Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Saw "Yossi & Jagger".

Out of 4 stars, I give it 0.4. For 71 minutes, nothing really materialized. I knew that Yossi loved Jagger. Jagger wanted Yossi to utter the dread three words which Yossi refused. Yossi & Jagger's comrades are waste of time -- why do they belittle each other throughout the film? The dialogue was pretty dead. Then in end, nothing really happened. Nothing changed. Waste of my fuckin' time and $.

Actually, I must admit that this film is the only movie that has a better poster than the film itself.

I is the VEE at peers around me. You know, I really *hated* taller hearing men sitting in front of me (I'm 5'6, for god's sake). And what really made me want to kill them is when they try to go higher so that they can read the subtitles. Totally forced me to STAND so I can read the subtitles. It almost happened today, but thank God, he lowered his fat head.

You know, that film is consistent of what I call: Eurotrash flicks. These films always end on a bad or ambiguous note. Ugh. "Yossi & Jagger" is like that.

When I was waiting for the film to start, I was reading NY Daily News (God bless 'em!), a tabloid in NYC -- I was reading about Jeremy Shockey. He is professional football player for New York Giants. He has a motormouth that often landed him in trouble with the media, mass and folks at Giants. Among the offensive tactics, he cracked at gay people last summer. He said something about refusing to shower with gays. And the most recent article was about him shouting at fans who were leaving earlier during the game with 5 minutes left. He said something to an effect, "YOU LOUSY FANS, GIVE YOUR TICKETS TO SOMEONE ELSE, DONT COME BACK!" Something like that. Of course, NY Daily News made a drama of it.

I was thinking ... why not having a bad guy or good guy in a film or TV show, maybe something happened. They visited someone's home and made a threat on that guy's life for something (be it drugs or whatever, I dont care!) -- then the guy with the guns saw the poster of Jeremy Shockey on the wall. Smiled. Then asked the victim if he liked Jeremy. He nodded. Then the bad (or good) guy then used his guns to strafe the poster and said, "My brother is gay, I love him. Shockey better stay away from me." Something like that. That would be champ! This would send a good message to TV viewers! And to Shockey.

Ahh, it's 1:06 AM. Time for me to go to bed. You know, I am starting to realize that I do like Beau. He lets me do whatever I wanted to, as long as we just communicate with each other. Such a low maintenance guy, he is. It is not something I am used to it but I can learn.

Ahh, I just read Beth's blogs. I agreed with her about someone's mood swings these days. It is getting to me.

Good nite, dudettes.


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