Thursday, October 23, 2003

Cincinnati State University is stupid.

Anyone who pushed my friend out is utterly stupid.

Beth & CWO, get the fuck out of Cincinnati. Let's rule NYC by my side. ;-)

Where is Keith? I miss him silly.

Aaron & Benis, you guys have to come to New York as soon as possible.

Halloween is next week -- and the best thing is ... it is on FRIDAY NIGHT!!

I just finished Under The Banner of Heaven and Chelsea Boys, 16th book is now ... The Serbs by Tim Judah.

Tonight, I'm heading out to McKenna's Pub, XL Lounge and ... maybe, The Cock.

Wait and see. It is cold but yet so great to be in New York.

David Gest is so dramatic. A tiger should bite him.

Nanc needs to be here so that we can wreck Manhattan.

I just found out that the ferry boats to Staten Island is *free*. No wonder about the accident.

Until then,


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