Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Chaos at ASDB

Today the ASDB BoT had their meeting. This is a copy of Supt Hill's sloppy, god-awful agenda.

I read it several times over. All I can say is it's full of holes and hearsay. He FAILS to cite specific examples. It reads like an elementary school paper. Pathetic. Poorly written.

I hope Dr. Nancy Amann has hired a lethal lawyer and kick some asses that should have been kicked years ago.


InsaneMisha said...

Sounds like he was dictating a letter as his secretary transcribed that letter. Secretary fucked it up. Yes, the story has full of holes. I hope Ammon's attorney shoots them down.

Unknown said...

Karen von Pills,

what happened to your site? It has been down for weeks as I have always enjoyed your site.


Anonymous said...

The reason(s) for Nancy Hlibok-Amman's suspension have not been disclosed to protect her privacy. This is a legal requirement and Superintendent Robert Hill cannot comment or disclose. Perhaps Nancy Hlibok-Amann herself should come clean and disclose as this pertains to her privacy. Most of us, excepting those inside Nancy's "inner circle" do not know the real reasons and can only speculate. Considering the massive ASDB-"inner circle" staff incited (YES!) student protests and school walkouts, these unknown charges appear substantial. The Nancy "inner circle" gang know that these charges may end their enjoyment of position, pay, perks, and other "blessings" under Nancy and are predictably closing ranks obsfuscating, creating diversions, asserting false charges and premises, and involving the students, some as young as kindergarten(!!!) Children at that age cannot possibly comprehend what is going on! If I were a parent of a young child, I would remove my child from ASDB/PDSD and seek counsel. "Inner circle apparatchiks," are mostly Gallaudet University graduates and often belong to the same sorority as Nancy. Deja vu, this happened at Gallaudet in 1988, the so-called "DPN" movement. This movement was led by Nancy's brother, Greg Hlibok. Another prominient "player" is Harvey Goodstein, related to the Amann family and a sitting member of the Gallaudet University Board. Mr. Goodstein has injected himself into this mess, scolding the ASDB Board, but denying in his letter that it has anything to do with family. ASDB student Nathaniel Amann, the son of Nancy (yep!) is actually the leader of the student unrest, co-incited by the "inner circle" staff. The ASDB students 5 demands are not unlike the demands that Nathaniels "Uncle Greg" and "Uncle Harvey" presented to the Gallaudet University Board in 1988. Goodstein was the advisor to Greg Hlibok back in 1988 and it was the future "Uncle Harvey" who rudely cut off Dr. Zinser while she was speaking, telling the students meeting in the auditorium "that the Gallaudet Board had not met" the rioters demands and exhorted students to walk out. Alan Amann, Nancy's husband, works for the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. He's up to his eyeballs in this thing. If the AG has to step in, the conflicts should be obvious. This family, in its quest to become a "dynastic Arizona family" or some such, has indulged in flagrant disregard for professional standards, has incited conflicts and discords within a K12 institute all to create a set of "ideal" conditions to coerce the organization, including its board, to become beholden to them. How are these points not indicative of a total disregard for the public trust, that is, conversion of State assets and resources, and hijacking a state-taxpayer supported institution just to enshrine ones own title and position for perpetuity? The aforementioned are merely the tip of the iceberg, if visible signs among the professional staff are any Anyone with a lick of sense should be able to discern what these people are doing. The Governor must not submit to mob rule. This would doom the school to even deeper cronyism, nepotism and favoritism. Those who love Nancy Amann are those of you whom have enjoyed the spoils that have been bestowed, mostly upon the "inner circle" Gallaudet crowd. The Governor should investigate every allegation from every side. Nancy Amann will not be vindicated and her's is unlikely to be the only head that will see the chopping block.

I know you won't post this because it totally contradicts your position and you are insecure.