIF Dogs in East Side. It has a slogan that says, "It is so good that you will hump your mama!" It is so good. I'm telling you. It is so good that it violated the jewish beliefs! The hot dogs, upon your request, can be bacon wrapped!!! So good, so sinful!

I was walking through the Tompkins Square Park. Saw lots of dogs in few months than I did in my lifetime. It seems to me that dogs are more interested in hydrants. Looking at one, they would stop and sniff for a long time. sometimes I wondered what they were THINKING about???

Spitting. God, I hate it. But it is the way of life -- for men in the Ozarks and ... yes, in New York City! Men spat everywhere. They spat on the sidewalks, grass, roads. And this morning in the subway station ... as the train rolled in, a guy in a nice suit with briefcase spat a big one on the exterior wall of the train before he stepped into the train in front of others and me. Nobody cared. We just stepped in the train. Sad ...

You know, my attitude is more of ... if you drop a shit on me, I will not be responsible for that so you bet I will throw it back at you. Think about it, my friends.



Sunday, September 28, 2003

"Hello Hoyt Parker." that word always stir me up. This was featured on The Colbys, a stupid spinoff of Dynasty, a nighttime soap opera on ABC TV a long time ago. What happened is that the Colbys learned that Hoyt Parker was the one who killed Constance Colby, but they also learned that the name itself was a pseudo name by someone else. Shortly, a family member turned to see a familiar figure who happens to be his ex-wife (which nobody in the Colbys knew at all), and she said, "Hello Hoyt Parker." Turned out that she is Mrs. Hoyt Parker. That was pretty traumatic moment for an early teenager like me. Probably why I am so dramatic at times.

I just realized something. 2003 is the *first* summer that I hadn't swam at all -- beach or pool. Not at all. the last time I swam was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last March with Mark who was yelling at me that the pool is fuckin' cold. The Hotel was also the situation that I had an oral intercourse with a married, straight stud who works as the maintenance resident. It was fun.

Of course, there are few things that happened last night but it is personal. So i am not going to talk about that -- you faggot fakey hos! I already learned my lessons during the college years and I shall not repeat it.

Gotta hit the sack for the week. Sleeping is something that is scarce in this town.

Until then,


Saturday, September 27, 2003

This morning, I was cleaning up my room and re-organize my photo albums. Beth, I still have that picture of you as a kid with your cute brothers. You know what I'm talking about? Anyway, I found one picture that I took in Summer '97 when I drove through Wyoming. Such a great time! Upon entering Yellowstone National Park, there was a huge post by the road, it reads:


To a regular visitor, it made me chuckle at first.

I was watching The Osbournes' First Season on DVD -- man, I wish I could be part of that! Sharon and Ozzy are cool parents. I love the way Sharon used words to emphasize when someone offended her, "Not a word." She quipped again and again.

Tonight, I shall go to Excelsior Bar here in Park Slope to see what is up with the bar because it was mentioned in an email that a Deaf Nite will be taken place at that bar.

Had a fight with one guy last night. We were mad at each other. He blocked me online. That made me realize something. In a warped, bizarre sense, we kinda 'cyberloved' each other even we never met. He is funny, smart and attractive. But also volatile, opinionated and firm. There are some stuff I should not have said to him in the first place. I guess I will try to apologize, somehow. But I personally think this particular fight made me realize that he is indeed cute. Umm.

Ahh, I just hope Beau gets online so we can talk about the plans today or tomorrow. Sigh.


Friday, September 26, 2003

My friend who was suspended pending an investigation was fired without having a meeting with him. Not only that, one staff who defended him was also fired.

My friend said that it was obviously a ploy by two persons who wanted to take their jobs because it offers excellent pay with free use of apartments. I asked him what would make him say that? He said that for weeks, these two persons -- Jessica and Paul Minor -- has been raving and ranting that they are jealous of them for having an excellent pay and the use of apartments. When some students attacked my friend with false accusations, Jessica and Paul Minor moved with a swift manner to take over their places. Paul is a hearing interpreter. I must admit that it never surprised me like that. A hearing interpreter is always a great asset to Deaf Community but they are also a fuckin' liability.

Yes, you may wonder why I named these fools with their real names? Because in the Deaf Community, their names will be carried around with contempt. Since I branded them as my enemy because they ambushed my close friend, it is a total war.

