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Chris Palaia

For God's fucking sake, Chris! Enough of your charade and just come out of the fucking closet already!  Everyone and their gerbil knows you are flaming gay. In this day and age, it's a tad bit ridiculous to stay in the closet. You're cramping my Jimmy Choos, so just come out of the closet dude!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Forgot! March Abuser of the Month

Gotta lighten up on the valium and martini mix! I know this is a bit late but here's the March Abuser of the Month!

Wanna-be In Line Skater Michael Hubbs.

Was arrested for violating parole by making harassing phone calls to his victim. Was arrested at the Utah skating rink in front of his team mates. That had to seriously burn. Known to physically, mentally and emotionally abuse his female partners, including his ex-wife.

People, Get This Through Your Skull

I must thank Karen von Pills for updating the readers about ASDB fiasco out of Phoenix & Tucson as of lately.

I want to emphasize once again that on this blog, no Anonymous comments will be published. It is not because we are "insecure" or bullshit like that. As the owner of this blog, I absolutely refuse to be used as a place for anonymous commenters to attack upon others. If you want to attack someone else, I challenge you to use your name.

Otherwise, you'll never see your comment pop in on this blogsite.

Thank you,


P.S.  I got suspended on Facebook for umpteenth time. Whatever, really.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Call, and/or Write and Harass Governor Jan Brewer!

Contact Gov. jan Brewer today. Tell her there is nobody running #ASDB at the moment. Mailing Address
Please use mailing address for all correspondence or requests for assistance.
The Honorable Janice K. Brewer
Arizona Governor
Executive Tower
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Office Locations
Arizona State Capitol Complex
Governor's Office
Executive Tower
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Arizona State Office Complex - Tucson
Governor’s Office
400 West Congress
Suite 504
Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone Numbers
Phoenix Office:
Tucson Office:
Fax Number:
In-State Toll Free:
(602) 542-4331
(520) 628-6580
(602) 542-1381
1-800-253-0883 (outside Maricopa County only)
Tweet her @GovBrewer

I Love David Spade

Reese Witherspoon learned the hard way -- if you have to tell someone, "Do you know who I am?" ...  you're NOT as famous as you think you are, this according to David Spade

Spade was leaving Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood last night when we asked if there's ever a good time for a star to drop the "I'm a really big deal" schtick ( a la Reese) ... and the "Rules of Engagement" star gave it to us straight.

"If you have to explain to someone you're famous, then you're technically not that famous."

Touche David, touche!!

Extreme Low Blow to Giffords!

As the debate over new measures to prevent gun violence reached its apex, Republican lawmakers and conservative activists became surprisingly hostile towards the family members of those slain in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. If there's one group of people who would appear to be off-limits when it comes to political pushback, one might think it'd be Newtown families, but apparently not.

What's next, cheap shots at Gabrielle Giffords? Actually, yes.

The day after a Republican filibuster killed expanded background checks in the Senate, the former congresswoman had a scathing op-ed in the New York Times, condemning opponents' cowardice. It led one Republican pundit to take a very low road.

Wall Street Journal  columnist James Taranto questioned the authenticity of a New York Times op-ed authored by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by claiming that the op-ed appeared online too quickly to have been written by someone "who has severe impairments of her motor and speech functions."

Taranto's comments occurred on the April 19 edition of the National Rifle Association's news show, Cam & Company, where he said it was "odd" that the Times ¬op-ed, which Taranto described as "Giffords' personal reaction as somebody who's been wounded by gun violence," was published approximately five hours after the Senate voted on background checks. Taranto cast doubt on the idea that Giffords had authored the piece, commenting, "So we are supposed to believe that somehow in less than five hours a woman who has severe impairments of her motor and speech functions was able to produce 900 publishable words and put in an appearance in the White House in the course of it."

First, it's worth noting that the outcome of the Senate vote was clear the day before the Toomey/Manchin measure was defeated by a Republican filibuster. Giffords didn't have "less than five hours"; she had a full day.

