Sunday, October 26, 2003

Today is sunday. My roommate's computer really sucked over the weekend. It keeps timed out every 10 to 15 minutes. It drives me nuts.

Last Thursday night, went to XL, guess who I bumped into ... again?! The creators of Chelsea Boys! Turns out that they were promoting their book in a bar. So I decided to take 6 CB postcards and have them sign for my special friends -- expect to see them in your mailboxes. Only six of you, sorry.

Then on Friday, I got to wear jeans at work! My boss announced the day before that it is allowed for that particular day. Yay! Then one of my consumers told me nonchalantly that she has the Speech Class with Robert DeNiro's son. I was surprised and it turned out that his son is deaf.

After work, JD took me to the storage facility to collect all of my stuff OUT for good. Yay. He's great guy. Then I spent all night unpacking and decorating my bedroom in Park Slope. It looks cramped, cozy and nice.

After that, I fled to The Cock to meet Little Joe. I was fucked up. One guy tried to make fun of me by imitating my language and I shoved him down and cussed him out. He was stunned. LOL. After that, I talked with the bouncer about letting my friends from DC entering even they are underage. She smiled and said, "As long as they pay $5 for admission." Radical.

The next day, I was stunned that I bought 6 used books. Apparently, I was drunk that I bought these books on Avenue A (they always sell these books on the streets in the middle of the night) for the total of $13. Not bad.

Saturday and Sunday was very quiet -- as I spent the time in my bedroom -- oozing in my own room with my own stuff. Now what I need is a permanent boyfriend. Any volunteer? ;-)



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