Went to someone's apartment. On 19th floor on 14th Street. The couple also has a balcony that offers the full view of downtown Manhattan and behind me looms much taller building in Empire State Building. It was amazing adobe that they had. Guess being a doctor and lawyer do help a lot. Thanks, dudes. That was fun.

The sundown just occured here right now. The beginning of Rosh Hashannah. In New York, there are more Jews here than the rest of the United States. In fact, the population of Jews in NYC is larger than Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city! So the Jewish holidays are cherished, respected and observed here in New York. I am from The South where I was told that Jews live in forests and are green people. But when I went to college, I said: "Oh, they're just like us." And discard these misconceptions that I had learned when I was a kid. If you are curious about Rosh Hashannah, it is the Jewish New Year. 5,767 years, I believe. So should I say Happy Rosh Hashannah? I'm not sure.

I'm off to mellow a little before I vanish to Manhattan in few hours.


Thursday, September 25, 2003

Two nights ago, I spent the night with this person ... let's call him, Beau. He was just great, adorable, cute and laidback. Yeah, stayed overnight. Wore the same clothes to work. My boss said, "Why?!" I said, I did not go home. This reminds me of something else to bring ... extra clothes and leave it in the locker in my office, for emergency purposes.

No, I am not limping. No, my ass is not hurting. Yes, we kissed ... to an extent. And slept. That was the nicest thing in a long time. I'm sure he found some cobwebs on my mouth since it hadn't been kissed in a while.

Come to think of Barry in Phoenix -- Chlms should get a chance to meet Barry. Both drives me nuts. Both loved women's basketball -- but Barry is such a faggot Dookie fan and ... such a hearie. That "three" critera guaranteed Chlms to *hate* Barry with contempt. Unless if they want to team up against me. I dare them to because I'm going to wipe them with my cheap brand toilet paper.

Just got a word from my friend somewhere else in the USA -- can't pinpoint which state because you'd know who's who so fast -- he got suspended from his workplace pending an investigation for "improperly touching a minor"! I find it ridiculous. Knowing that friend of mine, he has a thing for old geezers. He rejected twinks, bois or CWO for that matter! Actually, come to think of this -- he'd reject Barry as well, you dumbfuck -- Barry!! YOU! YOU! SO YOU! SO! WRONG!

If you do not understand what I meant by "you dumbfuck -- Barry!! YOU! YOU! SO YOU! SO! WRONG!" Do not bother to try -- it is all in ASL imitation, honey. Ask Mikey Murvin. He knew what I'm talking about.

Speaking of Mikey, I will never forget the moment a drama ensued in The Fireplace's Bar. More to the point -- in the bathroom at that bar. There were mirrors that was installed right above the standing urinals. About 5 feet high, not easy for me and others to use our toes to check our hairdo, faces ... one time, Mike decided to step on the standing urinal's bottom curb to look at the mirror at ease. Boom! The standing urinal dislodged and you should see Mike falling down with the urinal, crashing on the floor -- the fuckin' urinal actually broke down on the pressures of a thin person like Mikey! It was so funny and dramatic!



Monday, September 22, 2003

Hey! did you read about the suicidal lawyer in NYC? It should have been Barry in Phoenix! *You* know who I am talking about, you dumbfuck!

Just read the NY POST's Crimebeat. In Manhattan, there were three weird things that happened over last weekend.

1. A woman was found dead of apparent suicide, NYPD said. She is in her 30s and was a lawyer. (Lawyer? Does it pays well? LOL! This is mind-boggling one.)

2. MTA Officials found a dead body in the subway tunnels. MTA (the guys who runs the subway system) Officials suspected he was trying to walk into other train using the doors between two trains and somehow, fell out and under the train. The officials also mentioned that the dead one appeared to be homeless. (Are they sure that the person is homeless? After all, if one fell off and under the train, it is *very* dirty down there. Not only that, being trampled by the train itself can make you look like homeless, really!)

3. There was an incident related to the stabbing between two females at Stonewall Inn during the line by the bathroom. (Stonewall Inn is a gay bar, not a lesbian bar. In Daily News, it was mentioned that the patrons said, "There was one here? Really, I have no idea!" upon asking about the stabbing incident. LOL.)

