Monday, October 13, 2003

What a weekend! I had a good time in the District. As expected, some stuff are good and bad.

It was good to see Rob and spend some quality time with him. then it was good to be back in a place I really liked -- Green Lantern. then the Apex. Plenty of drama as usual. But I was bored. I noticed something interesting about myself at the Apex. Lots of people were dramatic. I got tired of it so quickly. I think I matured quickly in New York to apoint where I think these petty dramas were simply childish.

On Friday night, it was fun to hang out at Gallaudet. It was good to see some people. Saw Delanne, Mark, Paula, Jason, Ken and so on. Then went to the Pre-HC Bash party, I was thrilled and enamored to see Todd and Dyan! Aaron and I hung out together. Generally, it was very somber party for me, personally. I'm 29. My time at Gallaudet is finished.

Aaron and I chatted a lot. It was so easy to make him laugh. It was so easy to make him *guffaw* uncontrollably. All you have to do is to tell him the true story about my experiences. Such a sweet and beautiful boy. Ben & Aaron are someone I try to cherish behind the screens.

On Saturday, I am not fond of Homecoming Day because of its massive numbers of deaf people. It is hard to greet and talk with everyone you wanted to see. But that is something I am used to.

Later in the evening, I went to the Washington Plaza Hotel for the Eye Party with friends. I get to see some old friends. But one guy offended me with his stupid behavior. Cody Sadler is that name. That guy is always oddball since he first came to Gallaudet. He thinks he's all that. But he is not. At the party, I did nothing but watching the people mingle and holding my wine. Suddenly, Cody came to me and jerked my arm (where I was holding my wine) to get my attention. No, wine did not spill over but it startled me. I turned to look at him and said, "Do not do that again, please." His approach was very condescending, "whatever you say, how is your life in NYC?" that was rude, disgusting and stupid. I do not hate him. Never had to do that. I always pitied him from day one. He is not attractive. His personality is not great. His intelligence is all twisted. In fact, if he tried to look at his mirror, it'd groan and crack in thousand pieces. That is when you will know that it is Cody Sadler.

Otherwise, I had a good time with old friends and I returned to New York on Sunday night. For the time being, New York is my home. I look forward to the day Ben and Aaron makes their first journey to New York!

Oh, oh. I met CWOME! He's charming, cute and all that. Just what I expected all along. Beth is getting outrageous each time I see her. Must be age or experience?

Oh, I gotta tell you something ... I got the pics of two Gallaudet homos students having sex. It is interesting. Disgusting but yet interesting. *evil cackling*

Until then,


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