Monday, November 24, 2003


That is all I can say about the last 11 days.

But first, in NYC, there are lots of posters on the lampposts, often advertising for rentals, classes, et al. And posters that requested people's attention that their owners lost dogs or cats. Sometimes I feel like getting black marker and write on these posters, "ALREADY ATE, HAVE SOME LEFTOVERS CAN GIVE IT BACK!"

I have three roommates. Socorro, Ron and Dan. Soon, it'll be only me and Socorro! Dan and Ron seemed to give up on New York and is moving to Las Vegas on December 29.

I went to Philadelphia two weekends ago, saw friends including Jason Nichols, Gus and Darlene. Had a blast time.

Arlene Weinstock continues to rule Philadelphia. What else is new?

I got laid in Philadelphia. I was hit on by a guy named Mike from Delaware. His good friend who is a twink, later joined with us but he has a tiny dick. Very tiny dick. Good God, I'm almost thrice the size of that twink with 6 abs. When I lay on my back, Mike rode me out. That twink tried to insert his thang into my mouth but it kept on popping out when Mike rode me out. It was difficult scenario but he got the hint and gave up.

There is one more story to this but it is so so so private. Hee hee.

Then I returned to New York. Work has been somewhat demanding in the last few days.

Last Wednesday night at XL, I was drinking martinis with my friend. Then went to the bathroom -- XL Lounge has New York's strangest bathroom, trust me. It is much worse than Web's. In the stalls, they have tinted windows that acted as the stalls. So if you sat down and shit, people in the next room could vaguely see what you are doing. But they can't see your face. I was pissing, suddenly I saw a guy grinding his cock on the window. Then I came out of the stall, he came to me and smooched me. He was drunk. Whatever! Then I got Hepatitis A and B shots upstairs, actually ... they offered to do the counseling. I said, "Excuse me, I work for the treatment center and I spent more than 4 hours in the clinic with my client today and I am not in mood for the counseling, just give me the shots and be done with it!" They did.

Anyway, I went to The Hole last Thursday night, under the assumption that I'd meet Cyn there. But she wasn't there. But lucky, I had friends there. Jeff is cool dude. We chatted, one of his friends who were drunk followed me to the bathroom, while I was waiting for my turn to get in the bathroom, he leaned on me and hugged me. Then bit me on my shoulder. He didn't bite lightly. HE FUCKING BITE ME!
Of course, I pushed and shoved him off. He apologized profusely. I cleaned my wounds. sure enough, it looked like I got a hickey, but it is a bite mark. Oh, man.

Last Friday night, I went to Townhouse to see a friend for few hours then rushed back to East Village to meet Web, Joe the Slutty One and Kate Breen. They told me that they are expecting some folks to come in. Sure enough, Charm King brought a lot of her peers, including a cute guy from RIT named Jarrod. I drooled heavily over him all night long.

Later, Web and I had a good buzz and we chatted on the way home. I got off at 7 Avenue station where I bumped into an acquaitenance of mine whom we once played few months ago. He asked me to come over and play. Being horny, I obliged.

We played, he has a NICE ass -- he is 100% bottom but he DEMANDED to be in control of the whole she-bang thing. So I just lay down and let him do whatever he wanted. He rode me out. Someone came in. Turned out it was his boyfriend. Suffice to say, I was kicked out without ejaculating. Oh, well. Finally, went to bed at 9 AM. Sheesh.

Saturday night, met Charm King in Upper East Side for some small birthday gathering which is nice -- I get to meet some interesting persons. I also nabbed one guy later that night out of that group. When I accomplished doing that, I quickly paged Maria and told her, "Task accomplished." She knew what I was talking about. Hahaha. Maria is a cool ASL interpreter. Very strong, funny and wild woman. When I first met her, I instanteously liked her right away.

Then last night, I went to The Hole because it hosted a special event called "Triple X". It is 2nd anniversary of a party where people say, "Fuck you, Rudy". They were talking about NYC Mayor Rudy Gulianni who nearly removed NYC's infamous places that might offer sleazy activities. I heard a lot about it. What I saw in the bar is surreal. It is hard to describe. Lots of sex. Even you can suck the strippers on the stage or on the bar. And I did. I was drunk. I think I sucked 5 or 6 men, including the stripper on the bar counter. I think 6 or 7 men sucked me off. Everyone was doing it anywhere in the bar. It was fuckin' surreal. Then I rode back home, thinking ... "My god, I did it. I sucked in front of others. Oh, my god."


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