Thursday, December 11, 2003

RT Survives NYC Blizzard

Something like that, you would pick up from NY POST and read it immediately, right? It is interesting to be in New York where snowstorms/blizzards occur. The skyscrapers along with the Nor'easter (Sp?) made it lethal for the snowflakes to fall on humans. Why? When it fell towards the ground, the winds sliced through the skyscrapers, pushed the snowflakes into your eyes -- very difficult to maintain the walking if you lack a car. But thank God for subways!

You know how they say ... Only in New York, kids, ONLY IN NEW YORK!! It was reported in the papers that a guy sold snowballs for $1 each in Times Square. Ridiculous? Yeah, it is but you cannot deny the fact that this guy was creative.

One thing I liked the most about New York is that ... men (and women) are incredibly creative in making money, grabbing attention and ways to live. That is why people in New York clamored for it, they thrived off on it. Throw in sex and alcohol in the mix, and you have the wild weekend.

I really, really like the East Village men. They are so hot. And I'm exciting about the 'affair' next week on 19th. No details, honey.

Last Monday night, I observed a normal white man sitting on a park bench in Tompkins Square Park. He was inhailing crack. He is not a bum, punk or anything. He is like 1,000 times better than I am but he was smoking crack. Apparently, he assumed I wasn't watching him. But I was. Interesting.

I just finished The Serbs by Tim Judah. Am going to read the next book called "Saint of Circumstance", one of four books that I stole from a guy who sells the books by the street (he was sleeping), and I took 4 and walked away. To coin a phrase from Roger Desmarais, he would say: "Well, they leave it for us to take it. Who am I to ignore this opportunity?"

Tonight, I'm going to The Hole and see what's up with my friends, Corey, Kev and Keith. Should be fun. :-)

NY Drama Queen is going to make an appearance tomorrow afternoon and wreck Manhattan, anyone who is not prepared for this is going to be burned.

Oh, yeah, I found out that David Spillers is coming to NYC -- but he's bringing friends which I am not sure where to shelter them from the cold.

Yeah, the snowstorm is slated to return on Sunday night.

Time for me to get off and cook some dinner. Wish me luck or I'll burn the house down.


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