Sunday, October 05, 2003

Beau came over last night. He was sweet. And for the first time, he was able to hear what kind of roommates do when they talk. Beau said that the younger one's voice is so high-pitched, whiny and weird. The older guy's voice is more of passive, nicer and conformist to the younger one. Beau also mentioned that the younger guy sounds very anti-social. Makes sense.


Speaking of interesting things, NYC continues to amaze me. Just read the article in Daily News at the coffee house just two blocks from my abode. Had a picture of a full-sized tiger roaring at NYPD Cop who rappells down the 15th story building in a housing project in Harlem! turns out that a tenant kept a tiger and an alligator in the apartment. The NYPD Cop had to shoot the tranquilizer into the tiger to take it to Cleveland, Ohio.

God, it only happens in New York! Too bad it did not go to Cincinnati to entertain some guy named CWO.

Hey, CWO, at least, I kissed beautiful men. I wondered if you do the same ... nah, you do not.

I can't wait to make my grand entrance to DC in few days. Prior to that, I think I'll catch a matinee to see "Yossi & Jasser", an Israeli film about two military guys who fell in love with each other. Such a butch story.

I can't believe I'd say this but I do miss Merritt. It'll be fun to see him being so dramaticover the weekend in my domain.



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