Second, I suppose it's possible that someone gave Giffords a hand literally, physically typing her thoughts, but I'd remind the right that the former congresswoman was shot in the head during an attempted assassination. As a rule, decent people everywhere realize that when something like this happens, we cut folks a little slack, instead of taking wildly unnecessary cheap shots at their "severe impairments."

Is a little class too much to ask?

Perhaps it is. A conservative blogger at PJ Media added this tweet about Giffords yesterday afternoon.

More updates on the ASDB situation

Supt Hill uses I. King Jordan's playbook:

ASBD Report Update - April 22, 2013 - 6:30 pm

* Hill Finally Issues Email & Shows He is Completely Out of Touch with Reality
* How Low Can He Go? 2013 ASDB ASL Literacy Summer Camp Cancelled
* ASDB Student Protest Leader Turns 18 Today, Admin Can't Ask If Parents Gave Her Permission to Protest Anymore

* Hill Finally Issues Email & Shows He is Completely Out of Touch with Reality

After two weeks of intense speculation about his whereabouts and apparent refusal to lead ASDB, Supt. Robert Hill finally issued a campus-wide email and commenters say that Hill's email is the proverbial "last nail in the coffin" for Hill as the email does NOT make a single reference to the student protests taking place at both Tucson and Phoenix campuses during the worst crisis ever faced by ASDB in its 100+ years of existence.

Instead, Hill used the bulk of the email to respond to absurd allegations and rumors that many already know to be false.

Hill also repeatedly claimed that he was the target and victim of "personal attacks" and referenced a "cause" and a "select group of individuals."

Many see these subtle references as an outrageous attempt by Hill to turn this crisis into a "Deaf vs. Hearing" issue when it is clearly and simply a matter of a group of students, staff, parents, and community members asking for the removal of an ineffective, unethical, and vindictive superinteddent as well as the removal of a corrupt board chairman who, with the active friendship and collusion of Hill, has clearly broken several conflict of interests provisions as required by State law and ASDB policy.

Hill's bizarre rambling "conspiracy theory" email, in which he refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the protests, clearly shows that he is no longer fit to lead this school and needs to go.

Text of the campus-wide email by Hill:

DATE: APRIL 22, 2013

The Agency has been flooded with rumors, accusation and untruths in the last few weeks, which are being spread by a select group of individuals. I want to thank the many employees who have focused their efforts in attending to the educational programming of students, and displayed continued professionalism in the wake of the fabrications and potential distractions.

A number of employees have reported they have been asked to sign petitions to support the efforts of this select group and have expressed fear of retaliation if they don’t sign. I want employees to know they have every right to sign any petition they so choose. It is also important for employees to know they do not have to sign any petition and that ASDB does not tolerate reprisals of any kind. Therefore, it is extremely important for employees who are concerned of retaliation to report their concerns to the Superintendent and/or the Human Resources Director. ASDB cannot address employee fears if no reports are filed or if anonymous reports are filed. I want to assure employees that confidentiality will be maintained to every extent possible, and ASDB will take the necessary actions to protect employees from inappropriate treatment.

The false information being spread is a concerted effort to instill fear in others so as to further the “cause” of a group of individuals. I wish to address some of the false information you may have heard. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but is intended to address the more significant concerns that have been brought to my attention.

Termination of Deaf Staff
Perhaps the most outrageous falsehood is that ASDB is firing all Deaf individuals. There is no evidence to support this accusation. The facts are that in the past four years, ASDB has had to discharge individuals who are required to follow the policies and rules of the agency. No single individual, or group of individuals, is given special treatment. All employees are held to the same standards.

Closing the Cooperative Programs
There is no truth to the rumor that ASDB is planning to close the Cooperative Programs. To the contrary, the Cooperative Programs are legislatively mandated and serve a significant role in the continuum of services ASDB provides to students ASDB is obligated to serve across the State of Arizona. If the Cooperatives were to close tomorrow (though they are NOT), neither the Tucson campus nor the Phoenix campus could successfully meet the needs of all the students served by the Cooperatives. Firstly, the site-base schools would not be determined the LRE for many of the students. Secondly, the site-base schools would not have the space and resources to meet the number of students. Likewise, if the site-base schools were to ever close (though they are NOT), the Cooperatives do not have sufficient staff in the rural locations to meet student needs.

