Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I hate Andrew Sullivan. I sort of liked Michelangelo Signorile. But NYC men are inane. Last night, I was chatting with someone online. He liked me for a while until he discovered that I'm Deaf. No big deal, right? No, it is big deal to him. He said he can not date a deaf person because he has to learn ASL. He said I need to find a person who likes ASL in order to go out with me.

I was offended. I was like, "Fuck you! I want a person to like me for who I am, not because of my fuckin' language, you dumbfuck!" He is a Musician -- his name is Adam -- you can find him on some website. He is going to be the DJ for Growlorama, an event sponsored by NY Bears and Cubs organization.

Men can be mean. Especially hearing men. I must admit that I never encountered such a condescending attitude like this in DC when I was there. But in NYC, Adam was third person to say that, I believe, in my face. Know what I did next? I disparaged him and bombarded him that he is such a stupid hearie because he loves music so much. He is obsessed with the sounds that elicits out of machines. How pitiful.

Now, about Growlorama, Adam said that I should stay here this weekend instead of going to DC to show some support for Growlorama event which is doing a good "cause" by fundraising $$ for HIV/AIDS organizations. I think it is stupid. Utterly *stupid*. Know why? They hosted a "play party" where a lot of sex took place, most of them are barebacking. Barebacking means "no rubbers". Why fundraising if you have these parties? If they want to get HIV/AIDS, more power to them but don't feed them with my money.

I will stick to the plan -- that is, going to DC and reunite with my old friends this weekend.

Sullivan is conservative but he is hypocrite. Signorile exposed the truth about him and his activities. Signorile is liberal but uses common sense. But lots of people demonized him for attacking Sullivan. I do not. But otherwise, I think I stand out from both of them -- I do not give a cent to the HIV/AIDS organizations at all. Because there are many, many people who do not care about getting it in the first place. So why bother? Let the disease weed them out. Darwinism is great, ain't it?

I'm heading off to see "Yossi & Jagger" film, it should be fun. It is an Israeli film about two men who were in the military and fell in love with ... each other! What an erotic.

Then only one more day before I reach my Domain!



P.S. Rob, you better be ready!

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