Only in New York, my dear friends, only in New York!


Sunday, September 21, 2003

All right, my weekend was nice. Actually, last Thursday night, I was sick in bed until around the next day around 9 PM. I woke up from a long nap, thanks to Joe's paging me several times. I was itching to get out of my place. So off to The Cock to see Cyn and Joe.

I noticed that I got sick twice or thrice when I am in New York in a short time. I wondered if it's a case of change or homesick? Hard to tell. I gotta be tough.

Last night, I went to see someone else. He is cute, sincere and great. After talking with him for hours, it is evident that he underwent a lot of changes since he was a teenager (he is now 23). We were supposed to head out to the bars but somehow, his ex (who is supposed to pick us up and head off) came by and saw us chatting (prior to his arrival, he told me to tone down the excitement between me and him not to hurt his feelings which I agreed), his ex then became jealous, angry -- I can see he hurled some demeaning comments to my 'new friend'. He kept on insisting that he does not want to hurt his ex.

That was not the case at all. His ex is only attacking him to keep him under his wings. Suffice to say, I'm too old for that -- so I left. I already saw much excitement than dealing with this shit. I just hope Joel sees the light at the end of the tunnel and pray that it is not the train coming.

Speaking of excitement, there was an episode that happened in D.C., with me, Toby, Irvine and Brad. I remembered telling Toby (who was drunk) to look at the guy who was kissing Brad, Toby was furious. I told him to look because I knew Toby *hated* that man who were kissing Brad. Why? Because that stupid hearing guy loves to chase after deaf men, for some reasons unknown to us all. But I did not realize Toby went after them. He slapped them both when they were kissing at a coffee shop, then Brad pushed the taller and skanky Toby. As Toby was being pushed, he lost his balance and crashed on someone's table. I looked in horror and Irvine quickly looked at me, "My god, you did this!" Then he laughed hysterically. So do I. We ran out of coffee shop, leaving the melee in Toby and Brad's hands in front of more than 30 customers.

Basically, this is what I enjoyed the most ... once in a while. I look forward to have this in DC when I return in October. There, I will wage a battle (or two) to retain my Empress position.

On Sunday afternoon, I was looking around at some shops on 5th Avenue in Park Slope and saw some cool shoes. Bought them. I think I'm happy with this. This is only the beginning of my personal transformation into a ... New Yorker! Brooklynite! We are New Yorkers, America is just an insignificant thing in our backyard! Whatever.

Beth wanted to know why I talked about Dirk with this particular guy whom I saw at a bar last Friday night. At that bar, I observed this guy whom I found out his name. Patrick. Patrick is obviously into himself. And he scorned people that does not look like him. It is pitiful. He shall end up like Dirk sooner or later.

Beth wanted to know why Circe also shot herself. Well, as I mentioned earlier, the liberators freed Earth from the Dominators. At that time, Circe knew she is doomed to spend her life in prison for her performances as an assassin for the Dominators before she turned against them near the end. Basically, Circe is bad girl, but Dirk is far worse, in my opinion. Bang. SK SK to both.

I'll write more later tonight if I know anything ... right now, my mind is kinda absent. Need some drinks. Water or Coca-Cola? Decisions to make, what a dilemma!


Saturday, September 20, 2003

Dirk Morgna. that name always made me smile with a tone of disdain. Odd? Perhaps. But let me tell you about him.

Sometimes, people wondered why I read comic books. Well, some books have writers who took the characters seriously. There was a book called "Legion of Super-Heroes", it is about a group of super-heroes fighting against the evil in 30th Century. Futuristic crap? Sort of. But ride it out and try to understand where it leads to Dirk Morgna. Dirk Morgna was a member of LSH who was rich, womanizer, chauvinist and charismatic person. Most female members of LSH often cant stand or disregard his behavior. I recalled that when I was a kid, I didnt collect LSH but only skimmed but always disliked Dirk Morgna because of that.

Then came the 4th series of LSH, written by Keith Giffen, Tom and Mary Bierbaum. It is about five-year later right after the collapse of Earthgov, an unified government on Earth in 30th Century and it effectively disbanded the LSH. Long story, though but very bleak tale. Dirk Morgna ended up as the spokesman for a new Earthgov (The government was a puppet one, manipulated by the Dominators of another planet far away). Many former members of the LSH abandoned Dirk as Dirk often got on television, telling the mass that there is no need for LSH to band again. Blah, blah. One important tidbit, Dirk had an on-and-off girlfriend for some years, her name was Circe. She was aware of his habits.

