Monday, October 20, 2003

One time I read my sister's favorite graphic novel (series) called AKIRA -- it is about a telepahtic struggle between some weird people caused by the secret scientists in Tokyo before one of the subjects annihilated the large portions of the city. Then years later, someone tried to revive or incorporate the powers of Akira, there are groups that were created to protect the secrets of Akira, some sponsored by the government -- some aren't. However, what I'm trying to say is that in one group not sanctioned by the government, run by Lady Miyako. She is also telepathic and trained her loyal followers how to manipulate the metaphysical energies. At one point, she and her two loyal bodyguards were trapped by one powerful telepathic being who wanted to absorb Lady Myiako -- they fought by focused on pushing and the other kept on pushing -- it became a stalemate, caused the rocks, grounds, walls to break -- one of debris tapped on Lady Miyako's bodyguard's cheek, distracted his focus as he was hurled to the wall so fast that his body and blood splatted all over. Lady Miyako shouted, "FOCUS! Don't LOOK!"

Well, I was that bodyguard last weekend.

Last Saturday, went to see friends at a bar. Chatted with them. So I say SYL and head off to The Cock Bar. One guy approached me and chatted with me. He's cute, has a goatee. Very cute. We talked. Then he kissed me. Since he kissed me, why not continue this drama, right? So I did. Then he told me that he had something to share and hoped that I am cool. He used to be a woman.

That totally shattered my Saturday night.

On Sunday, I went to the storage and got my stuff out (some, but not all of them) -- then went to The Dugout -- heard that it is very popular on Sundays for bears. Saw Ryan Reins for the first time in 11 years. He gained. 'Nuff said. His first response was: "Ricky? You looked so different -- you lost a lot!" How nice. Then I saw a cute guy named Carlos. Gave him my email address. Well, I have to try.

Then on Monday night, my mind was set on going to Barnes & Noble Booksellers on 6 Avenue and 21st St in order to meet and get the book autographed by the creators of Chelsea Boys.

I wanted to make an impact on the creators, I had an idea. I got in touch with Walter and asked him to meet me at BN in the center of the audience so we can chatted with each other during the reading lecture, primarily because I *knew* they would not provide an interpreter at all. I also wrote a brief note stating that I am Ricky, that I enjoyed reading their works for the last 3 years. That I was not surprised that they lacked an interpreter for me to enjoy their comments on the book. Am I bad? ;-) I also mentioned that in every gay community, there is always a deaf gay person -- the book is notorious for including every group possible but I fail to see a deaf gay person.

I gave it to him at the book-signing. The authors wrote a nice note, saying that seeing me and Walter in the middle of the audience was all they needed -- they gave me the e-mail address. I said, "Why?" They said they wanted to create a deaf gay character and me to help out. Ain't that fuckin' cool? :-)


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