Monday, December 15, 2003

Ahh. They caught Saddam Hussein!! I told my Dad that they originally found him not in that rat hole near Tikrit, Iraq. It was a conspiracy by the Bush Administration who snatched a bum off from one of NYC's subway stations and brought him to Tikrit. LOL. Actually, it is a good joke. Because Saddam's haggardly looks fit with the bums who prowled on the subway platforms begging people for money (only money, they wanted money so they can buy alcohol!!).

My clients told me that I lost lots of pounds since last June. I guess I have two things to thank for -- one for walking, one for ... never mind, I will never mention it on the Internet. ;-) But either way, she made me think twice and I stared at the mirror -- yeah, I lost a lot of weight. I can even see the shape of my neck. My apple is beginning to emerge.

Not only that, I got laid more often than usual. That says something else. It is nice to know that I am losing while everyone is gaining. Look at Kaftan, Chlms and yeah, Delanne. LOL.

Speaking of Delanne, I cant wait for her to shit the baby out soon. And see how she functions as Mommy. I'm sure she will do well.

Keith Clark just turned 23. My god. He is getting older as faster as can be.

Last Thursday night at The Hole, there were some interesting twists. The Hole is going to be closed in February because the owners (who are straight but insane) sold the building. These insane owners also owned The Cock. Go figure.

Jeff asked me to prepare myself for the photoshoot on December 20th. He and I am working to shock the world -- actually, shatter is the right word. Can't wait.

One deaf guy was fucked up and he was drunk and out of control. I was concerned about his welfare and my status among the folks who trusted me. Eddie disappeared with a guy. What a slut.

Last night, Mikey was the VEE at me in Excelsior Bar because I was making out with a cute guy, who is 30 yrs old Italian. He's sweet, cute and all that. We're going out on a date this coming Saturday. I noticed one thing, he loves to stick his tongue in my mouth. He has to relax a little. If he's mine, then I will train him the arts of kissing.

I'm that good, perhaps better than Aaron and Ben combined. ;-)



P.S. I'm going to The Cock for 5th Anniversary tonight -- of course, I will be fucked up.

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