Monday, December 22, 2003

Some interesting tidbits that happened since last Monday. The night I went to The Cock Bar to prowl. The Cock Bar was *packed*. There were two registered fights (registered? LOL!). What I meant by "registered" is that a fight required a fist-fight, not catfight, in a gay bar. It was so dramatic. But it was so crowded. Yes, I got drunk. I vaguely made out with a good looking guy but I have no idea who he is.

You hear this first from me -- I will *not* be surprised that President Bush will announce the capture of Osama bin Laden during the election year. That would devastate Howard Dean's chances to dethrone this filthy fool out of White House. The Republicans are capable of doing this -- check this with Ronald Reagan who did it with the Iran hostages and millions of dollars.

Speaking of that stupid prick in White House, he said that Saddam Hussein should be exterminated. I disagreed. We could not catch Adolf Hitler and Josepf Stalin and understand how they could order the millions to their deaths without any remorse. Saddam Hussein is our first-time ever to catch a leader who ordered the killings. It is our chance to study him and understand why there are people like that. I have a solution -- there is The National Zoo in DC, it is seriously underfunded by the government. Set up a glass-encased cage for Saddam Hussein. Charge each person $5 for an admission. I guaranteed you that there will be several miles of long line to see Saddam. Saddam is better off alive FOR US, than DEAD.

My eldest brother, Billy Jr, who is CODA, can be so stupid -- one proof? He is a Republican. He thinks President Bush is a god's gift to the American society. He refused to visit or let his kids visit me in New York. That says a lot. Such a stupid prick.

Speaking of stupidity, I saw Sabrina Lankenau on and it is interesting to note that long time ago, we were pretty good friends. Until she figured that the main reason why she could not get in Phi Kappa Zeta was because of me. To her, I was "bad news". So she just cuts me off. It is ridiculous. She thinks she's better than many. When she claimed that she died for three minutes, I snickered. She got mad. When my friend called her mother a golddigger, I snickered. she got furious. Fuck her. She is at Gallaudet for a decade and counting more. The more she stays at Gallaudet, the more stupid she becomes. What a stupid, stinky chopped liver!

The first Christmas card I received this year goes to ... Larry Gray and Kevin Taylor. Thank you so much! MWAH!!

Last Wednesday night, I went to Nowhere Bar because it has 2-hours of free drinks to celebrate the Holidays. I saw a guy who looks like Ben Vess. I stared at him ... then ignored him when ... whatever. I also saw a guy who looks like Rob at The Cock last Saturday night.

Was reading Beth's blogs. So funny and I agreed about one guy who said that many people are not taking our language seriously. "They" only wanted to learn our language because it is "fun", or "cute". I hate these mentality -- I want to rip them apart. Sometimes when one says that to my face, I stare at them with utter disgust.

This reminds me of Mordru. Many people do not understand why I love Mordru. He is just a comic book character. I know, I understand what you meant. It is because Mordru tends to attack, kill and destroy things and let the world deal with the ramifications afterwards. If he was going to lose the battles, he will take something away from us. For instance, in one book, Mordru refused to be buried alive as one team attacked and struggled to bury him. The explosions were all around the team and shortly after, the members of one group stood around, they tried to console each other and make sure that everyone else is OK. Mon-El was looking for his fiancee who was using her powers to push Mordru into the ground. Mon-El found her lying on the ground, burnt to death. With her death, Mon-El's future is shattered. I love Mordru. *maniacal laughter*

Know what? I moved to NYC last June 2nd. And I already got myself in a popular magazine in New York! The magazine, Time Out New York, page 167 -- it has a picture of me in the center and few comments about what I think of NYC related to deaf gay community. It's nice. No big deal.

At my work's Holiday party, I won "Guess how much it is" bag filled with money. I guessed $67. It was $68. Nice. We had an exchange gift with each other, it was agreed that no Christmas theme be part of the gift -- I absolutely hate to get a gift that I cannot use in July.

My boss, Big Joe, got me a stupid Santa Claus jar. Some people ...



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