Closing the Tucson Campus
It is true that enrollment has declined at the Tucson Campus; however, the Tucson campus provides a residential option for ASDB and again offers a valuable component in the continuum of services provided to students. No plans are in place to close the site-base schools or the Cooperative programs. Any comments to the contrary are simply designed to create fear.

Closing the Phoenix Campus
As current enrollment continues to rise in Phoenix, the closure of PDSD makes no sense. When this topic came up three plus years ago as a cost-savings initiative, this was quickly dismissed. A need may actually exist in the future for a second campus in the Valley. Also, ASDB is working to secure the necessary funding (approximately 11 million dollars) to build a new elementary and preschool facility at PDSD, as well as a new athletic complex (5 million dollars). This, coupled with the short-term plans for a new freezer ($100,000), insulation of the gymnasium $90,000, and culinary program $45,000, serve to confirms there are no plans to close the Phoenix campus.

Closing the Dorms
ASDB has spent nearly a million dollars in the last 15 months to improve the dorms and has expended additional dollars to update the fire/emergency alert system. These dollars would not have been spent if ASDB had plans to close the dorms. Plus, ASDB has obtained another one million dollars to begin work on three more dorms (Manzanita, Palo Verde, and Pima).

Building New Dorms to convert the Campus into a new branch of the Pima County Community College System
Simply put, this is not true. Again, the dorm improvements in the past and the dorm improvements in the near future do not support such a rumor.

Shutting Down the Agricultural Program
The Tucson Campus agricultural program has not been shut down. Parts of the program have been put on hold until proper research can be conducted to ensure the agreed-upon program is operating within laws, codes, policies, rules, and procedures. ASDB’s goal is to build a viable agricultural program that minimizes liability exposure to ASDB, and ensures health and safety issues for students.

The truth is as follows. It was reported to me in February that goats were on loan and two students needed to finish their SAE Supervised Agricultural Experience. I allowed the pigs to stay until the project at the Fair had been completed to avoid a negative impact to students. The Agricultural Teacher was asked to remove all animals by last week after students had finished their projects. The Teacher was told that if more time was necessary for students to participate at the Fair, he needed to let us know. Instead, he opted to have the pigs slaughtered and goats removed from campus. The Teacher also directed blame for the shortcomings of the program on dorm staff. Unfortunately, students have been told that ASDB administration shut down the program and ordered the slaughter of animals. These lies were told to students by those individuals who caused the violations and who blamed ASDB administration.

In addition, I learned that the necks of chickens were being snapped and the dead chickens were being tossed into the metal trashcans at the back of campus. This, among other things, exposed staff and students to unnecessary diseases.

ASDB took what was believed to be the appropriate action. The fear mongering and “bullying” of a select group of individuals will not be tolerated.

As Superintendent, I am accountable to nine Board members and am tasked to ensure the health and safety of both staff and students, and compliance with laws, policies, regulations, rules and procedures, with the goal to minimize ASDB’s liability exposures. Unfortunately, individuals have resorted to personal attacks and lies in an effort to punish me and others who have acted in the best interests of ASDB. I ask you to continue all the wonderful work you are all doing as we address these matters.

Robert Hill
Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind
Office: 520.770.3704
VP: 520.762.7882
Fax: 520.770.3711

* How Low Can He Go? 2013 ASDB ASL Literacy Summer Camp Cancelled

It has been confirmed that the 2013 ASL Literacy Summer Camp has been cancelled at the order of Hill.

The program was to have its third session in as many years before unceremoniously getting yanked and had been designed to help improve student literacy rates during a time where they often stagnate.

The program had been widely admired and supported by students, staff, and parents, and had even drawn attendance from other states as well.

The camp was one of the absurd justifications Hill had used in his rationale for not renewing Asst. Supt. Dr. Nancy Amann's contract. Hill claimed that there was inadequate staff supervision and medical coverage.