Then one day, in one swift but yet surprising move by the Bierbaums and Giffen, in an issue where no reader prepare. The issue opened with a big explosion. There was an immediate confusion, then someone said: "It is Luna! It is Luna!"

But why? No one knew for sure. But in first five pages of an issue, many cities were obliterated by the falling debris. Later, the details emerged that someone (everyone said the Dominators were the ones who did it) accidentally detonated the destruction of Luna. Shortly before the destruction, Dirk vanished.

Few hours right after the global catastrophic incident, the planet was thrown into disarray and chaos. Then people revolted against the Earthgov and in the process, overthrew them and kicked the Dominators out. But meanwhile, someone found Dirk Morgna in a pod. A pod which is filled with flesh-eating chemicals ingredients, often done by the Dominators to torture the others to their deaths. One guy checked the vitals, he was still alive. But apparently, during the battles between the Dominators and the liberators exploded the building which the pod freed Dirk.

Dirk was heavily stripped of his flesh, his skins burning. Someone puts him in a room to rest. Circe heard about it and quickly found him, someone tried to stop her from seeing him but Circe was a tough woman. Circe saw him, he was groveling, unable to cry but obviously in pain. Circe was distraught. Then there was a statue of Dirk Morgna outside erected by the Dominators a long time ago for his eternal support of new "Earthgov" but it was vandalized. Someone sprayed stuff on his statue like "traitor", "diskhead-lover" et al.

Right after that, there was a panel that showed burnt Dirk with a hole in his forehead with blood gushing out. Circe was standing next to Dirk with a revolver in her hand, you could see the smoke coming out of her revolver. Then she sobbed then shot herself. Shortly right after the murder-suicide encounter, the last picture of the whole drama showed the planet continuing to revolve, regardless of what happened ...

When I read that, I never felt sorry for Dirk. Yes, I was sad but knew he had it coming. He asked for it. He gambled his way around and this was his payment for what he did to others. For years, he reaps what he sowed.

Now why was I talking about Dirk Morgna? Because there are many people on this world like Dirk. Last night, at a gay bar, I saw someone who quickly made me think of Dirk Morgna. Not the first time, though.


Friday, September 19, 2003

Edited. See y'all later.
Saw Gallaudet yearbook '01-02 which was distributed in part because the Gallaudet Administration confiscated the first edition last year. It contains some offensive comments about people. I finally got to see what people already said to me -- that in its Black Book, I was voted by the students as the Most Drama Queen of the Year at Gallaudet, I won with 48% while Rayni Plaster finished with 32%.

Dont know if I'm proud or pissed off about it. So no idea. Who cares?

Went to a gay bar. Very well-known for its sleazy, laid-back atmosphere which several famous people went to once in a while (they were mentioned in NY POST's Page Six). I'm telling you, I was standing near the entrance (was getting ready to leave) when a bouncer passed me his joint. I thought it was a cigarette. No, it was not. Wow. Well, I did not mention if I inhale or not.

Went to Remote Lounge last night, in part because I'm so cheapskate -- saw The Onion (check advertisement about free Bordu Vodka from 7pm to 9pm. When I got to Remote Lounge, I was flabbergasted with the environment. Everywhere, there are tiny camcorders with joysticks and buttons. If you want to cruise someone else in the basement or over there in the back, you use it to move the camera and call them. It was fun. I found one very cute guy. He knew someone was cruising him, he kept on saying, "Use the phone". All TV monitors has phone right next to it, but I ignored the phone. I just pushed the joystick up and down to check his body. He grinned and showed me his pierced nipple. Very cute. Then he pleaded me to pick up the phone. I picked up the phone and banged it on the table repeatdly then hung it up. Very fun, very cruisy and too bad it's straight bar.

Dating is good, but I need someone to nag and contend with me for 30 years. CWO said, 'Be careful, men are prone to take up the space in bed.' Ahh, cute, but that is what I wanted. I want petty things. If I was a lesbian or straight, I would chase Kate, Beth or maybe Chlms (these days, she is driving me nuts!) because they would just say things what's on their minds be it relevant or irrelevant.

