Saturday, October 18, 2003

October 15. That day should be the national holiday. It is the first day of NCAA Collegiate Basketball practice! LOL. I love College Women's Basketball. It is so personal and vicious.

And I'm happy that Virginia Cavaliers will come to New York on December 5 to play Long Island University. I'll cheer on for the Cavaliers to crush LIU. Bet you a dollar or two that Coach Ryan will come and see me to chat for few minutes before she heads off to Charlottesville where Aaron is studying.

I remembered one comic book where a group of villains were shocked to see X-Men alive, one villain (Riptide) said: "Aint they supposed to be croaked?!" His teammate, Arclight uttered: "Big deal. So are you." Arclight mentioned that Riptide was brought back from his death few months ago. That was good snap.

Last Thursday night was bit odd. Met Walter and Cynthia and went to The Hole. One guy approached me and chatted with me. He repeatedly asked me to smile. He said he can tell that I am wary of hearing men. Which is true. I declined to smile severla times and he was persistent. Shortly, he turned out to be a well-known magician who is good friends with Roy Horn, the guy whom was bitten by a tiger in Las Vegas. He introduced me to folks who made Aretha Franklin famous.

Let's say that Walter, Cynthia and I had a blast time with these folks. :-)

Tonight, I'm off to an irish bar to see some acquaintenances to see if I can click with them? If not, I'm off to The Cock Bar.

It is 3:30 PM EST, I wanna read a book and nap. Seecha,


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