Saturday, October 04, 2003

RE: Chipotle's. there is ONE in New York! At Grand Central Terminal!! As soon as I am recovering from my illness, I might check it out and celebrate like a little boy. :-)

Speaking of illness, I was sick with Throat Infection and 102.6 temperature. Funny Nothing! I hate being sick. It always made me paranoid. Made me wonder if I got it from a kiss, sex or even, a hug by Beth. To make things worse, when I told CWO about my illness, he was quicker to say, "You kiss too many frogs".

He was referring to the kisses I received from different men in NYC. Yes, I must admit that I kissed many men in NYC than I did in DC in 10 years. If the opportunity is there, why not? It is not case of being a whore. A kiss is always nice. Well, there are some stupid and immature people out there.

I can't wait for the trip to the District on October 9 through 12. It will be my first time to be in Washington, DC since June 2nd, 2003. That is *five* months away from D.C. First thing when I arrive is going out to a dinner with Rob, a special friend of mine (gasp! he is hearing!) then head off to my favorite bar, Green Lantern, for its famous free drinks if you take your shirt off for an hour!! Then I'm going to crash The Apex and someone has to *announce* that I am back!

This weekend is going to be a blast ... blast ... and wild times!

Will let y'all know about it ... yahoo!


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