People said, 'Honey, there are plenty of fishes in the sea,' -- yeah, but if you classify all fishes into different groups, and you are pretty limited to what you have on the table.

Ahh, I love the hurricanes. Too bad, Isabel did not come to Manhattan and cleansed East Side of its feces. I grew up in Virginia where hurricanes came by once or twice a year (if I am lucky, 3 or 4!). It is always fun and dramatic. One time few years ago, I took my European friends to the waterpark on the same day a Tropical Storm blanketed the region -- only less than 10 people were at the waterpark. We had a memorable time. My European friends told me that when they went to Europe and told them that they rode out the storm while they were at the waterpark, they were amazed. Cool?



Wednesday, September 17, 2003

FDNY, NYPD and that film, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

sorry for not able to write anything in the last few days. Was so busy with work and ended up being tired too much.

Today, my co-worker had a white ribbon on her shirt. She said, "Know what it stands for? It is to support men who has Testicular Cancer." I was bit surprised because I knew of a person (Fuck Lance Armstrong, he can suck my cock!) who succumbed to Testicular Cancer on the day U.S.S. Columbia disintegrated in the high sky. I smiled at my co-worker and she was quicker to say, "My boyfriend lost a ball, he now has only two." I said, "What? He had three?" She nodded, "Used to have 3 but now two." I was perplexed and never heard of a guy with THREE balls. then she giggled. She pulled my leg. That was good one.

Anyway, as you all already knew that I am in New York. Frankly, I am tired of NYPD and FDNY being portrayed as America's Heroes. they are not. Since 9/11, NYPD and FDNY has been harping on folks, especially in NYC, out of pity (perhaps?) in order to get money or fame. Honest, what did they do? They rushed to the Twin towers, tried to do something but ended up being crushed, maimed and massacred in the process. That is tragic. But they are not heroes. More than 2,000 people were perished because no firemen and policemen could save them. Actually, the firemen and policemen were paid by the taxpayers to do their jobs. Honestly, if there is no pay, no sane fireman will go up. Maybe two.

Now may I change the subject for a minute? Call it an idiosyncrasy of mine.

In the film, "What's Eating Glibert Grape?" -- Gilbert was arguing with his mother who was overweight more than 400 lbs or something at the dinner table along with the family except for their father who died of suicide sometimes in the past (which caused her to gain over the years) -- the argument was getting nowhere as Gilbert's eyes darted at his mild retarded brother (acted by Leonardo DiCaprio) and muttered a word: "Dad." Leo then became excited and shouted, "DAD DEAD! DAD IS DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD!" The mother banged on the table and shouted, "SHUT UP!!!!" Apparently, Gilbert *knew* that if you utter that word to his mild retarded brother, it'd trigger him to go haywire and pissed the mother off. Very funny but good strategy, Gilbert.

Now back to the FDNY & NYPD subject, they are crossing the fine line where they are now exploiting everyone for anything else. The loved ones and supporters of NYPD & FDNY recently asked the Port Authority to have the memorial designed *only* for NYPD & FDNY, separated from the rest who were waiting for these to do their jobs which they paid with their taxes.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that they are not heroes. They were paid to do what they were trained to do. Sometimes I want to mock the loved ones, imitating the mild retarded brother in the film and scream at them: DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD THEY ARE DEAD DEAD DEAD!! Now get over with it.

I'm done with this subject.

Today, I went to Tompkins Square Park and I love to watch the dog's area where all dogs mingled with each other. Very hilarious. Lots of butt sniffings, just like Chris tried to do with me few days ago but apparently, it was so bad that he stopped doing anything to me. ;-)

Suddenly, a bum got inside of the dog's area and took out his dick and pissed. Lots of dogs stopped and ran to him and sniffed him, the urine and area. People stared at him. He didnt care. there were kids around. He didnt care. Too bad I'm deaf, if I was hearing, I would yell and say, "Fuck off, there are kids. Go piss somewhere!"

Well, to quote what Cindy Adams said in NY POST: "Only in New York, my dear, only in New York."