Parents and staff involved with the 2012 camp session have confirmed that Hill's allegation of inadequate supervision is blatantly false and that the issue of medical coverage was moot when each and every participant's parents signed a medical waiver prior to their children's attendance.

It has also been pointed out that Hill, in an email sent several years ago, stated that a "third-grade reading level is typical of graduating deaf students," and that his order to close the camp simply perpetuates this statement.

Congratulations, Hill, for maintaining a self-fulfilling prophecy.

* ASDB Student Protest Leader Turns 18 Today, Admin Can't Ask If Parents Gave Her Permission to Protest Anymore

Juliana Apfel, one of the ASDB student protest leaders, turned 18 today which means that school administrators may no longer insist that she provide proof of her parents' permission to engage in protest activities.

Ms. Apfel, now legally an adult, will be able to engage in more active protest matters instead of being hindered by adminstrators citing her status as a minor under the school's care.

Happy birthday, Ms. Apfel. We're behind you all the way.

Update on ASDB

Supt. Robert Hill has FINALLY come out of hiding after two weeks and issued a campus-wide email on Monday, April 22.

Unfortunately, he did not make a single reference to the fact that students are now actively protesting at both Tucson and Phoenix campuses.

Instead, Hill decided to refute bizarre and ludicrous rumors and allegations that many already know to be false. He then claimed that all staff and faculty are welcome to sign petitions without retaliation and yet refused to say that he would acknowledge such signings.

Hill also made numerous references to "personal attacks" involving an alleged shadowy cabal of a group "select individuals" with a "cause."

His wording was offensive to many of us as it was a clear attempt to portray this as a "Deaf vs. Hearing" issue when, in actuality, it is about a diverse population of concerned people vs. an ineffective and unethical superintendent that needs to go.

Thank you all for your support and we ask you all to forward these emails to family and friends.

Visit us at for additional information!

Strength in Numbers!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Protest at ASDB (Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind) in Tucson

Message from AZAD 

Last Saturday, Arizona Association of the Deaf went to show our support to ASDB Student's right to speak up and believe what they stand for. AzAD set up a donation via PAYPAL - then Type ASDB.

The money is to help with the food, drinks, poster, anything they needed. 

Last Saturday, I have see the staffs at ASDB threatened and audsim Student's demands and speak up. It pain me to see that they are fighting to be heard of. 

I am asking that we see for ourselves on those link below - and add FE: Burtterfly Effect on Facebook to get more information. It will help you to understand what is going on.

I thank you for your time.

Want to share with you all to look at ASDB Students' Protest so please click on the web sites:

Web sites:

some of you do not member of Facebook, but that lot of info about ASDB: click on the chris summitt's pictures that's yesterday we were there. please read all pages of the web!

Will add later when we get more info.

Thank you,

Larry Devenny, AZAD Treasurer

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Chaos at ASDB

Today the ASDB BoT had their meeting. This is a copy of Supt Hill's sloppy, god-awful agenda.

I read it several times over. All I can say is it's full of holes and hearsay. He FAILS to cite specific examples. It reads like an elementary school paper. Pathetic. Poorly written.

I hope Dr. Nancy Amann has hired a lethal lawyer and kick some asses that should have been kicked years ago.

Heather "Jabba the Hut" Grizzle is a PATHOLOGICAL liar!

From a friend regarding Heather "Jabba the Hutt" Grizzle:

I signed "heather is here and she is lying." She caught what I said and claimed she isn't lying. The strange thing was that she was standing on the other side of Ole Jim. I was standing near the back wall and she was standing near the stairs."

No Deaf/Blind person would be able to catch this statement given the long distance. Jabba the Hut ain't no Deaf/Blind! 

Notice the resemblance!? 

Monday, April 08, 2013

Vlog: 4-8-2013 Tidbits

In this vlog, I talked about the season finale of The Walking Dead, Baylor vs Louisville, Brittney Griner & Dallas Mavericks and SportsMX's KitchenTalk.

What a week.