Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Ahh. I just turned 30 last Sunday. It was a somber day for me.

Last Friday, I went to Sweet & Vicious Bar in Lower East Side to mingle with some deaf people ... it is the monthly Deaf Professional Happy Hour. I was VEE VEE at people there. Especially Dina Raevsky. That lady has no class or shame.

Then on Saturday night, my friends and I got together to celebrate my birthday and it was very cold. We went to The Cock, they went because they heard a lot about it from me. And I enjoyed it very much. Joe the Slutty One, as usual, ruined the night for me as he vanished with someone he met. The more I observed Joe, the more I agreed with Ben Vess.

Speaking of Ben, I need to email him and Aaron to find out when will they sneak in back to Manhattan?

Maria is champ. She is wild gal. Yet, she is an interpreter!

Speaking of an interpreter, there is a guy in NYC who is hearing but posed himself as deaf. His name is none other than Wes. Pitiful character.

Mikey got a BMW? From his mother? I question that. I should call the IRS and see what happens next. Hee hee.

This weekend, I'm going to flee to Philadelphia to see Jason and Gus. Hopefully, I'll be at peace for a weekend. I even will see Darlene Ewan! That is going to be great -- we'll spend the whole time backstabbing Ritchie Bryant!!

Bitch, am I? Deal with it. After all, I'm 30 as of now. 1/3 (or 1/2) of my life is gone, gotta do something about it!


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