Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Sorry for not writing on daily basis (yeah, right), but just wanted to throw some interesting stuff about what I did last weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

Last Thursday, Ben V. came to visit *me* in New York!!

We went to The Hole where he was certainly impressed with the liberal attitudes of that shaggy bar. Then I freaked out -- the FTM trannie is BACK! Ben saw him (her?) and I told him that it was that guy! He was in state of disbelief. Suffice to say, I avoided that trannie all night long.

On Friday, Ben and I spent the day at work and around Manhattan -- we went to the 30th Anniversary Greenwich Village Parade but it was so packed that we could not get in 6 Avenue from 5 Avenue! :-( But we saw many bizarre stuff -- I also saw a guy dressing up as Roy Horn with a stuffed white tiger biting his neck! LOL.

Saw Superman wearing a neck brace. Hee hee. Saw one GORGEOUS costume -- Neo of The Matrix series! He dressed so *perfect*.

Then we went to The Cock where he came in without a problem. He was surprised to see the "activities" in the backroom. The antics that they do ... I smiled. One guy who is the CEO of Evian bottles or something -- he hits on Ben so Ben told him that I'm his boyfriend. Hahahaha! He invited us for a dinner the next day but it was spoiled because one little pesky guy stole him for the night ... we had no desire to follow up on that crap -- yes, one little pesky guy is deaf slut.

On Saturday, we travelled across the Brooklyn Bridge, WTC site, Chelsea Piers, Battery Park and drove in the cab around ... took him to XL Lounge. Blah, blah, blah. Didnt sleep until Ben hopped on the bus towards Washington.


I miss him already. Aaron needs to come and share him with me. 3? Perhaps ... ;-)

Then on Sunday, I spent the whole day sleeping in my lair (for Brooke, it is liar) to recuperate my energies.

On Monday, I met a cute guy at SBNY (I went to see Walter and chit-chatted) and his name is Steve. Shortly, I saw that FTM trannie again! He (She?) came to me and asked me why I did not talk to him. I thought of a way -- I said, "Did you see that guy wearing orange coat last Thursday? That deaf guy? Yeah, that is Ben! He asked me to be his boyfriend so I accepted."

He resigned to this idea and said "Congratulations," and walked away ... perhaps for ever.

Thank you, Ben.


P.S. Thank you, Aaron, for letting Ben be my boyfriend for a weekend. ;-)

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