Saturday, December 27, 2003

Umm. Few months ago, someone told me Dr. Jean Grey died in X2 film. I was bit surprised -- then one explained that she sacrificed her life to save X-Men before drowning. This was too familiar. If you read the DARK PHOENIX SAGA in The Uncanny X-Men's Graphic Novel, you'll know that Jean Grey emerged out of the waters as ... DARK PHOENIX. So I finally got to watch X2 last Wednesday night. Just right before the waters consumed her, you could see the glow out of her eyes and body -- so expect her to come back with a triumphant return in X3 -- as Dark Phoenix. No, she is not good fella. She is going to be a villain. Love a woman who is like that. ;-)

Pyro in X2 who was a student of Charles Xavier ended up joining Magneto and Mystique -- in the comic books, Pyro is gay. I like him. One time, one woman tried to ambush him but was injured. Then Pyro stood above her and said, "Suck this!" He released a fire onto her face, killing her. Oooh. Who would have done such a thing? ;-)

I love Iceman's parents' cat. It licked Wolverine's claws. When Iceman showed his parents how his powers worked by freezing Mom's coffee -- the cat quickly got on the table and licked the frozen coffee. So cute.

It amused me when Mystique and Nightcrawler stood next to each other as if both do not recognize each other. And Nightcrawler (when I was a kid, I always call him "BAMF!") asked her if she can morph into anyone else she wished to be, why dont she stick to that permanently? Mystique snapped, "You should not have to do that at all." I was amused. Know why? In the comic books, Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother.
But in the film, they are not. Bryan Singer is clever lad.

Enough about comics and a film ... I did not go home for X-Mas. My parents ruined it all. What else is new? I am sick of that.

My sister, Hedy, who is now living in Dallas. She told me that she was asked to coach a boys basketball team grade 3 to 5 at Jean Massieu School in Dallas. I used to coach middle school girls basketball team in Kendall few years ago. Gave her tips. I hope she does well. :-)

New Year's Eve is looming closer -- scary. Parties are going wild around the city, I'm sure. I am sure I will go to The Hole for that infamous Triple XXX Event. How can I miss it?

Oh, Mad Cow disease is here in the United States. Ahh. Maybe President Bush will do the preemptive strike on Canada because it is a threat for us?



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