Sunday, September 14, 2003

One hearing person asked me why I am so mean towards hearing persons, especially with my first blog. Well, I want to make it clear that I do not have an animosity towards every hearing person. Day after day, I am always classified not as Ricky but as a deaf person everywhere. To me, that is generalization that I have to live with, right? If I have to endure this, so can you as a hearie. It may sound like I am harsh, but I'm not. I already dated some guys who are ... hearing! Shocking? LOL.

NYC is amazing. My friend, Web, told me that the best place to appreciate New York is to live or hang out in Brooklyn, not Manhattan because the island is infested with tourists. Well, she is correct. I should amend to what she said -- the real New Yorkers are in the subway system! The real folks mingle down there. Everything you hear is in the tunnels.

One time, I was relaxing in the subway and I saw one beggar standing in the center of the train and he was singing in ASL. My eyes popped out. I cringed. He was saying:

Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord because he has been good to us!
Praise to God because he makes you here!
Praise the Lord!

Something like that, then he opened his bag and panhandled us all. I acted like I am hearing for few seconds. I had to, he was a disgrace. Ugh.

Ahhh. One nicest thing about NYC is the legendary EAST SIDE. It has one of the most liberal, laidback and friendly atmosphere in the country. One bad thing about the area is that it is prone to have feces on the sidewalks and streets, but I digress. Men in the gay bars in the East Side are much easier to chat, flirt and kiss. I must admit that here, I kissed more men in few months than I did in my years in Washington, DC!

Speaking of Washington, DC -- I do miss DC to an extent. Friends and enemies in DC, I do miss them. Here in New York, I am kinda going through a parenthesis. Time will come to me and I'll be fine. I hope so.

Beth, I'm glad you introduced or mentioned me to CWOME. I surely do. If not for him, my weekend would be, for the first time in some months, boring!


P.S. Detroit Shock won by a point! Whew, LA Sparks has to fuck off.
As of now, I am chatting with Beth, Darlene and Todd via AOL Instant Messenger while I write my very first blog. My gratitude to Beth for making me decide to go ahead and do something interesting with the blog. Thank you, mistress. :-)

*flick my hair behind*

Let me summarize who I am. I am newcomer to New York City. I learned that Long Island is not one of five boroughs (duh!). I also learned that there is a place called New Jersey over there. Basically, New York City is a place where I can truly "VEE" (for deaf viewers and profilic ASL users, you know the sign that you use to analyze too much ... look at the analyze sign itself ... looks like VEE, right?) at the people. I IS THE VEE!!

For instance, I was at a gay bar and there was a hearie who came to me with a note. He was sincere and curious. I smiled out of courtesy, just like Samantha from "Sex and The City" -- you know that smile of hers. then read the note. It reads: "If I slept with a deaf person, would I be infected with deafness disease?" I had to read it twice to make sure that he said it correctly. Sure enough, it was. I looked at him. And smiled. And wrote him back with a note: "Yes, you will be infected. Be careful."

Oh, I neglect to mention that I'm Deaf, gay, caucasian male of 29 years old. I do not need to tell you what I looked like because nothing is permanent. I was originally raised in Virginia. Grew up in Richmond, Hopewell and Staunton before emigrated to the District of Columbia for better reasons. Ahh, I graduated from Gallaudet ... twice. It is nice to have two BA degrees in my right hand while I write with my left hand. I am profilic at ASL, love to read, chit-chat (which is why I am talking to Beth, Todd and Darlene right now) and travelling. I lip-read a little so talking to me at The Eagle is impossible because the bar is so dark. I rarely use my voice unless I feel like to. People often asked me (especially in New York) why did not I learn to speak with my voice? that is good and legitimate question, no question about that. You see, I am Deaf, from a large Deaf family of six generations. Do I really to use my voice to talk with my family members? Of course not.

Before I close on this, a quick but interesting note. I live in Park Slope, a great community in Brooklyn. During the Massive Blackout of 2003 (last August 14, 2003) which paralyzed the city, I was stranded in the elevator for an hour and half. No, I didn't fuck anyone else. I was alone. It was not bad. Then I had to find a way to get home. Sure enough, I finally got home very late, after many hours. I have three roommates who are hearies. One of them quickly gave me the note and it reads: "The lights are out."

Umm, do they think I'm retard or what? After being stucked in an elevator for an hour and half and had to find my way home for many hours and now this?

That is hearie to you.