Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Today was very windy. Even my co-workers said it is insignificant -- just wait until November or December. Speaking of high winds, there was a ferry boat accident that left 10 people dead and scores of people with no arms or legs on a ferry boat approaching the Staten Island piers. It would be interesting to see how Cody Sadler *talks* without the use of his arms. It'd be a blessing for us all.

Just read Mikey Murvin's blog -- hilarious!! He crafted a cool blog, kudos to him! I think I'll head to Miami for Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe I should get in touch with Mark Helmuth . . .

I am reading a book by Jon Krakauer, Under The Banner of Heaven. It talks about the extremists of American Religion -- Mormon Fundamentalists who practice polygamy. Very sensational book which the Church of Latter-Day Saints condemned and the local bookstores in Utah refused to sell the books.

Ben already visited NYC with me, but not Aaron -- so it'll be their FIRST TIME to make the journey TOGETHER. More headaches for me.

Will go to The Hole with Walter, Cynthia and Joe tomorrow night. Hadn't been to that place in weeks.

Oh, one more thing, as you already knew I visited Gallaudet last weekend and when I approached upon the campus, I saw the damaged stone 'fence' by the entrance. I rolled my eyes. It always happened every once in 3 to 5 years. In my career at Gallaudet, I already saw *three* -- last weekend would be 4th if I still live in DC.

Florida Avenue NE can be insane while 8th Street is so innocent. Insane and innocence do not mix, at all. Only two blocks away from that intersection is where Chanda Smith was killed five years ago on October 8th.

Oh, if you want to check my webpage, feel free to click on Ridor's Page.

I'm off to bed, it beckons me to sleep in peace. This weekend, I should have Beau here for the night or two. Yay.


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